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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ June 13, 1988

2020.11.19 17:29 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ June 13, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
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  • The WWF is the source of most of the news this week, and the first major thing is the Superstars taping on June 1. Dave was in Oakland and gives a full recap of the show. They had 12,120 in attendance (around 9,000 paid) and a gate around $110,000. Dave compliments the show’s atmosphere and WWF’s commitment to putting on a show, even if their style has some drawbacks. He does say that for an arena show, 29 matches is normally way too many, but since it was a tv taping, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Everyone who complains about modern tv tapings, be glad you weren’t going to these. They managed a good pace overall and kept the entire taping under 4 hours (last year’s taping in San Francisco was nearly 5 hours and had fans booing everyone in the last hour because they just wanted to see Hogan and get their money’s worth before leaving). Anyway, if you know 1980s Dave, you know his first major complaint is always going to be about unannounced changes to the advertised card. All during their tv hype for this, they were pushing Honkytonk vs. Beefcake with Jimmy Hart banned from the building. They forgot about that last bit and Jimmy was there. Then they talked about how the next show in town, Jimmy would be banned from the building. They also advertised free t-shirts to all fans in attendance, and they didn’t come through on that. Dave thinks it’s a real swing and a miss - 12,000 fans all wearing a Randy Savage t-shirt would have been a remarkable sight and been really effective. Anyway, Dave thinks most were pretty happy with the show as a whole.
  • I’m not going to go through everything on this taping, because Dave seriously covers all 29 matches, but here are some highlights and even that’s a lot. Dave gives a Brady Boone vs. Steve Lombardi dark match 3.25 stars. WWF is now doing all announcing from their studio in Connecticut, so no live announcing in the arena or even intros for each hour of the taping, which makes it hard to tell what’s going to be on what week’s show. That said, this did help things along in terms of speed. They had Slick do an interview introducing the Big Boss Man, and because they didn’t really work to change his look, he got some chants of “Bubba, Bubba” from those who recognized him. Dave takes the time to comment on Warrior’s utter lack of conditioning, as he was winded before he could even finish his entrance and could barely beat his chest. He says it’s a real statement to call anyone a worse worker than Andre the Giant right now, but Warrior has him beat by a mile. Bossman’s tv debut match was against Louie Spicoli. He squashed Spicoli in about a minute or so, then cuffed him to the ropes and beat him with his nightstick. The Hart Foundation has reunited as a face team and kicked Jimmy Hart to the curb. Rick Rude has a lot of heat thanks to the angle with Jake Roberts, and Dave can’t remember the last time a heel was so universally hated. At most he had a dozen women cheering for him, while everyone else was against him. Don Muraco “chased” Jimmy Hart to the back in an angle clearly setting him and Greg Valentine up for a feud and potentially writing Billy Graham off as a manager, but Jimmy ran so much faster that he beat him to the back by a mile and a guy behind Dave joked that Jimmy Hart is the best athlete on the show. The Rockers re-debuted for WWF and have made it two days with the company, doubling their previous record for WWF tenure. Dave thinks Michaels and Janetty are exactly what WWF needs: a babyface tag team with a rock and roll gimmick (WWF has never done that before, while other promotions have overdone it) and they got a good reaction. Dave makes an ill-advised comparison between Beefcake being over big in the area because he’s billed from San Francisco to “taking pride in living in the AIDS capital of the world.” I think we can expect letters about that in the coming weeks. Badnews Brown is doing a thing with the raising a black gloved hand in the air and Dave thinks it would have been really over if this were 1969, but it’s about 20 years too late to really strike that iron effectively and Dave jokes that you’d think Verne Gagne came up with that one until you realize he only just learned last year that baseball broke the color barrier. Dave compliments Rude again and says he’s such a good heel that Dave doesn’t even like watching him. By hour 3, fans were catching on with the Bossman’s gimmick and it was getting some good heat. The Hart Foundation’s first face match saw them beat a face jobber team and wrestle like heels while playing to the crowd like faces. The crowd was a bit confused, but Dave thinks faces who wrestle like heels could get over well once the crowd shakes off the classical conditioning. He especially compliments Bret’s fake knee injury as the best thing on the card and best sell of a fake knee injury he’s ever seen in WWF. Fans started leaving after the 26th match on the show and by the time the DiBiase vs. Savage (with Elizabeth) match happened, there were fewer than 7,000 left (and under 4,000 left by the finish). Dave quips that they probably left after seeing what Liz was wearing. Sure, Dave.
