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Weekly FDS Chat, Check-In, Quick Questions Answered November 9 2020

2020.11.09 14:08 NecessaryCook Weekly FDS Chat, Check-In, Quick Questions Answered November 9 2020

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2020.10.11 07:26 xforeverlove22 List of Taobao finds

Another list for all you beautiful ladies, while on my Taobao binge
Hourglass brushes Various
Chanel makeup pouch
Estee Lauder beauty tools
Hourglass retractable foundation brush
Chanel makeup brush
Fenty brushes
Prada ReEdition 2005
Prada ReEdition 2000
Prada ReEdition 2005 Leather Handle
Celine box bag
Celine Triomphe Bag More colors More colors
Celine Tote
Goyard tote
Goyard large tote
Chloe Faye
Hermes Kelly
Burberry backpack
Givenchy backpack
Givenchy backpack Various
Balenciaga backpack
Saint Laurent backpack
Burberry Scarf
Salvatore Ferragamo belt Comes branded (based on review pics)
Christian Dior belt (really cheap) Looks good in review pictures
Christian Dior nylon belt
Moschino belt
Celine belt Even cheaper Looks good in review pictures
Dior belt (Various)
DIOR Belt Looks good in review pictures
Burberry belt
Alexander Wang belt
YSL belt
YSL smooth belt
Louis Vuitton belt Looks good in review pictures
Versace belt
Gucci belt
Gucci pearl belt
Chanel belt
Chanel leather belt
Chanel chain belt
Chanel tweed buckle belt
Chanel Waistband
Brooches (various)
Chanel Brooch Another With pearls With crystal
Chanel trainers According to the pictures in reviews they come branded
Yeezy [PK GOD]
Yeezy [PK BASF]
Chanel knitted T-shirt
Chanel halter top
Chanel dress
Chanel sport t-shirt
Chanel dress
Versace blouse
Chanel knit short-sleeved top
Versace denim jacket/skirt/shorts
Prada Jacket Auth
Christian Dior dress
Chanel cardigan
Gucci dress
Chanel navy blazer
Chanel blazer
Fendi t-shirt
Miu Miu white elegant collar sweater
Chanel mini Camilla sweater
Saint Laurent Paris stars & moon t-shirt
Saint Laurent Paris heart t-shirt
Saint Laurent Paris disney t-shirt
Gift packaging (for gifts or to give it that extra 1:1 feel)
Chanel packaging
Store selling designer gift bags
Saint Laurent gift bag
Chanel gift bag
Chanel Hanger
Garment bag (Various)
Gift packaging for makeup
Canada Goose Packaging
Chanel shirt dust bag
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2020.10.10 23:57 deniablyconfused Even if I don’t personally identify as female, is it okay for me to accept any kind of female personification from anyone else? Or am I just going crazy?

Over my self-realization journey, I’ve come to see that I am simply myself. Myself is an AMAB cis-male, with a feminine side. All guys have one, mine is just more literal than emotional. My fem side, who is not a separate person or identity, is the personification of a desire to step outside of the masculine bubble that the world forces me in through no fault of my own, and feel pretty and feminine. Since I’ve personified it, I felt it was appropriate to give her a pseudo-human identity, with female pronouns and the like. But make no mistake, she is me, but I am not her. That is a one way street, where I may have the appearance of a girl on the outside, with long hair and cute clothes that men would never be allowed to wear, but I never lose my sense of identity, which always has and always will be, male. Call me a crossdresser, a femboy, whatever, I am no different of a person whether I’m wearing a hat, baggy jeans, and a hoodie, or a wig, skirt, and a sweater. I’m comfortable accepting that this part of me is female, but she is never who I become overall. Other people may switch emotionally and sexually between male and female, which is pretty much what gender fluidity is. When it comes down to me, I’m just a guy who love the way he looks with a pretty wig and a cute skirt. Never do I believe that she has taken over my personality or identity, I just find this way to be simpler than referring to it as “my feminine side” over and over. She’s just that weird girl who’s lived inside of me for as long as I can remember who always wondered why I can’t look like her. I’m just as in tune with my feminine side as she is in tune with me.
Now with that out of the way, there is no denying to myself, or to you the reader, that my fem side is not a male personification. I bring her as close to life as I can by transforming my average male appearance to align with her female appearance. When the clothes come off, it’s still the same person underneath, inside and out. But here’s the problem: not everyone will understand me.
Case in point: take a look at this person. Forget the context. Don’t worry about the subreddit or where it’s posted, imagine someone handing you their phone and showing you this person without telling you anything about them. What do you see?
It’s human nature to make snap judgments about people that we see, even if we don’t know them. We say we don’t, but we all do. The human brain hates things it can’t understand, so it will automatically break things down into its simplest form so it can easily understand. From an outsiders perspective, someone who does not use Reddit and is not as open-minded about gender and identity as most of us here are, they see a girl taking pictures of herself in the mirror. The face is obstructed, but in this case it’s not needed to “confirm” identity. The long hair, the feminine attire and poses, the human brain is trained to know that either A. This is a girl, or B. This can’t be a guy. In either case, the person viewing these photos with no context or any other outside information will most likely conclude that they are viewing a female. They don’t know the true person underneath the obstructed face, what their identity is, or anything other than this snapshot of who they are in this picture. If you or anyone else perceived me to be female, I will accept that. It does not change who I am or how I perceive myself on the inside, and I have no right to tell you to change your perception of me, just like you have no right to tell me that my perception of myself is wrong. Which finally brings me to my initial question: Is it wrong for someone like me to accept female pronouns or anything similar, when internally I know that I don’t identify as female? Is it only okay for me to be okay with being called a girl, or having she/her pronouns directed at me, if and only if I identify in some way or another as female? I am okay with what ever YOU want to identify me as. If YOU want to send me a message saying “hey, girl!”, or leave a comment under my post saying “she’s so pretty!”, I am more than fine with that. I am fine with the world defining me as whatever it wants to define me as. I will not argue with you to convince you that I am in fact not a female, I will take it as a very flattering compliment. What it all comes down to, I know who I am. You may not know who I am, and you may get it wrong at first or second glance, but for me, that’s okay. What are your thoughts? Is this an okay way of thinking, or am I crazy?
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2020.09.06 04:01 Proto-Blitz Femboy Voice

I think this is like 2nd best community to post it on so sorry if I’m wrong on this
Hi, I’m not trans atleast I don’t think but anyway. so I currently have a sort of a discomfort with my voice not matching my appearance or personality so I’ve been looking into changing it to a more fem sounding voice. Currently I am aiming for somewhere in the middle of a neutral and fem sound. I’ve tested my pitch using an app and the results can be found below in image and sound form. I want to raise the pitch and have a more soft spoken sound in my voice can anyone give me some tips? Thank you guys!
App used: VoicePitchAnalizer on IOS
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2020.07.27 13:20 adopt27JJul Famous G-ay Da-ting A-pp

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2020.07.12 23:01 freespinsmobile Leo Vegas Norge 100 freespins of 6000 kroner velkomstbonus

Leo Vegas Norge 100 freespins of 6000 kroner velkomstbonus

Leo Vegas Norge Free Spins Bonus
På sitt første innskudd, kan spillere få opptil hele 6000 kroner i bonus. Til sammen blir da Leo Vegas casinobonus til en verdi av hele 6 000 kroner.
Det minste du må sette inn for å ta del av bonusen er 100 kr. Utløpsdatoen for Leo Vegas casinobonus er 7 dager fra ditt første innskudd.
Omsetningskravet for for casinobonusen hos Leo Vegas er på 35x, noe som er et gjennomsnittlig krav for casinoer.
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Leo Vegas Casino generell informasjon

Tusenvis av spillere verden over har glede av det prisvinnende kasinomerket, LeoVegas. Store bonuser, stor variasjon i spillutvalget, enkle transaksjonsmetoder for innskudd og utbetalinger og med en brukerstøtte i toppklasse er dette online kasinoet en tjeneste å regne med. Flere store online-jackpoter har her blitt utbetalt til spillere på ulike populære, progressive spilleautomater.
LeoVegas ble grunnlagt i 2012 og er nå et børsnotert selskap i Nasdaq Nordic. Med tre online spill-lisenser, Malta Gaming Authority-lisens, Spillemyndighet-lisens i Danmark og UK Gambling Commission-lisens, kan LeoVegas-kunder føle seg trygge når de spiller på siden.
Kasinoet introduserer nye spill ukentlig. De har partnerskap med programvareleverandører som NetEnt, ELK Studios, Microgaming, Quickspins, Yggdrasil og mange flere. Populære spill som Starburst, Gonzo´s Quest og Fairy Tale Legends er bare noen få av de over tusen spillene som kan spilles her.
Foruten kasino, tilbyr nå LeoVegas oddsspill for spillere som vil tippe på diverse sporter. Med direktestrømmer og konkurransedyktige odds, kan spillere tippe både på datamaskin og mobile enheter.
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Leo Vegas Casino gratisspinn

Gratisspinn er noe de er generøse med hos LeoVegas. De har alltid tilbydd sine spillere masse gratisspinn som en del av velkomstbonusen. Dette inkluderer de som kan brukes direkte etter registrering. Deretter vil flere gratisspinn bli tilbydd etter at første innskudd er gjort.
Satsingskravene på bonuser er også vanligvis veldig gode. Det betyr at kundene har en reell sjanse til å faktisk få en fortjeneste med LeoVegas sine gratisspinn-bonuser. De lar spillerne selv velge mellom forskjellige spilleautomater hvor gratisspinn kan brukes. Dette er naturligvis veldig bra ettersom ikke alle liker de samme spilleautomatene. Det er som oftest fire til fem forskjellige spill som det kan velges mellom. Som variasjon kan gratisspinn brukes på klassiske spilleautomater, eller som et alternativ kan spillere også prøve et nylig utgitt spill med sine gratisspinn.