Watch: Big Boss Man makes his WWF tv debut
  • Electronic Media Magazine wrote a pretty frank kayfabe-breaking note in their May 23 issue, and they predict Ted DiBiase as the next WWF champ. They say:
While sports prognostication is normally a risky business, the scenario of who becomes the World Wrestling Federation’s champ is scripted out months in advance. It’s based on the popularity of the wrestler, not his record, according to the results each performer inspires in WWF’s multimillion dollar merchandising sales. Based on that criteria, insiders are laying odds that the next WWF champion will be “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. But look for Hulk Hogan to reclaim the crown in a matter of months.
  • Anyway, Dave gives his thoughts on this prediction. Dave figures Hogan’s a draw with or without the belt, so he’ll probably be paired with Bossman and Andre for the fall while Savage needs the belt right now to remain a draw. He’s reminded of New Japan 1983, where everyone assumed the boom from January to August was due to Inoki and without him things would stall out, and the same would be the case for WWF this summer without Hogan. New Japan didn’t stall and that eventually led to the split that created the original UWF. WWF doesn’t have to worry about anything like that happening, but it’s conceivable that WWF continuing fine without Hogan could reduce Hogan’s pull because the company would know they can weather through without him. So Dave thinks, given that and how far behind the NWA is, that keeping the belt on Savage for the time being (provided he still remains able to draw) is the smart move. Ultimately, when Savage loses the belt comes down to Hogan’s ego and whether Hogan feels he needs the belt and if he’ll demand it when he returns, if he’ll have patience, or if he’ll leave the company if he can’t just call his shots. If Savage does stop drawing, by all means transition to DiBiase then Hogan, but right now Savage is working as an attraction and it’s best to work in such a way where you can have two of those (Hogan and Savage) rather than only just one. It may even be better to have Savage as champion since Hogan only works weekends and tv, rather than the full schedule like Savage does.
  • WWF is also expanding their schedule again beginning on July 7. They’ll be running a fourth touring group to hit small towns they used to consider too small to be worth going to and do charity shows. Dave interprets this as WWF’s attempt to deliver a killing blow to the other promotions that are currently run pretty ragged. The charity shows, for instance, are most probably designed to be able to snipe charity deals from smaller promotions because WWF will be able to offer a more lucrative product in place of, say, a charity show run by Ron Fuller. It also opens roster spots up for WWF, which means plenty of room to hire disaffected NWA guys.
  • Finally, on to something not WWF: Chigusa Nagayo appears to be preparing to retire from All Japan Women. The promotion is planning a huge show in a baseball stadium to commemorate her retirement. Chigusa is easily the most popular and highest paid woman wrestler in the history of the business, and she’s only 23. The implications for All Japan Women are huge. They just had three other key retirements recently, including Devil Masami, Dump Matsumoto, and Yukari Omori. For big draws from their golden era of 1984-86, they only have Lioness Asuka left, and her popularity is significantly down from its 1985 peak. Surprisingly, it looks like AJW wants her gone just as much as she wants to be gone. Maybe she’s outgrown the company and become difficult to deal with, maybe the promotion doesn’t feel they need her enough that they need to submit to her demands. There’s also the fact that since she has had her peak popularity, the promotion is worried that keeping her as the main attraction will make the promotion look bad for being centered around a fading star (Dave gives examples like Dusty in the NWA, Inoki in New Japan, the original Sheik in Detroit, the Von Erichs in WCCW, Lawler in Memphis, etc.). Just as the Beauty Pair (Nancy Kumi and Jackie Sato) and Mimi Hagiwara gave way to the Crush Girls (Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo), so too must the Crush Girls give way to the next big stars, and AJW seems to want Yumiko Hotta and Mitsuko Nishiwaki to be the next major stars.
  • Chigusa leaving will be a big blow to AJW for a long while, but if they can get these new wrestlers over, they can build up again. The company and Chigusa both know that she can’t be on top forever and she has nowhere to go but down from being the top star of the women’s wrestling industry. Chigusa has numerous options available to her. She has a clothing company, can use her celebrity to do game shows, and could even gather wrestlers together and start her own promotion, as some of the speculation suggests. Dave spends a bit of time describing Japanese teen idol culture and concludes that it’s very fun to follow how it all works and how it intersects with wrestling. Anyway, this is all a bit premature and a false alarm (the part about Chigusa retiring - all the implications of what would happen upon her retirement is super interesting and important to consider). Chigusa will do a tour in the U.S. and Canada later this year and will return to AJW in the fall, before retiring for the first time in 1989 (she’ll unretire in 1993.
  • The June issue of Washington Monthly has a piece on commission regulation of pro wrestling. Mostly it kind of laughs at how wrestling is regulated currently. It’s written by the same guy who wrote the Penthouse piece on the Von Erichs that’s in development hell. That’s tentatively scheduled for the September issue now, by the way.
  • There were three shows in Oregon last weekend: Owen, Haynes, and McMahon. Haynes put on his championship tournament final and won that in front of a crowd, while Owen did a kids get in free gimmick and had Buddy Rose vs. the Assassin in a bullrope match to main event. WWF, however, drew their biggest crowd ever in Oregon on May 30, getting 7,500 people (Hogan never even cracked 5,000 in Portland).
  • Also, the advertised Hennig vs. DeBeers AWA title match in Salem Oregon on May 19 did not happen, as expected. Hennig was no longer champion and didn’t even show up, so they made a battle royal the main event. Matt Borne won. DeBeers claimed in an promo that “Verne Gagne has put economic sanctions on me.”
  • The IWGP Title is currently held up because of silliness involving Riki Choshu. The main event on May 27 was originally supposed to be Fujinami defending against Seiji Sakaguchi, but Riki Choshu complained and got inserted as challenger instead. The finish to the match, which to be clear was obviously a work due to the fact that Fujinami took his boot off, involved the ring breaking and Fujinami “spraining” his ankle. So Choshu attacks the ankle, Fujinami removes his boot and tries to fight on, but they stop the match and rule it a no contest. Choshu says that since it was an accident, he didn’t want to win the title that way, so the belt is held up until the June 24 show in Osaka.
  • Owen Hart also won the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title on the same night. He’ll likely drop the title before the end of the tour, but he is scheduled for another tour in late August, which throws a wrench in Dave’s understanding of any plans he has vis a vis WWF.
  • Adrian Adonis is being cheered in New Japan. He was a big star here several years back and the fans still remember him. He’s definitely put on a lot of weight since those days, though, so the fans have also been pretty shocked by his physique.
  • Steve Williams is probably not going back to New Japan any time ever. He’s skipped out on too many tours and they weren’t happy about that.
  • UWF has announced their June 11 card. They’ve got Maeda vs. Takada in the main event and Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Norman Smiley. The show is already sold out (7,000 seats at a price of $28/ticket = $106,000). All Japan has a show in the same building a week earlier and tickets are selling slowly. UWF is trying to get Bob Backlund in against Maeda for their December show, but that’s conditional on getting Backlund to do the job. Good news from the future: Backlund will be on the show. We’ll get into the details and how plans change down the line.
  • Devil Masami came out of retirement for JWP’s May 28 show. JWP was going to fold on May 29, but they managed to draw 4,000 fans and are going to do occasional spot shows from here on out. Dave says those shows will be “promoted by the local mob” and that may or may not be snark, I’m honestly not sure.
  • No real news from All Japan Women beyond the Chigusa Nagayo situation. Retirement rumors are swirling, and Leilani Kai beat her in a non-title match on May 28, so it might be that they’re prepping Kai as her retirement match.