Leo Vegas Casino Bonus

  • Opptil 6000 kroner i bonus, og 100 gratisspinn

Leo Vegas Live Casino Bonus

  • Opptil 4000 kroner i bonus
På live-seksjonen hos Leo Vegas kan nye spillere hente en bonus på 100 % opptil 4000 kroner.
Denne livebonusen hos Leo Vegas har en utløpsdato på 30 dager etter ditt første innskudd.
Spilleren må omsette bonusen 40x med ekte penger før bonuspengene blir omgjort til ekte penger i spillekontoen.

Leo Vegas Sportsbook Bonus

  • 100% bonus opptil 3000 kr i gratisspill
Bonusen i sportsbooken hos Leo Vegas tilbyr en bonus på 100 % boost opptil 3000 kroner for nye spillere.
Minimum odds er på 1.80 og minimum innskudd er 100 kroner. Tilbudet er gyldig i 14 dager.
Innskudd gjort med Neteller eller Skrill kvalifiserer ikke til Leo Vegas sportsbook bonus.

Finnes det en Leo Vegas bonuskode?

For å aktivere bonuskoden din hos Leo Vegas kan du bruke vår automatiske bonuskode-link og klikk besøk. Denne vil ta deg med til Leo Vegas nettside der du kan hente bonusen din.
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Leo Vegas Casino Mobil Anmeldelse

Leo Vegas er et av de beste nettkasinoene og sportsbook ute på markedet for øyeblikket. En av hovedgrunnene til at det er såpass respektert og elsket, er fordi det fungerer knirkefritt på mobil. Uansett hvilken enhet du foretrekker, tilbyr LeoVegas en fortreffelig spillopplevelse på mobil, hvor og når som helst.
Faktisk har LeoVegas vunnet prisen for beste app hos EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards i 2017. Dette prisbelønte kasinoet er verdt vekten sin i gull.

Leo Vegas Kasino Mobilside

LeoVegas mobilside fungerer feilfritt i nettleseren din. Du kan enkelt skrive inn i nettleserens adressevindu, og du vil bli ført til mobilsiden på få sekunder. Det er enkelt å sette i gang på mobilsiden, da navigasjonen er enkel og du har hundrevis av spill tilgjengelig.
På LeoVegas mobilside kan du spille kasinospill, live casino og plassere bets i sportsbook-seksjonen.

LeoVegas mobil-app

LeoVegas har en fantastisk app for både iOS og Android. Du kan laste ned appen for mobilen ellet nettbrettet og begynne å spille i appen i stedet for på mobilsiden deres. Sammenlignet med mobilsiden i nettleseren, er appen enklere å bruke og den laster enkelte funksjoner raskere.
Du vil ha tilgang til massevis av spill også i appen, så uansett om du velger å spille spillene via mobilsiden eller appen har det ikke så mye å si for spillopplevelsen.

LeoVegas App for Android

Vennligst merk at Android-appen ikke er tilgjengelig i Google Play Store. I stedet må du laste den ned fra et annet sted. Men fortvil ikke, for det er veldig enkelt og trygt.
  1. Først må du godkjenne at telefonen din kan laste ned apper fra andre kilder. Dette gjør du ved få, enkle steg: Meny > Innstillinger > Sikkerhet > Ukjente kilder.
  2. Klikk deg inn på og installer appen fra nettsiden.
Deretter kan du begynne å spille dine favorittspill.

LeoVegas App for Iphone

For å spille spill via LeoVegas-appen på din iPhone eller iPad, trenger du bare å laste den ned fra App Store. Det tar kun et par sekunder, og du kan begynne å nyte kasinospill, live casino og sportsbook umiddelbart.

LeoVegas mobilbetaling

Om du ønsker å gjøre innskudd på mobilen, kan du bruke Visa, bankoverføring, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard og Paypal. Minimumsinnskudd avhenger av hvilken metode du velger, men den er vanligvis på 100 kr.
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Spill tilgjengelig hos LeoVegas

Det er ingen mangel på spill hos LeoVegas Kasino. Med 16 kasino-programvareleverandører og flere i vente, tilbyr LeoVegas et vidt spekter av spilleautomater og bordspill. Prøv lykken din på den nyeste online-automaten, eller den mest fremadskridende jackpot-automaten, eller hvorfor ikke gå ansikt til ansikt med en direkte-dealer ved blackjack-bordene.
Her er noen av de nåværende kasino-programvareforhandlerne. Bally, Betsoft, Cryptologic, Edict, Evolution Gaming, IGT, iSoftBet, Microgaming, Nektan, NetEnt, NextGen, Nyx Interactive, Odobo, Play N Go, Yggdrasil.
Og selvsagt, fordi LeoVegas er fokusert på mobilbrukere, har de nesten alle spillene tilgjengelig for Android- og Apple-kunder. De har til og med sin egen app, som du kan lese mer om her i anmeldelsen.
Spillene er lastet på få sekunder, og det er ingen behov for å laste ned noen form for programvare på datamaskinen. Så lenge du har påloggingsinformasjonen din er du klar for å spille.
Noen av toppspillene hos LeoVegas i dag er:
  • Jackpot6000
  • Starburst
  • Sparks
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Gemix
Hvis du ikke har en konto hos LeoVegas ennå, kan du prøve mesteparten av spilleautomatene i en demoversjon og spille gratis med spill-penger. De eneste spillene du trenger en konto for er de direktesendte kasinobordene. Men hvorfor ikke prøve spilleautomatene med noen gratisspinn som du mottar når du registrerer deg gratis. Hvem vet, kanskje du kan ta ut ekte penger uten å gjøre innskudd.

LeoVegas eksklusive spill

LeoVegas har i tillegg en eksklusiv spilleautomat utviklet av NetEnt. Denne spilleautomaten var i utgangspunktet bare utgitt på LeoVegas-kasino, men kan nå være tilgjengelig hos enkelte andre online-kasinoer også.
VegasParty-automaten kan spilles både med ekte penger og med spill-penger. Den har et fargerikt og lekent tema. I denne spilleautomaten vil du også se LeoVegas-kasinologoen som en av symbolene. Dette symbolet er selvsagt av topp verdi når du spiller dette spillet.
Raske fakta om det eksklusive spillet:
  • Programvare: NetEnt
  • RTP:96,6%
  • Gevinstlinjer: 243
  • Jackpot: Ja
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Leo Vegas Casino VIP

Leo Vegas gir deg en VIP-opplevelse du sent vil glemme! For å belønne lojale spillere har LeoVegas en hendig VIP-måler du kan følge din fremgang på. Denne vokser etter hvert som du spiller med ekte penger. Hvis du vil være med på dette VIP-opplegget, må du velge «JA» på profilsiden din når LeoVegas spør om du vil bli kontaktet av dem – selvfølgelig tar de kun kontakt dersom de mener de har noe som vil friste deg.
Leo Vegas har ulike VIP-nivåer, og du vil klatre oppover etter hvert som du spiller. Hver måned er det alltid spennende premier å hente. Ofte er det trendy, heftige Apple-produkter som gis bort til heldige spillere, og alt du trenger å gjøre for å kreve inn din belønning er å spinne hjulene på dine favorittspill!
Loddene gis ut med en enkel beregning. LeoVegas ganger det totale beløpet du har satset med ditt nåværende VIP-nivå for å bestemme hvor mange lodd du får. Deretter er det bare å lene seg tilbake og krysse fingrene – kanskje er det du som får splitter nye duppeditter og slikt å kose deg med!
Dessuten inneholder VIP-opplevelsen mye mer enn loddtrekningen. Du vil bli invitert med på diverse VIP-arrangementer, du får skreddersydde bonuser og belønninger, samt en personlig service hva angår innskudd og uttak. Det er alltid kult å kjenne seg som en VIP, og hos LeoVegas tar de opplevelsen til et helt nytt nivå!