  • The lineup for the second NWA Clash of Champions has changed. Barry Windham will now be wrestling Brad Armstrong in what’s sure to be a fantastic match if it’s given time. TBS’s press release about the show gave Dusty the biggest bio (no surprise) which called him “one of the two biggest stars in professional wrestling today, along with Ric Flair.” Dave notes that Windham’s bio calls him the “frequent tag team partner of Lex Luger,” so obviously these are a touch dated. Clash shows are set for September 7 and December 7 as well.
  • [NWA] Jimmy Garvin did a great promo on the June 4 TBS show. He admitted he’s married to Precious and really heated up the rivalry with Kevin Sullivan. Dave thinks it’s no coincidence they’re doing this at the same time as Rick Rude is feuding with Jake Roberts over Jake’s wife. It’s a formula that gets over big.
  • NWA is putting a lot of hype into Luger vs. Flair at the Great American Bash, and it’s getting lots of buzz among fans. Most people Dave talks to think they might even put the title on Luger. Nothing’s certain yet, but they’re definitely doing good work in the build here.
  • [WWF] Islander Tama (Sam Fatu, aka Tonga Kid) has quit WWF. That leaves the islanders as Siva Afi and Haku, which really sucks because Tama and Haku worked really well together and Siva is… not great. Dave’s heard two stories here. One is that he was upset with his Wrestlemania paycheck and the other is that he was upset with how Sika was let go and the rest of the family put pressure on him to follow suit.
  • [WWF] At the Rochester, MN tapings on May 11, Vince apparently gave a speech about the evils of steroids. According to the speech, being on tv will make you larger than life and you won’t need steroids because you’re on tv. This all stems from an employee in some auditorium finding a needle and leftover steroids backstage after a WWF show and accidentally getting stuck by the needle and freaking out about potentially getting AIDS. Remember, kids, don’t share needles.
  • Terry Taylor is coming to the WWF to work as a babyface. I think he’s too chicken to try being a WWF heel.
  • There’s talk of WWF doing a feud between Cheryl Roberts and Raven. No, not Scott Levy. Cheryl is, of course, Jake Roberts’ wife. Raven is Rick Rude’s valet, played by his sister Nancy.
  • TV in Memphis to set up the June 6 Hennig vs. Lawler match was really hot. They had Hennig in studio making fun of a local car dealer and attacking him, then later demanding Lawler come out and when Lawler didn’t come out he destroyed the studio. Lawler only came out when Hennig threatened to beat the shit out of Lance Russell if Lawler didn’t come out by the count of 10. Of course, they kind of undercut some of the tension by having the Toyota dealer promise to refund the fans if Lawler doesn’t win on June 6.
  • WCCW’s Memorial Day card in Fort Worth drew roughly 1,500 (5,000 claimed on tv). That’s the biggest crowd they’ve had in a long time. Plans for Lawler to come work with Kerry Von Erich appear to be shelved - he’s coming in on June 17-19, but he’ll be working with Terry Taylor and Iceman King Parsons instead.
  • Makhan Singh is a heel and currently feuding with Kerry Brown in Stampede, but appears to be developing a cult following. He’s doing well on promos and he’s doing color commentary with Ed Whalen and a lot of folks feel like his work on the desk has significantly improved the show. So he’s developing a fanbase that quite likely will cheer for him. Can you believe that this guy winds up being Bastion Booger?
  • Dave gives a June 1 Continental match between Tom Prichard and Tony Anthony 4 stars. It was a 9 minute first blood match and Prichard bled first, but Danny Davis wiped the blood off him to keep the referee none the wiser.
  • In USA Wrestling, Doug Furnas almost won the Tennessee championship from Buddy Landel in a tv match, but Guerrero shenanigans kept the gold off him. Furnas won clean, but Hector Guerrero slipped a foreign object into Furnas’s trunks and told the ref, who reversed the decision promptly upon discovering the weapon. Guess we can see where Eddie got his ideas from.