Leo Vegas Casino utbetalings- og innskuddsmetoder

LeoV egas har for tiden et minimumsinnskudd på 100kr. Spillere kan velge ulike innskudds- og utbetalingsmetoder, inkludert:
  • VISA
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Trustly
  • Mastercard
Når det kommer til utbetaling på LeoVegas, kan det ta opptil fem arbeidsdager, avhengig av utbetalingsmetoden. Vanligvis går Skrill og Neteller umiddelbart. Vanligvis er minimumsgrensen på utbetalingen 200kr.
Når dette er skrevet, har spillere på LeoVegas lov til å foreta tre gratis utbetalinger hver måned. Hvis en spiller tar ut mer enn tre ganger, vil en avgift på 30kr påføres hver utbetaling. Hvis du har oppnådd VIP-nivå 30+, vil alle utbetalinger være gratis.
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<
LeoVegas alternativer for brukerstøtte
LeoVegas sin brukerstøtte etter vår vurdering utmerket. De har en vennlig framgangsmåte hvor spillerne blir hjulpet på en veldig rask og profesjonell måte. LeoVegas har en utmerket direkte-chat, og du kan motta svar gjennom denne svært raskt og på ditt eget språk i tillegg. Å aktivere direkte-chatfunksjonen er veldig enkelt. Du trykker ganske enkelt på hjelpknappen og starter samtalen.
For de som ønsker å kontakte LeoVegas sin brukerstøtte på en annen måte er det to alternativer til. En av dem er gjennom e-post [[email protected] ](mailto:[email protected]). Det andre alternativet er å ringe dem på en av deres brukerstøtte-nummer. Nummeret til LeoVegas sin internasjonale brukerstøtte er 0035627781187.


Hvem står bak Leo Vegas, og hvor er nettkasinoet registrert? Det er det svenske børsnoterte selskapet LeoVegas AB som eier nettkasinoet. Kasinoet er registrert på Malta og har fått lisensen sin fra maltesiske spillmyndigheter. Mer informasjon finner du på nettstedet til LeoVegas Group AB.
Kan jeg spille på LeoVegas på mobilen, og finnes det en egen app? Ja, du kan åpne nettstedet til LeoVegas i nettleseren på mobilen din og spille spill direkte der. I tillegg har LeoVegas en app for Android og iOS som du kan laste ned og bruke hvis du foretrekker det.
Hvilke betalingsløsninger kan jeg som spiller bruke for å sette inn penger på kontoen min på LeoVegas? LeoVegas tilbyr flere typer betalingsløsninger for deg som kunde. Du kan velge å bruke bankoverføring, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard og Trustly. Vil du som bosatt i Norge ta ut penger via Trustly, må du imidlertid velge «Andre europeiske land» fra nedtrekkmenyen.
Hvorfor må kontoen min verifiseres, og hvordan gjør jeg dette? LeoVegas er underlagt reglene til de maltesiske spillmyndighetene, som pålegger kasinoet å verifisere spillernes identitet. Du må sende inn bevis på identitet, adresse og betalingsløsningen du har valgt, og så snart disse er godkjent, får du en bekreftelse på at kontoen er verifisert.
Hvilket omsetningskrav gjelder for bonusene jeg kan få på LeoVegas? Som hovedregel gjelder det et omsetningskrav på 35 ganger for bonusene du får på kasinoet. For velkomstbonusen du kan få som ny spiller på LeoVegas’ live kasino gjelder det imidlertid et omsetningskrav på 70 ganger.
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<
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2020.07.10 17:29 SelwynSR SUREREMIT WEEKLY UPDATE 10TH JULY 2020


Last week we announced that we're opening the SureRemit App for public testing. We wanted to commence testing this week but experienced some unexpected hiccups that needed solving first. We're working on this now and will start the testing sequence coming week. Apologies for the delay, unfortunately, delays are common in the world of programming.
Please join our test group and be one of the first to see the new SureRemit App!

RMT Burn on Monday 13th July 2020
As explained in this Press Release, we're burning a total of 250 million RMT (or 25% of Total Supply) held by the company.
As we delayed the pubic testing sequence, we wanted to make a gesture to our community. Out of the 250 million RMT, we're burning 50 million RMT coming Monday 13th of July 2020. The remaining 200 million RMT is burned latest at App launch.
Thanks for all your support and patience, have a good weekend!
Sam, Fem, Oye & Sel

Telegram: SureRemit Circle:
SureRemit Social:
Join our Social Group:
This group is created for all of you SureRemit holders and enthusiasts for community social interactions. SureRemit Circle focuses on providing service, team contact, updates, and answering questions.
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2020.07.09 11:06 throwawaytrans117 Trans woman and stone butch

Hi all, posting this on a throwaway for reasons.
I'm a trans woman who realized my gender well after puberty and have been on HRT for many months now. I tried being fem at the beginning of my transition but it just... didn't stick. I felt like I had a responsibility to push myself to see if I was fem, if I was attracted to men etc, but it really was nothing but scary and uncomfortable to try and explore any of that. I never got the personal validation fem trans women seem to get from wearing dresses and makeup, etc. So, I'm a butch lesbian, I wear my jeans and sweats and tank tops, no makeup, move through the world in a masc way, and date women/NB people. So far so good, I feel way better than I did pretending to be a guy.
The question I have is about sex and my sexuality. Early on, I figured once I started HRT I would get more comfortable with sex. However, even now it's difficult for me to feel any sexual pleasure in bed, at least not the kind I am aware other people feel. I'm pretty much just a top, I feel sort of a headrush when I'm domming someone, whispering dirty things in their ear etc... but not only does my physical response downstairs not match what it used to be before estrogen, but feeling any pleasure myself is often a take it or leave it thing. It's my main goal that my partner gets off but I can't figure out a way to get off myself. A lot of times I just leave my underwear on. Maybe there's some dysphoria there, the trauma of being a trans woman my whole life and never having experienced a "normal" sexuality, or maybe it's a butch thing, idk, hard to tell.
I guess my question is, are there other trans women who are stone butches? Can we discuss this? The thing is that I want to feel sexual pleasure and orgasm the way others do, I just can't seem to crack the code. My gf really wants to make me feel good and I just don't know what to tell her or where to start.
edit: I found a post that describes "having to go stone to survive the malice of your peers about obvious queer differences" and that.... hits home.
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2020.07.03 14:29 SelwynSR SUREREMIT WEEKLY UPDATE 3RD JULY 2020


It's early July, and we're anxious to launch the new SureRemit App. We're very close...please allow us to update you:
App Development
The App is ready for public testing, and we have set up a SureRemit Test group in Telegram. Please use this invite link to join:
Early next week, we'll share the download link of the App in this group, and you can use the form to provide feedback & upload images/screenshots. We're pushing to go live asap, meaning we'll make the amendments/fixes on the fly, updating the App accordingly.

KYC/AML/Compliance Partner
SureRemit is a global non-cash remittance provider, offering our services to mostly the unbanked and underserved populations in every corner of the planet. We, therefore, have to adhere to various KYC/AML/Compliance requirements and procedures. Enter IdentityMindGlobal, an Acuant Company. They are leading in this industry, and with their customized solutions, they will help us fulfill all local and global KYC, AML, and compliance requirements. Most of the monitoring takes place in the backend, SureRemit App users will experience a smooth and integrated ID & 'Selfie' verification in-app.
Once the SureRemit App is live, IdentityMind & SureRemit will send out a shared Press Release.

Payment Processor
Being a global non-cash remittance service provider also requires comprehensive payment options. Card payments and Paypal can cover most, but many countries have alternative (local) payment options that we want to include. Examples are various e-wallets (Alipay, WeChat pay, Apple Pay, and many more), Bank Transfer options, Prepaid options. And, of course, users can buy our services using crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XLM, and more.
We shortlisted three payment processors and are discussing cooperation and fees. We aim to finalize the onboarding of the new processor by next week.

It's safe to say that we're keeping busy, ticking off tasks from our to-do lists...We're looking forward to your feedback and experience using the new SureRemit App. We encourage you to join the Test Group (!

Thanks again for all your support and patience.
From all of us, have a great weekend,
Sam, Fem, Oye, Sel

Telegram: SureRemit Circle:
SureRemit Social:
Join our Social Group:
This group is created for all of you SureRemit holders and enthusiasts for community social interactions. SureRemit Circle focuses on providing service, team contact, updates, and answering questions.
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2020.05.23 21:02 _HippieDude_ Welcome to Morpheus.Network - Newcomers Please Read

The world economy relies on a fast and efficient global supply chain, which is an industry valued over $15 trillion USD. However, global trade contains various challenges and inefficiencies. Each year trillions of U.S. dollars are lost to bank fees, conversion rates and delays in global trading. The World Bank has defined supply chain inefficiencies as the #1 world problem to solve in order to stimulate economic growth.
Our mission is to optimize global trade.
Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of the world's largest shipping, custom & banking firms to create a SaaS middleware platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology. We provide individuals and businesses of any size with shipment and item visibility for automating safe and secure supply chains, saving time and money.
We use public and permissioned blockchains as well as sidechains to utilize blockchain's decentralized advantages while maintaining the security and privacy of user’s data. We also recently joined Baseline Protocol Specification Steering Committee to give a giant boost to our customers' data security. Morpheus.Network platform automation is achieved utilizing Smart Contracts, driving the supply chain with predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping & customs documents as well as automated international payments.
Morpheus.Network integrates with over 100 industry leading technologies and service providers. These key integrations facilitate SWIFT settlements with traditional banking worldwide, and allow us to incorporate the “layering” of other blockchain technologies to be included as necessary objectives in a given workflow.

Our Founders and Team
Our team possesses the expertise needed to make Morpheus.Network run as smoothly and safely as possible. This includes team members with significant experience in development (blockchain, IoT, ML, AI) project management, importing and exporting, shipping and compliance, web and blockchain security, banking platforms, tax accounting, regulations and legal.

Morpheus.Network integrates with industry-leading technologies and service providers. These key integrations facilitate SWIFT settlements with traditional banking worldwide and allow us to incorporate the “layering” of other blockchain technologies to be included as necessary objectives in a given Smart Contract.

How is the MRPH token utilized?
MRPH is the fuel of Morpheus.Network’s automation platform. It allows Ethereum-based Smart Contracts to be used as predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping & customs documents, and automated international payments. Tokens can be used as a value based utility (as cash), or to pay for transaction fees. In essence, MRPH tokens power the necessary components to optimize global trade.

Who can use Morpheus.Network?
Morpheus.Network can be used by individuals and businesses of any size. Morpheus.Network supports transactions as simple as a small transfer within the platform, or as complicated as a smart contract driven international money transfer that requires currency conversions and exportation documentation. Merchants, manufacturers, and exporters can also register on the network for greater global exposure. Doing so imparts the added benefits of using Morpheus.Network over a traditional bank wire transfer such as - Preferred conversion rates - Drastically reduced transaction fees - Improved network security - Easily distributed shipping documentation Also shipping companies, customs brokers and freight forwarders can also leverage the platform and technologies Morpheus.Network offers.

Ground Breaking Partnerships
The digital transformation of the USD $15 trillion global supply industry is already underway. Below are the companies listed as movers in the world’s first global supply ecosystem using blockchain technology.
Afriworks International AccessPay - SWIFT Baseline Protocol
Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Brock Air Products Century-Tech Inc. Chainlink
Changzhou Yi-Lift Co-Innovated with SAP Customs Direct Demand Management Systems
Dynamic Customs Brokers Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Erickson’s
Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) Geotab GoChain
Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co. Hacken Hanhaa Holochain Hoosier Feeder Co.
IBM Ink Protocol Ji'nan North Machinery Jiangsu APEC Machinery Joffroy Group
Loadsure Max InterAmericas Morgan Li Nantong NO.5 machine tool
PLSON Machinery Pallco (Cubic) Plug and Play Supply Chain Program SAP Shandong Supermaly Generating EQP
Shanghai Reder Industrial Supply Co. Supermaly TLP Hydraulics Trusted IoT Alliance
US Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) Vitalcan Weihai Huadong Automation Co.
Winjit Xinlei Air Compressor Co.

How to trade MRPH?
MRPH tokens are available within the Morpheus.Network platform and at the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
- Idex: MRPH-ETH
- Uniswap: MRPH-ETH
- Livecoin: MRPH-BTC, MRPH-ETH
- Bittrex Global: BTC-MRPH
- Bancor Network:
- Coinswitch:
- LaToken: MRPH-ETH

How do I stay up to date?
Morpheus.Network Twitter Facebook Medium Telegram Instagram YouTube
Telegram Announcement channel

Local Telegram Groups

Community AMA Videos with CEO Danny Weinberger
Sep - Oct 2018 AMA Nov - Dec 2018 AMA Jan - Feb 2019 AMA Mar - Apr 2019 AMA
May - Jun 2019 AMA Jul - Aug 2019 AMA Sep - Oct 2019 AMA Nov - Dec 2019 AMA
March 2020 AMA May 2020 AMA July 2020 AMA Sept 2020 AMA

Have queries and concerns?
If you have queries and concerns about Morpheus.Network, feel free to ask [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.05.23 11:33 Luke-y Hvordan lage en mobil/nettbrett med minst mulig sporing

Jeg ble ganske skremt av den nylige dekningen på om sporingen av oss som er mulig både via Smittestopp og via (anonymiserte) mobil-signaler.
Basert på dette har jeg trålet [privacy](privacy), [degoogle](degoogle) og youtube-kanaler som "Rob Braxman", og podcasten "privacy,security and osint", og funnet ut at det er idag rimelig enkelt å redusere sporingen av deg selv.
Stort sett går det på å bruke andre gratis programmer enn de du allerede gjør. Og så er det slik om du gjør noe så er det bedre enn ingenting, du må ikke gjøre alt.
Du må innse at "de store" som Facebook,Google,Apple,Amazon,Samsung og Microsoft sporer deg via operativsystemet, apper, bruker-id, ip-adresser,trackere og cookies, og innse at informasjonen de får selges til reklameselskaper for å skreddersy reklamen du ser f.eks. på nettaviser. Disse selskapene sitter idag på en stadig større og særdeles detaljert "mappe" av all din aktivitet(ip-adresse, kontakter, posisjoner, all nettrafikk, interesser, app-bruk etc.etc) som du lekker til de via din aktivitet
Hvordan enkelt begynne å ta ditt privatliv tilbake på fem minutter: - første skritt i å bli kvitt denne sporingen er å aldri logge inn i en browser med din bruker, - neste skritt er å bruke en mere privat browser som Firefox i stedet for Chrome, gjerne Firefox Focus på din mobil og Firefox med extensions som https everywhere med flere som angitt på på desktop. - tredje skritt er å bruke DuckDuckGo e.l. som søkemotor istedet for Google - fjerde skritt er å blokkere mye av trafikken til trackere med brannmur og/eller en DNS. F.eks bruk ip- adressene på og sett disse som dns på din hjemmeruter(et såkalt "pi-hole"). For mobiler finnes Blokada for android og DnsCloack på iOS som gjør disse endringene per enhet,nyttig når du ikke er på hjemmenettet. For iOS finnes også Lockdown som lager en brannmur som blokkerer uønsket trafikk,Blokada gjør begge deler i ett.
allerede her vil du allerede merke at nettsider du besøker ikke lenger har annonser eller de vil ikke være rettet mot deg. YouTube og vgtv vil ha mindre reklame fordi forbindelsen til annonsørene ofte vil blokkeres f.eks. Frihet!.
neste nivå(for vidrekomne):
Neste skritt er å bruke et operativsystem som ikke sporer deg. Har du et f.eks et Samsung nettbrett er det lett å installere LineageOS så vil brettet være helt frikoblet fra Google og Samsung-kontoer. Et slikt brett kan heller ikke spores via mobilmaster siden det ikke har mobil-antenne og sim-kort. IphoneOS og Googles Location Services lokaliserer deg via wifi- triangulering, men dette er også fjernet i LineageOS. La være å installere apper fra de store selskapene over på dette nettbrettet. La gps være alltid avslått og skru av all wifi-skanning og tilgang til lokasjon. Bruk f-droid istedet for Google Play Store. Bruker du dette nettbrett i størst mulig grad når du skal surfe reddit, youtube(NewPipe) og eller Firefox, så gir du også mye mindre data om din bruk enn din aktivitet på din telefon vil gi.
Kanskje må man bare akseptere at mobilen er en sporingsenhet og ta konsekvensen av det - bruk den kun når man må, bruk den i mulig grad til surfing og underholdning.
Dette er oppskriften for å redusere sporingen av deg selv. Det tok mye tid å finne ut, jeg hadde selv satt pris på disse opplysningene servert, derfor deler jeg denne oppskriften i håp om at den vil inspirere noen nybegynnere til å begynne på denne veien. Eksperter som er interesserte i dette kan såklart selv skreddersy sitt oppsett, men det er et poeng å dele en oppskrift for folk flest.
Jo flere som redusere sporingen sin, jo bedre for oss alle. Hvis flere brydde seg ville vi alle ha glede av en slags "flokkimmunitet" mot sporing (edit: og Cambridge Analytica - lignende manipulasjon).
Videre studier: Rob Braxman "how to stop your phone from tracking you"
Edit: vil også legge til at for avanserte brukere er det anbefalt å kjøre sitte egen instans av pi-hole, da slipper du å stole på en ekstern dns-leverandør.
submitted by Luke-y to norge [link] [comments]