Watch: Hector Guerrero lies, cheats, and steals
  • Over in Europe, Otto Wanz still reigns supreme. Scott Hall is over there right now working for him, and Wanz is defending his version of the world title against Bruiser Brody on July 9. Apparently he got Andre the Giant back in January and Andre did a job for him too. Well, it was December, and it was by countout, but yes.
Watch: Otto Wanz vs. Andre the Giant, December 1987
  • AWA is looking for a new booker. They fired Wahoo McDaniel and Ray Stevens for running their own independent show in Virginia without telling AWA about it. Just in case you thought Vince was the first promoter to not like his guys running their own shows.
  • Windy City Wrestling is holding a show on July 16 at DePaul University and they’re hoping to get Brody in to wrestle Nord the Barbarian in a cage match. Brody is already booked that weekend, though, so if he doesn’t come, it’s because he’ll be in Puerto Rico. He really should have picked Chicago that weekend.
  • There’s a really fascinating letter about the western Pennsylvania wrestling scene from the 1950s and into the 70s. They used to get tv from the International Amphithetre in Chicago featuring guys like Thesz, Gagne, Buddy Rogers, the Lisowskis, and others and the letter writer wonders if anyone still has the old film of those matches sitting on a shelf somewhere. They did, and there’s a youtube channel dedicated to all this old wrestling: The Chicago Film Archive. Anyway, by the late 50s, tv wrestling in Pittsburgh got taken over by a live studio show from Philadelphia every Saturday, but it wasn’t very good and then another promoter took over the tv there and you had guys like Waldo Von Erich, the Tolos Brothers, Ilio DePaolo, and others. Soon after, Toots Mondt (an associate of Vince McMahon Sr.) started romoting in the area and brought in the best of the NWA at the time - Argentina Rocca, Buddy Rogers, the Kangaroos, Haystacks Calhoun, Sweet Daddy Siki, and a young Bruno Sammartino. But the biggest star was the Crusher (Reggie Lisowski), who started heel and became even bigger when he turned face, and in his later years they tried turning him heel again to go against Bruno, but the feud died because his appeal was gone and turning him heel was a mistake (this is weirdly reminiscent of Steve Austin’s trajectory and the mistake of his heel turn, it feels like). When Bruno became the champ, that was shortly after WWWF broke off the NWA and the local shows started to die off as he went on tour, but the big shows still did well and there was still a surge of excitement and popularity. Big monthly shows in the local arena did well, but rarely sold out. Things went bad when Bruno dropped the title to Ivan Koloff and wrestling interest dropped significantly and it wasn’t until Bruno got the title back that things interest started rising again. It’s really remarkable how important a figure Bruno was in the western Pennsylvania scene at the time.
  • A writer asks Dave if he thinks Flair should consider jumping to WWF, and Dave responds. He says there’s a bigger chance of it happening now than at any previous point (not that he’s saying Flair will jump, just that the circumstances are most favorable to a jump right now), and that does make it an interesting question. If they wanted to, they could go all in on Flair and he’d be a big draw. But because Flair’s synonymous with the NWA, there’s a lot of ways they could sabotage that because of the egos at play and the need to show that they’ve been better than the NWA all along (see WWE and anything remotely WCW in the past 19 years). And some of the reasons they might convince themselves Flair wouldn’t get over with their audience are even valid: Flair thrives in long matches and WWF doesn’t really do those. He’s pushing 40, and that’s pretty old (ha!). So yeah, if Flair were to be the top of the card in WWF, that would feel to some like an admission that the NWA is on par with the WWF, and that won’t sit well with some of the suits with big egos. But at Flair’s age, a run with WWF to make the big bucks and work shorter matches is likely to have some appeal - he’s an old man in a young man’s game, and he’s got to know that. Well, let’s look at what Ric Flair had to say about the idea of being too old to do it and retirement, about 20 years later.