2020.03.21 18:35 eosayegh Future of this sub

To all SEs & non-SEs,
I am a licensed engineer in the US so mind some of the tailored bias. Scrolling through the sub I came across a good volume of interesting questions & answers, as well as education links to design tutorials/resources. However, I did not see this sub being used for collaboration among practicing structural engineers.
Take for example the following scenarios:
  1. ES (my initials), went through the new wind loading code in the ASCE 7-16, and revised or started a new calc/spreadsheet & found out about few a)ambiguous text, b) increased/decreased requirements, c) new exceptions. Knowing that I can contribute to what I have learned, I can share my calcs, receive some feedback, and in return find others doing the same, I will be so inclined to do such posts in the future.
  2. ES completed a simplified hand calculation of PT slab at the bottom of a pool cavity within a podium slab. ES used a well broken down approach (loading, assumptions, proper calcs & design check, and a final design/detailing). Sharing this will a) educate many others b) educate ES through the feedback received c) therefore improve the design, d) possibly save ES and others in the futures of any mistakes if a colleague Redditor reviews & find the flaws.
  3. posts can be flaired for certain design topics. Here's an attempt at few: Concrete, Steel, Wood, Codes, FEM, Wind, Seismic, Site Visits.
  4. Maybe I am wrong & I misunderstood this sub, harass me i don't mind.
Edit1: I forgot to note my indifference to the logo; I do not mean to hate, but I think we can do better
Edit2: u/AStructuralEngineer u/Sure_Ill_Ask_That u/MrMcGregorUK
Edit 3: My 1st contributionOne Way PT Slab at bottom of pool
submitted by eosayegh to StructuralEngineering [link] [comments]

2020.02.29 20:35 -Cori Chapter 2: Telling my wife and my first battle with gender euphoria. 34[M?] Military, Christian, Married, and a kid.

If you’re just joining us, the first installment of my story can be found here
The stress and anxiety of not telling my wife had been killing me. She had known something was up beyond my normal stress and anxiety, which had been considerable already. Every time she asked, I would obviously deflect the question, but this only increased her stress, because she thought it was something with her, which it obviously was not, but she didn’t believe it. I knew I had to tell her. The anxiety was worsening by the day and I knew the longer I went without telling her, the worse it might get when I finally did. Also, my parents, who are divorced, are coming out together in a few weeks and to have them in the same room together has happened about three times in the last 15 years. If I was going to brief them on my anxiety, depression, childhood stuff, bisexuality, and maybe even this, that would be my one opportunity to do it in person this year. The month of March is a crazy one for my wife. Every responsibility she has quadruples in stress this time of year before completely ceasing near the end of the month. So, Thursday night was one of about three days where I was going to have a shot to tell her. After the kid went to bed, we were both jamming out on devices, her doing work and me probably on here. As usual, she asked me what’s wrong. This time I didn’t deflect and I took a very deep breath. She instantly knew a bomb was coming and she closed the laptop lid.
No preface, I just said it. “I’m having major questions on if I was born the correct gender.” This was not well received. She has suspicions I was bisexual or gay for years, but apparently I had suppressed this well enough. She asked me why and how and I told her about all the things that I could get to come to mind. Even saying that these things were items that could be explained individually, but seem to be painting a larger picture. I told her this was not something I wanted to be going through, something I have been praying that goes away, and something I have certainly not made any final decision about. I also apologized profusely for doing this to her and our family. Her reaction didn’t improve. While a continuous stream of tears flowed, she told me that it didn’t make any sense. She told me that it’s fine to want to wear women’s clothes and like fem smells and products, etc. So, clearly, I was unable to explain that it seems to be more than that. Her rebuttals were that I had been influenced by the community, especially Reddit that she does not use, and that the community might be trying to push me to the next thing. I assured her that I had only been speaking to bisexual men and having a small village with some of them, which is the truth. She also said that I was trying to find a single thing to pin all my problems on, that would explain a lifetime of issues and be the one thing that is wrong with me. I told her I didn’t see much in that because I am well aware I have many issues and that there were easier ways to explain it all. The last thing she said is that she believes I am just sorting for a sense of community. I told her again that there were easier ways to find it other than this, where I will be an outcast no matter what. I told her that my friends in the navy won’t accept me because of how rare and different I am. The trans community won’t accept me fully because I am in the military, love sports, guns and am a moderate red voter. Lastly, women will never accept me because I wasn’t born one of them. So, I am in a winless scenario that I don’t want to be in. Surprisingly in her anger and sadness, she did not say that me being trans would be an instant deal breaker, which was unexpected. Rather, she left it open ended that there might be a way that we could “work something out” and that how we made it to being 80 and in rocking chairs together didn’t have to be the same way anyone else got there. That being said, I’m not sure she would ever embrace it and stop being embarrassed of it. I don’t see her ever being able to start seeing me as a woman if that is where I ended up. I don’t see her referring to me as her wife at work or taking me back to her extended family again, if that’s where I end up. The night ended with me on the couch, not because she forced me to, but because i knew I wouldn’t sleep. Which I didn’t. Much to my surprise, the next morning I went upstairs to get ready for work. When I did, she was very loving and nice, like nothing ever happened. Better than normal, in fact. This was nice, but made me wonder who she talked to after we were done. I got ready and went to work. Continuing on, she was responsive and loving over text messages. She dropped the kid off at school and left for a weekend business trip, I won’t see her til Monday afternoon. She has called and texted and been very loving so far this weekend. I don’t know if someone talked to her and told her she has no idea what I’m going through, I don’t know if she’s trying to be affectionate and give me space to think, or is she is in a blinding rage and is just masking it. Hopefully it’s not rage. I really don’t know how to handle it going forward. I just started therapy recently and seems like I am unpacking a life altering issue every other week, I hope this is the last one.
Last night, I had my first bout with gender euphoria. A few instances of dysphoria to this point with some being worse than others, but my first experience on the other side. I went to the store for a few things and decided I was going to stroll through the ladies section. I invested in a very inexpensive and likely low quality set of yoga pants and a sports bra. Also, since my wife said I should have no issue with girly smells, I bought a bottle of moisturizing lotion. After the kid went to bed, I was obviously very tired from a few weeks of not sleeping and the fallout of the last 24 hours. Once the kid was out, I took the worlds hottest shower and stayed in there until the hot water ran out. After that, I rubbed myself down lotion and finished my night time routine. My plan was just to relax in bed in yoga pants and a sports bra and talk to you wonderful folks and just watch a show. Well, instead, I literally passed out in under ten minutes. No matter how tired I had been, I was still getting 2-5 hours per night and never more than two at a time without being awake a few hours. I SLEPT TEN FUCKING HOURS. My kid woke me up at like 545, his normal time. I have felt hung over since from so much rest. In fact, I even took an hour nap on top of that late this morning. Most people would congratulate me on having such a great night, but this is likely the most worrisome thing that has happened yet. The complete, polar opposite difference in tension, anxiety, depression versus calm, soothing relaxation can obviously not be ignored. As I said, this is not what i want, but everything tells me this is the way my life is trending and I hate almost every moment of it. I don’t know what to do.
If you made it this far, thanks so much for your support. I had several people reach out to me since my original post, including seven or eight retired Navy Chiefs. I had been debating on either forcing my way out or suffering the next five years until retirement. The unanimous answer was to suck ass for a few more years and collect that check. So, since then, I have been trying to put a little more purpose behind my research. I have been trying to figure out how I could possibly live my life in this setting, if that’s where I end up. It wouldn’t be easy, but it might be doable. I would have to talk to Navy Legal Office to figure out exactly what i can and cannot do. My wife is also very adamant about finishing, mainly for our child’s healthcare coverage, which is the only reason I stayed in, in the first place.
Thanks again and love you all.
submitted by -Cori to TransLater [link] [comments]

2020.02.26 20:24 Oseean I’ve gathered nice French words to help you name your island :D Good luck! ✨

French words
Hawaiian words
Greek words
Scots Gaelic words
Welcome to à l’ouest could be funny! Welcome to the crazy dudes/ones
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2020.02.23 13:48 abbelrus Раздачи Google Play и App Store от 23.02 (временно бесплатные игры и приложения) + другие промики, акции, скидки, халява!

Раздачи Google Play и App Store от 23.02 (временно бесплатные игры и приложения) + другие промики, акции, скидки, халява!

Игры и приложения на Андроид:
1.Fem - MENSTRUAL Календарь бесплатно (-75р).Самое простое приложение для отслеживания ваших циклов!
▶️Оценка - 4.8
2.Mille: learn 1,000 Spanish words + pronunciation бесплатно (-99р). Приложение, которое состоит из 1000 наиболее распространенных испанских слов. Каждая карта содержит одно испанское слово и одно выражение.
▶️Оценка - 4.2
3.Project Boost : rocket Prototype! бесплатно (-169р). В игре будете управлять ракетой, чтобы покинуть Землю и добраться до открытого космоса, где никто не сможет вас поймать. Однако будьте начеку - вас ожидает множество опасностей на вашем пути. Уклоняйтесь от препятствий и нейтрализуйте угрозы с помощью различного оружия, чтобы пройти каждый уровень и взлететь как можно выше.
▶️Оценка - 4.2
4.Reading Raven: Learn to read phonics adventure бесплатно (-149р). Увлекательная игра-обучалка к чтению, которая предоставляет пошаговые уроки чтения (англ.)
▶️Оценка - 4.3
5.Infinity Dungeon бесплатно (-50р). Отправляйтесь в путешествие по темным подземельям вместе со своей командой. Проходя уровень за уровнем вы будете открывать все больше улучшений для своих героев благодаря найденным и собранным в шахтам монетам и кристаллам.
▶️Оценка - 4.3
6.Soul Warrior: Sword and Magic - RPG Adventure бесплатно (-149р).Приключенческий экшн- платформер, действие которого происходит в волшебном королевстве. Пользователь будет вести героя через различные локации, полные монстров. В конце каждого уровня пользователь имеет возможность сразиться с боссом. Вначале геймеры смогут выбрать персонажа: сильного воина или могучую волшебницу. От этого выбора и будет зависеть тактика ведения сражений.
▶️Оценка - 4.2
  1. Айконпаки бесплатно (-75р-159р):
-Pixel Pie 3D
▶️Оценка - 4.6
▶️Оценка - 4.6
▶️Оценка - 4.3
-OS Round
▶️Оценка - 4.5
Приложения и игры на IOS:
1.Picture Perfect бесплатно (-149р). Простое приложение, помогающее делать красивые фотографии за считанные секунды.
▶️Оценка - 4.7
2.Zen Habits by Leo Babauta бесплатно (-149р). Здесь публикуется несколько полезных статей в неделю: здоровье и фитнес, мотивация и вдохновение, семейная жизнь, счастье, цели, выполнение великих дел. Лео Бабаута — один из самых популярных блоггеров. Он женат, имеет шестерых детей и живет в Сан-Франциско. Он писатель, бегун и веган.
▶️Оценка - 5.0
3.5 Nights in Education Literary бесплатно (-75р).Любите ужасы? Ваша задача быть осторожным в течении 5 ночей в заброшенной школе. Как только ты сможешь пережить 5 ночей, тогда ты станешь свободным. Успей сбежать, пока Тебя не поймали!
▶️Оценка - 5.0
4.oxTanks бесплатно (-15р). Веселея игра в танчики с видом сверху. Приглашайте друзей и смело отправляйтесь в бой.
▶️Оценка - 4.7
5.Block vs Block бесплатно (-229р). Модифицированный тетрис c новой графикой
▶️Оценка - 4.5

Другие акции, скидосы и промики:
1.Новые промокоды Али:
BABY139 — скидка 139 рублей при заказе от 1299 рублей
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Также не забываем про старые действующие промокоды и купоны:
special400 — скидка 400 рублей при заказе от 4000 рублей (~$6.24 при заказе от ~$62.4)
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2.Набор «Джуниор Кинг» за 139 руб (50%) в Бургер Кинг. В набор входит: Воппер Джуниор, Кинг Фри (мал), напиток 0,5
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МЕГА-МИКС:Картошка Фри (большая), Луковые кольца (10 шт), Куриные палочки Чикен-Фри (10 шт).
СНЕК-МИКС:Картошка Фри (большая), Луковые кольца (10 шт), Наггетсы (15 шт).
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❗️Промокод: ILOVESONY
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8.Скидка до 750 руб в Yves Rocher.
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9.Игра Mechanic Escape бесплатно (-249р) в IndieGala. Платформенная инди-игра в жанре приключения от разработчиков Slak Games. В игре вы сможете развлекаться в оригинальной вселенной на протяжении 80 различных уровней, в хардкорном геймплее с десятками достижений.

Мой телеграм-канал с промиками, акциями и скидосами - WSCOUPON
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2020.02.22 20:11 TheOGJammies Why is the (supposed) feminist media so invested in making women pay for dates?

This is kind of a follow up to my post about the clown world LibFems created where BDSM and Sex work are empowering but men paying for dates is outdated and regressive.
Why is the feminist media so invested in making women pay for dates?
I mean, literally ANY dating article directed toward women is like “break out that purse, ladies!”
This dummy actually flat out says she pays for dates because ”I don’t think a man I just met should have to spend $60 just to hang out with me for three hours. There are so many more women in New York City than men as it is; why make dating too expensive for them to want to do with regularity?”
It’s like she’s challenging them to waste her time. 🤡
There are some dating articles that get so close to actually being good advice like this one:
... but then they always have to spoil the ending by acting like we’re obligated to take the check and plan the date and that it’s meaningless if a man offers to pay or not.
Pay For what? How am I supposed to feel “empowered” paying for a grown ass able bodied man?
Men are generally not impressed or looking at you like some strong empowered woman because you pay. In fact, it’s the opposite of that, they think you’re going to do all the work, they’re the prize, and some will flat think you’re a straight sucker. All of them are happy for the potential for sex without much investment and know they can fake being the guy they think you want until you have sex with them for very little effort.
It also lets LVM “spin plates” easier if these women let them waste their time over a cup of coffee. Most men are not engaging you in good faith
These same “progressive” women will get into relationships and start complaining about the “second shift”. 🙄
Well sis, you set yourself up for this with this “equality” nonsense not accounting for the massively larger investment and risk women take with bearing children and how low effort the average man is. He was low effort from date 1 when he let you pay your own way and couldn’t think of anything more impressive than coffee and drinks.
Dating advice for women in mainstream media is literal garbage, but this particular thing is irksome in how ubiquitous it is. Why should we be paying for dates? How is this empowering? So we can be a free escort for all the losers on Tinder?
Why are they so invested in this narrative?
If I call going on dates with the expectation men pay “sex work” is it empowering and okay now?
submitted by TheOGJammies to FemaleDatingStrategy [link] [comments]

2020.01.09 01:38 KingBrandy I feel expendable as a trans woman dating cis men...

I just spent the better part of my time in the grocery store crying. Just for some backstory I’m 1.5 years HRT, Semi-FT (dont present fully fem at work) and I pass 98% of the time as long as I don’t open my mouth. But it’s still not enough...
I’ve had 3-4ish “situationships” since I’ve started HRT and accepted that I’m trans.
The first: Was a toxic guy who was obviously trans attracted and had previous experience with trans women. He was a mess but he was public with me, we had major pillow talk and cuddle fests but he always asked me to “top” him and do other sexual things I wasn’t comfortable with when we were intimate. He was living in a hotel, had an extensive criminal record and we argued a lot. But he was my first “something” as a woman, never rejected my transness and even asked me to be his GF. I politely declined as I knew he (and probably I) had much more to work on in his own life. He recently moved to AZ
Second: Was a guy I met on an app. Dreamily cute, about 24ish, and had his stuff together. He was also trans experienced. He never brought up sex. We had a dinner date at a cute restaurant and he drove the 2 hours from his house to mine a couple times to hangout after. It eventually fizzled out, we had sex with no penetration involved. I thought saving this most precious part of myself would render me more desirable. It didn’t. It eventually fizzled out and he stopped responding to my texts.
Third: Another trans attracted guy if you want the full story you can read here . To make a long story short we were seeing each other everyday for over a month. Like the last two he was trans experienced. He’d just got his own place and had a steady job. He didn’t pressure me for sex or ask me persistent sexual questions. We never even had sex. One day we were supposed to hang out, he fell asleep and he lived literally doors down from me so I knocked on his door(at 4 AM), woke his roommate up. Needless to say I got a very angry text the next day. We both apologized after but he eventually ghosted me too after he began showing mixed signals. I sent him a very long drawn out nasty text expecting to never hear from him again. And I didn’t. Turns out he was talking to me and another girl at the same time and eventually gotten into a relationship with this girl towards the end of our “relationship”.
The last guy hurt the most. We talked everyday from sun up to sun down. Goodnight and good morning texts, shared secrets and stories the whole nine for three months straight. I was beginning to love this man, even tho for various reasons we’d never met (despite him living 10 mins away). I disclosed my transness to him in our very first conversation. He asked a few elementary questions and then we never mentioned it again in the following months. Eventually he started to show mixed signals too. Responding to texts less, intentionally not engaging in conversations etc. I probed him about this but he shrugged it off. I eventually deleted him on Snap where we talked. He still had my number yet chose not to contact me. A few weeks later on my birthday I had a weak moment and contacted him, several times until he responded and we temporarily made up. I asked him to be straight up about why he was acting different. He finally confided in me that it was my transness. After 3 months. I didn’t even like this guy at first! But he pursued me so relentlessly that I eventually saw an endearing side to him that captivated me. A few weeks after my birthday he posted a Snap story of another girl saying “love you”. That hurt so much. I blocked him I cried. I felt crazy, and less then.
None of these guys fought for us. For me. So today in the grocery story I cried to mourn my blissful ignorance. I thought being more passable would be “the key” or abstaining from sex too early would be it. I have a surplus of guys who’d like to sleep with me at the drop of a dime. I get free drinks bought for me, followed by admirers in public and a plethora of compliments on my looks. But that’s not what I need. I’ve worked so hard for my transition that I’d feel like shit giving it up to these guys so easily. Even on these subs it seems mtf relationships with cis men are scarce. So, I cried because I’m awake now. I cried, even if I knew it may get better in the end...
submitted by KingBrandy to MtF [link] [comments]

2019.12.14 10:40 TeaAitch TW3 [First Day At School Edition]

Wotchit you slags!
92,139 members (683 of whom still have outstanding Blockbuster fines); 1,107 new members.
We have some new mods this week. In no particular order, please welcome u/tesstorch, u/SuperbMess, u/guitarsnwhiskey, and u/nodanaonlyzugzug. They've had an absolute baptism of fire, the poor sods. We've had absolutely every type of weirdo show up this week. If my first week as mod had been this tough I would have turned round and fucked off immediately.
A couple of days ago one of them banned a rather exuberant weirdo, who immediately popped back up pretending to be his own wife. Saying that as a direct result of that mod's actions he had hanged himself and now their five year old child's Christmas was ruined. . . because that's what you do the moment your partner pops their clogs. Jump on the internet and begin aportioning blame. What an utter cunt!