Watch: Ric Flair’s thoughts on being an old man in a young man’s game and retirement
  • Another letter asks Dave for some more information on his sources for the OWF debut and the World Class Texas Stadium show. Basically, some quibbles about attendance in the former, including asking for clarification on what Dave meant when he said the crowd had “a higher class of fan, similar to a WWF crowd.” In the case of the World Class stuff, the writer straight up disagrees on the quality of the latter and asks Dave to be more positive about WCCW for the sake of the business. Dave goes ahead and answers the challenge. He names the source for his claim on the “higher class of fan,” which he meant in terms of socioeconomic class: Mike Rodgers, who publishes the major newsletter on the region called Ring Around the Northwest. Rodgers has been following wrestling in the area enough to know what kinds of crowds different promotions draw in the area and Dave stands by Mike’s assessment. As for World Class, Dave had 21 letters from those who attended the show and all but four (and those four include this letter Dave is responding to) considered the show subpar, and Dave makes sure to clarify that he didn’t call it subpar, but that he reported fan reception as indicating it was subpar. Dave even called a contact who knows the regulars for WCCW’s shows in the area after getting this letter and asked him what people generally thought, and that contact also reported general disappointment. As to being more positive about WCCW, Dave gives credit where due (he was very positive on Michael Hayes as a booker), but the promotion is showing no signs of a turnaround. It’s loads better than it was when Fritz was still in charge, but they’re still flubbing basic business in so many ways and making terrible booking choices and Dave can’t just give them a pass for that. There’s also some stuff about WWF in here where the writer calls WWF fans idiots and claims nobody intelligent would pay to go to a WWF show, and Dave mentions that he has paid to go to WWF shows and finds them enjoyable as a social outing with friends, even if he’s not interested in their wrestling enough to go on his own. So yeah. Mostly included the stuff on this letter because it’s a peek behind the curtain of Dave’s contacts and how he gauged fan reactions back in the day.
  • Also, Percy Pringle is playing face and holding the mic for interviews on World Class tv now. Dave says his facial expressions are hilarious, and I’m demanding we get a Percy Pringle facial reactions subreddit and simp account like the Alexa Bliss one asap.
NEXT WEEK: NWA Blows Clash II advertising, Clash II review, Bodyslam movie review, Brother love coming to WWF, Summerslam announced, and more
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2020.08.14 23:09 Snoo_44245 A FUN "ROUTINE" DAY IN A MOHAWK (today's the day For flying stories)

Somewhere in Oregon, circa 1977
Many times the pilots schedule a flight just to get their required flight hours and there are times that there are no mission requirements (pictures or imagery of a certain target/facility). This was one of those days.
My pilot is Steve _ (there are two Steve’s so no attribution). We will be flying from Salem to Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, land there and return. Once we are off the ground CPT Steve informs me he has a lunch date in K Falls and so, do I mind waiting with the aircraft. No problems here I just like to fly!
We depart Salem, VFR (Visual Flying Rules, you kind of are looking out for yourself). We head South towards K Falls about 5,000 feet until we get just South of Eugene where the the Willamette valley ends and it becomes more mountainous.
Suddenly we lose altitude rapidly and we are flying down a valley, a narrow one. I realize that CPT Steve is familiar with our route and keep only one hand on my secondary ejection seat handle. We go around a wide corner and looking to my right, I see a Volkswagen camper van and a couple people pointing at me. Another wide swing around the narrow valley and there are power lines crossing the gorge directly in front of us. CPT Steve pulls up and we clear it handily. We then gain altitude and have an uneventful flight to Kingsley Field. We land; he has his date while I screw around on the flight line.
We are flying a B model Mohawk with a big SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Rader) boom mounted below and to the right of me. We leave Kingsley, but don't gain much altitude. There is farmland and a lake North of Kingsley and that’s where we are heading. We are flying over the lake so low, I am thinking if we had two SLAR booms, we could be skiing. As we hit the levy on the North end of the lake we fly right between two tractors. Wow!