Music for Ghastly Rotters: "Always gets me feeling powerful yet subby in two seconds," is what u/MissOrion24 says about "Hail To The King" by Avenged Sevenfold.

Book Club: Venus in Furs is the book. You have a week left to finish it. Discussion begins on the 21st. u/Memory15 will be creating a dedicated thread here about it. We also have a dedicated room for all things literary at BDiscordSM.

The Good Stuff
I know as much about corsets as I do about latex. Thankfully, when u/pictent asked about both, it turned out there are enough of you who do.
u/nyarados posted a great question about losing their hearing whilst in subspace. Having recieved many great answers they then went back and selfishly deleted their question. So that's why they're now banned from asking further questions here.
I like this thread from u/dankfloydite asking "Good things to call my non-binary partner?" I'm not sure why u/Phantasus_Mosaik was so heavily downvoted.
u/cringebrigadequeen asked a great question about their arousal from sand. I love finding out about people's niche kinks. Sometimes I think just so I feel happier about the several thousand of my own.
I didn't much care for this question about findom. The way it's asked riled a few of the mods. I did however enjoy this answer from u/PwincessStepford.
I asked each of our new mods to provide me with a link for this week's TW3.
I lovvvvve this one, from u/bigc0127, cuz SO ROMANTIC! 2 year LDR, and she's coming to his place for the first time, and he wants ideas for how to make it all nice for his slave. You know, cage in the closet, bucket for pee, etc. And the REALLY adorable thing is how excited everyone is getting about various ideas. Bunch of filthy rotters.
The other is this one, posted by u/MaNSFWlp, with a male sub asking for ideas for his Domme to tease and edge and torture him with chastity games. He posted a couple examples, and turned to the hivemind. I REALLY wish more people had shared how they fuck with each other and withholding O's. So much creativity!
This is my nomination for weirdest most specific info request of the week. Posted by u/canadianbabe420 who as the name suggests is also, Canadian, so....
SM also suggested this wonderful comment by u/South_in_AZ.
u/nodanaonlyzugzug: This post by u/aujility regarding their 'disobedient' submissive.

What you missed from our discord chat @ BDiscordSM
The Best The Worst
Ice dildoes Big tables
Halloumi fries Units of measurement
Coming out as kinky The politics of farming in the Netherlands
BDiscordSM; even when it's bad it's very, very good. And you haven't been invited, so fuck off.
Please remember our other, fledgling subreddits. RedditBDSM for general kinky chat. FemKink is an inclusive place to discuss topics which are important to women involved in kink.

As always, if there's anything you want to say about this place, that place, me, or our shiny new mods, get in the comments and say it. Otherwise, spend time doing terrible things to lovely people.
T. x
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2019.11.18 00:31 SomeDudeNamedAyat (Spoilers) Season 5 Timeline Updated with the Non-Canon Season 4 Episode

The Season 5 Timeline has started with the Non-Canon Season 4 episode. Sue me.
The Season 5 CPUCS Timeline:
Before the First Tournament: It’s time to summarize the events of Season 4.
Long story short, the CPUCS has come off the rails of a two year time skip. The Light Realm was still reeling after the events of the first Dark Realm invasion where their best soldiers, Captain Falcon, King Dedede, and Vincent had died. New heroes would rise from the ranks. Tony, the former Toy Convict reformed himself after getting out of prison to become a new and better person. Naomi, an agent surrounded with lots of intrigue after the knowledge that she had infiltrated the Dark Realm and successfully gained intel without dying, rose from the bottom to the top real fast. She also has a blog.
Here is Naomi’s blog:
King Dede, a relative of the fallen King Dedede. Erdrick, Luminary, Solo and Eight, heroes from an unforeseen land. Banjo and Kazooie, old warriors also from an unforeseen land. sans. a literal skeleton. in a hoodie. with slippers. who could also kick your ass. and my ass.
Of course, our new heroes would still be surrounded by the old guard to protect them. Skillshare Kirby, Audible Link, Zelda, Panda Global Incineroar, Blue Incineroar, Rosalina, and others were still around. Fighting. Having fun. Forgetting the past and living in the present. Things would change when Blood Falcon and Dark Vincent invaded. The Light Realm was rife with uncertainty as The Commissioner did nothing but watch the chaos.
The Dark Realm thought they could take Rosalina, but she was protected by the fact that Blood Falcon is unable to kill in the realm of the light, and she was able to leave the dark relatively quickly. Unfortunately...the same cannot be said for one JoeSniffy, the man who was just a commentator that protected King Dede from suffering the same fate. They would have taken Tony into the Dark Realm as well had he not awoken the Captain Falcon within him to fems Blood Falcon and Dark Vincent off along with Naomi.
Now, the Light Realm plans to end things once and for all. Now, the Light Realm plans to invade the Dark Realm once again. To save JoeSniffy. To avenge the fallen. To finish the fight.
Blood Falcon, Dark Vincent, and their mysterious leader, “G” will most likely not allow this. They are assembling their own army. They will fight back.
A war is breaking loose, but who will come out on top? Who will live? Who will die?
The Non-Canon Summit: Before that, it’s time to hang out with The Entirety of Hip Hop, Terry Bogard! ARE YOU OK?!?
Now, because this is non-canon, JoSniffy is ok! And the rules have been changed. We’re playing on Terry’s rules! 99 minutes, specific items such as the sandbag and soccer balls and the Mr. Saturns, and 3 stocks.
We start with Terry vs Audible Link. On the regular ruleset, Link would have probably won, but this is the non-canon Terry ruleset, so he wins via knowledge. Then, we have Ryu and Rosalina. Ryu is familiar with this ruleset, and he also is gay, but it is non-canon. None of this broadcast is good for boys and girls. Rosa wins, this may or may not be a fixed tournament.
We then have Skillshare Kirby vs Vincent on the other side of bracket. Vincent is alive because this isn’t canon which gives me the question: where is my boi, Captain Falcon? Where is everyone else’s boi, King Dedede? Kirby wins. Vincent might as well be dead again. Then, we have Zelda vs Ness, who gets...cheered? Oh wait, this isn’t canon, right. So the fan favorite Ness goes up against the hated yet respected champion Zelda. Ness moves on to the semifinals because he’s just good.
Terry vs Rosalina, both of them got dropped by Hip Hop, but Rosa and Luma got sponsored by Target and Walmart respectively. Terry didn’t do too well at first, but then he got meter. And then he got Smash meter. And then he brought it back. With some sick soccer confirms, Terry moves onto the final round. Kirby faces Ness. The game was very back and forth, but at the end of the day, Kirby beat Ness. The viewers dropped significantly because Ness got beat.
The grand finals of the non-canon tournament is Terry vs Kirby. Terry dominates because this is his ruleset and the fix is in. Terry is a god damn beast. Terry is a god damn beast. When he becomes canon, he’s gonna destroy the dark realm. Low Fi Hip Hop Terry wins.
Thug Finals is hella weird today. It’s actually an INVASION? WHAT? Squad Strike! It’s the Dark Realm vs the Light Realm...actually I have no idea if it’s the Light Realm, it’s just Terry and his Low Fi Harem. This is weird because some of the stadium is dark, and some is light. Can people die here?
Peach of Team Light goes down first. She dies in between the transition from dark to light, so really she’s alive. Terry takes on Blood Falcon and goes down next. Apparently, Major is evil? Is this still non-canon? Dark Realm transition. Blood Falcon dies in the dark realm. Wait, so is he non-canon dead? Dark Dr. Mario gets rid of Light Bayo, so is she non-canon dead too? Light Realm time. ZSS goes down. It’s all down to Rosalina. The Dark Realm is absolutely better than the Light realm. So Dark Dr. Mario dies inbetween the transition from Light to Dark, so Dark Dr. Mario is non canon dead too? And then it ACTUALLY TURNS DARK in the middle of Dark Palu vs Rosa? I have so many questions. Is the Third Dimension part of the dark realm? Rosalina is dead again because dark realm? Major is evil? JoSniffy is alive, which makes sense, but did Major have to carpool him too because he’s trapped in the dark realm? How much of this is non-canon? How much of this is canon? Alpharad, what the FUCK?
submitted by SomeDudeNamedAyat to CPUCS [link] [comments]