We then pop up to a respectable altitude and CPT Steve asks if I have ever been "in" Crater Lake. No. He says there is a notch in the Southwest wall of the crater and that’s where we head. FAA rules say you must remain 1,500 feet above state parks and I think we are going to violate that rule. I am correct, we slide through the notch and down into the crater, flying around the lake below the level of the rim. I take the opportunity to turn on the belly camera and swing it to the 15 degree (below the wing) position. I ask Steve to pop up just a bit and get some great shots of Crater Lake Lodge from the lake side. Those 4.5 inch negatives are in my attic, somewhere.
Starting on the South side of the lake, just off the water, we aim at the North crater wall at 180 knots. The lake is ten miles across so we have plenty of room to pull up and clear the rim. As we get closer and closer to the rapidly approaching wall of rocks, I hear CPT Steve say "I hope we can make it". He is just kidding, but we do trade a lot of airspeed for altitude as we zoom over the crater rim.
Now we head back toward Salem and find that weather has closed in and we can no longer fly VFR. We must now fly IFR (Instrument Flying Rules, you are directed by in this case by Seattle Center) CPT Steve contacts Seattle Center and they assign us to 15,000 feet. As we climb to get over the clouds CPT Steve asks me if I have my oxygen mask (required over 10,000 feet). Nope. "Well, I didn't bring mine either" he responds. So, we clip the oxygen hoses to our harnesses; turn the oxygen to 100% and periodically flip open the protective cap and sip oxygen.
Shortly we are in the Eugene area and CPT Steve spots a hole in the clouds below us and informs Seattle Center that we are resuming VFR flight. We then nose over from 15,000 feet and make a high speed dive through this hole and resume level flight at about 1,500 feet (BTW this is usually a bad move as someone may be coming up through that very same hole). As we fly North, CPT Steve flies about a mile East of I-5. There are many 150-200 foot hillocks scattered along the East of the highway and we are slight further east of them.
CPT Steve suddenly dives down to about 20 ft and from the highway it looks like we have dived down behind a hill and not come up! We do not pull up and we fly nap of the earth for the next 20 miles. I am pointing out power poles and wires as we head north. About 20 miles from Salem we pop up to about 2,000 feet and make a normal approach and landing.
We walk into Flight Ops and someone asks how the flight went. CPT Steve replies "Routine". I stay silent, with a smile on my face.
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2020.07.27 13:11 blind27JJul What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?

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2020.03.26 05:49 tarawinstead How I Became Involved With the Loggers Creek Murders and "Shadow Girl"

I want to preface the entries you are about to read with an apology: Despite being an English literature major, I’ve never been much of a storyteller. Alas, I’ve never had a reason to be, so please pardon any ramblings or misguided notions that you may come across; my thoughts have always been rather jumbled and disorganized regarding the events of my childhood and teenage years. When you pair that with my forgetful tendencies, it’s easy to see how even the most traumatic memories could have become seemingly lost on me as I grew older. This doesn’t mean that they have been entirely wiped from my mind, however, as somehow a very prominent demon from my past has brought everything flooding back.
In short, I moved to a small town when I was a teenager. This small town was plagued with dark secrets, corruption, and horrible intentions. I got involved with the wrong people, and I then witnessed the town’s evil begin to unfold. I was only there for a short while, but I spent years and years thereafter trying to recover and forget. Unfortunately, that has not worked out so well for me, and even though I have moved across the country and started a family of my own, I am still haunted day after day by the past.
I have lurked in the shadows of Reddit for almost two years now, hoping to find a story like mine. I was adamant about not sharing my experiences, however, as I had no intention of revisiting the emotions I had worked so hard to bury. Something caused me to change my mind though: Last week, someone from my old town left a letter on my doorstep. I realized that now more than ever I need this platform to share my experiences and hopefully make sense of them. God knows my husband wouldn’t understand, so this is the best chance I have at finding clarity. I plan to start from the beginning and then lead up to the contents of the letter later on. Going forward, all names have been changed for the privacy of my family and those involved.