2019.10.30 09:12 greenteaapplepie69 Holy shit grab the popcorn 🍿 😎 here’s a rundown of the drama on FDS
This is from the blue pill. Apparently RPW made a post about us lmao.
There have also been multiple posts about us on MGTOW, posts about us on in##l tears (which usually makes fun of Inkwells). someone made a sub specifically to shit on us and promoted it on MGTOW, but it got backlash lmao.
IT (inkwell tears) called us transphobes and for some reason thinks we’re all fem cells.
Our superfans (brigaders) are hard at work sending love letters 💌 😘 too.
This is too much fun, I can’t lmaooo
submitted by greenteaapplepie69 to FemaleDatingStrategy [link] [comments]

2019.10.28 17:51 mikhailnikolaievitch Round 5: The Roshambo Rumble (Battle Royale)

The Roshambo Rumble: Round 5

A debate tournament encouraging variety in character selection and argumentation
Welcome competitors to the fifth round of the Roshambo Rumble! For reference to all those nitty gritty details:
Here is the link to the Hype Post (including the tourney-schedule)
Here is the link to Sign Ups
Here is the link to Tribunals
Here is the link to Round 1
Here is the link to Round 2
Here is the link to Round 3
Here is the link to Round 4
Here is the link to Roshambo Rumble Rules
Note: The previous round ended early and handily after competitors from both matches conceded. Talv and Iri are our finalists as Fem and Azure join everyone who has lost previously in the Battle Royale!
Round 5 consists of 1 match between our two finalists (Iri and Talv) that will be 1v1 matchups among their team.

Iri Stipulations Matchups Talv Stipulations
Nekron, extra rt Is powered up how he is in Blackest Night vs. Killy None
Black Hand Starts at 99.99% power vs. Nox No minions, but can use the Eliacube
Zeref Has Fairy Heart vs. Adam Taurus All feats are applicable, ie as if he is being boosted by Jaune

Concurrently, the Battle Royale Round will commence between the losers from all previous rounds.

Updated Bracket Here


Battle Royale Details

The participants for the Battle Royale and the numbers assigned to them are:
  1. Ameraaaa (Godzilla, The female muto, Quicksilver)
  2. Ame (Spartan, Deathstorm, Captain Comet)
  3. Anti-Monitor (Speed Demon, Ragnarok, Radioactive Man)
  4. Foxxy (The Lich, Medusa, Brother Blood)
  5. Garuru (All‑Black, Glaistig Uaine , Cable)
  6. Tarro (Dragon, Zorian Kazinski, Ringo Aomori)
  7. Ken (Kouryuu, Askin Nakk Le Var, Gerard)
  8. Fem (Ultron 20, Cannonball, Emperor Palpatine)
  9. Corv (Tomura Shigaraki, Sunspot, Ultimate Thor)
  10. Embrace (Magneto, Mirage, Inque)
  11. Kingler (Carnage, Guts, Cyborg)
  12. Kirbin(Kaworu Nagisa, Sunny, Coco)
  13. Kelsier (Prototype Suit, Vin, Kalros)
  14. FJ (Wolverine, The Big O, Yujiro Hanma)
  15. Azure (Lord Dominator, Jake the Dog, Pluto)
  16. Jakku (Kid Omega [1], True Assassin [2], Ambrose Chase [1])
  17. Verlux (Zi Yu, Blackbeard, Alexandria)
Each participants' number corresponds to their spawn point on...

The Battle Royale Map

So how does this work? Just leave 1 comment on the thread (10k character limit max) explaining why your team would prevail in the a free-for-all match between all the combatants. There will be no rebuttals or responses, so make the 1 comment you have count. Once the round ends the judge staff will review all comments and decide the best one to return for a chance at redemption in the championship round.
Time limit: Time restrictions still apply. From the time the round begins all participants have 36 hours to submit their response. The round officially begins on Oct. 29th @12:00 PM EST and ends at Nov. 5th @12:00 PM EST . Feel free to post immediately, and know that the 36 hour timer begins at the official start of the round.

Let's Rumble!

submitted by mikhailnikolaievitch to whowouldwin [link] [comments]

2019.10.26 03:26 patthepatriot2020 I fear my female villain may come off as too tropey.

I recently read a glorious satire post that makes fun of the nerdy male writer who just can’t seem to get his female characters right.
I read the final one on the list, and I realized something terrible: that description sounds exactly like my female villain. (Except the whole fem-dom thing.)
I’ve made several different posts about her in the past, all of which I’ll link down here:
Post #1
Post #2
Post #3
Keep in mind, this villain has been developed over a long period of time, so some of the concepts in these posts may have changed, so I’ll try to summarize her below:
Humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs have been at war with one another since the beginning of time. Nobody knows quite the reason, but the races hated each other with a passion.
Around a thousand years or so before the events of my story, my main villain is born to a pair of poor serfs. She is abandoned almost a week after her birth because her parents couldn’t afford to feed both her and her older brother. A few hours of suffering later, an evil wizard finds her and takes her in as his apprentice.
She is taught dark magic, politics, several martial arts, etc. As she grows into a woman, she learns of the ongoing war between the four races, and realizes that with her power and knowledge, she could end the war between the four races by putting them all under her subjugation.
To ensure her rule, she makes herself immortal, and goes to do the same to her husband. However, it backfired awfully, and it ended up killing him instead. She was absolutely destroyed by this, and so she cast a spell on herself to lock away those emotions she felt: anger at herself, guilt for what she’s done, fear for the consequences of what she’s done, and love in general.
She had almost succeeded in conquering the land, but was faced by King Sirius, another powerful magic user who wielded a magic scepter. Their duel was a tough one, but soon enough, he emerged victorious over her.
Before the final blow was dealt, she meant to put a curse on Sirius that would end his bloodline for good, but before she could finish the incantation, Sirius struck her with his magic. Now the curse she laid on him only limited his bloodline to only children, as in his offspring may only have one consecutive offspring.
Sirius puts a curse on her to ensure she never leaves her castle again: if she sets foot outside of it, she will freeze into living stone, never to move again. She must also consume the bone marrow of humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs in order to sustain her human form. Otherwise, she’ll devolve into this decrepit, half-human, half-vulture creature.
While trapped in her castle, she slowly begins to redraw her plans to retake the throne, and amasses her armies and draws treaties with several wicked nations of humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs.
A thousand years later, she meets my MC, a witch hunter who has been disrupting her evil plans. MC hates the sorceress because he killed his mother and younger sister, along with the rest of his village, so he has a personal vendetta against her. He also bears a striking and uncanny resemblance to her deceased husband.
She kidnaps him and orders him to stop this, but he doesn’t comply. After a bit of bickering between the two parties, she knocks him unconscious and has him sent to her personal chambers.
She likes to do a certain thing with her opponents she wishes to get rid of. She cleans them up and has them sent to her personal chambers, where she has a meal prepared for them. After easing them into comfort, she then persuades them to agree to her terms, they have a bit of “fun”, then she has them executed and has them melt the flesh off their bones, and then she eats their skeleton.
MC almost falls into this trap, but he resists her temptations. So, she skips the rumpy-pumpy and has him sent to be executed. Before he makes it to the execution chamber, a turncoat, who used to be a handmaiden of the sorceress, frees him and the two make their escape.
The sorceress, at first, thinks she’ll forget about MC, but she realizes that she soon can’t stop thinking about him. She checks the spell she put upon her heart, and sees that it has broken. All those repressed emotions, her guilt, her anger, her fear, her love, come pouring out.
“Preposterous! I am the Vulture Queen! I feel love towards nobody!” she tried to convince herself, but she can’t help but feel drawn to this guy, and that drives her absolutely insane.
She manages to track MC down using an astral projection spell, and communicates with him. She finally tells him of how she feels, but this drives MC to despise her more. She tries this on multiple occasions, each one ending up worse for her than before.
Finally, at the last book of the series, after she breaks her spell and restarts her conquest, the two meet face to face again. She begs him, one last time, to be with her. He tells her no once again, on the grounds that a.) he hates her guts, and b.) he is in love with the turncoat that freed him.
On top of all of that? The turncoat is the heir to King Sirius, the man who cursed her and denied her her self-imposed right to rule.
Finally, she comes to the conclusion that if she cannot have him, the world is better off without him, and she tries to kill him.
In the context of the satire post, or other female villain tropes you may have heard before, do you guys think she comes off as too tropey?
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