This whole mess started when my father abruptly decided to move my family across the country from our home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a small town in Oregon that I will call Loggers Creek. Now, this was over 20 years ago, back in the spring of 1996 when I was 15 years old and due to turn 16 in a couple of weeks. The cause of this sudden move was my grandmother. Grandma Marie, a proud owner of a small lakefront property in Salem, Oregon, had recently fallen ill, and my father felt inclined to live nearer to her in case of any future medical complications. Why he chose to move us to Loggers Creek instead of Salem, however, I’ll never truly know. Loggers Creek was a good hour’s drive from Salem, and although my parents claimed it had a sort of “rustic, small community charm,” I couldn’t help but think of it as a crummy, backwater town where time stood still.
I remember my older brother Logan and I being absolutely miserable when we first arrived, mostly because there was nothing to do. Even though school was still technically in session (I was a sophomore and Logan was a junior that year), my parents were too busy unloading the U-Haul truck to take us down to the community center for enrollment. It was like this for almost two weeks until Logan and I literally lost our minds, and we begged our parents to pull themselves away from unpacking. May 6th, 1996, was my first day at the local high school, a school that has since been replaced both institutionally and structurally due to corruption within the school board and an alarming amount of asbestos found in the walls of the original building. This fact is relatively irrelevant to anything I experienced during my time in Loggers Creek, but it goes to illustrate that the folks in that town just didn’t care about a lot of things.
I remember being incredibly nervous on that first day of school, mainly because I had never been the best at making friends. Even if I were socially gifted, I was certain that everyone in that school of 58 students had established their cliques long ago. Luckily for me, however, I made a friend almost immediately after I stepped into the school’s office. Her name was Grace Davis, and I don’t know how to describe her in any other way besides a blonde wallflower. While I awkwardly spoke with my counselor to retrieve my schedule, I remember seeing Grace lingering at the front desk and exchanging pleasantries with the office attendant. We then bumped into each other as we were leaving the office, and I was quick to introduce myself. Despite her meekness, Grace was kind and welcoming to me, and I clung to her immediately.
When our lunch period came around that day, Grace then introduced me to her two best friends: Antessa and Perry. Both of them were stunning, and I remember wondering why they were stuck in this town, rather, why they weren’t out in Hollywood posing for paparazzi and dating teen heartthrobs. After that initial introduction, I was able to find my place within that friend group. I felt safe with them, but it was with these three girls that I became aware of the horrible secrets that Loggers Creek held.
It had been about three weeks into my time at the high school when I first experienced anything of an uneasy nature. School was almost out for the summer, and those mid-June days made for an immense amount of stiflingly hot and humid weather. This, paired with the lack of air conditioning in the building, resulted in an uncomfortably tense atmosphere and handfuls of sweaty, short-tempered teenagers. On one of these unbearably hot days, I was sitting in the cafeteria with Perry and a few other girls while waiting for Grace and Antessa to meet us for lunch. I didn’t know the other girls very well, so I mostly just sat and listened while Perry engaged with them. They seemed to be having a relatively normal conversation, talking about their upcoming summer plans and whatnot, but the mood almost immediately shifted when one of the girls reached into her backpack and pulled out a crumpled sheet of pink construction paper.
I couldn’t see exactly what was on it, but with the way Perry reacted, I knew it must have been something of significance. I don’t remember exactly what Perry said, but she began scolding the girl for bringing the paper to school. It caught me off-guard, to be honest, as the mood of the table had shifted so rapidly. The paper didn’t remain in my sights for long, however, as Perry was quick to snatch it from the girl’s hands and shove it into her own backpack. If I wasn’t as shy as I had been, I probably would have questioned it right then and there, but I remember feeling too anxious to speak up around these girls that I barely knew. When they ended up leaving, however, I did take a moment to inquire about that crumpled sheet of pink construction paper that now rested at the bottom of Perry’s backpack.
Perry was originally very hesitant to tell me, and she shut me down almost immediately by stating that it was just a childish game. I was surprisingly persistent, however, and it didn’t take long for Perry to remove the paper from her backpack and flatten it out on the table. It was a list of sorts, written in a variety of clumsy prints. The top of the list read: “School Girl Crushes,” and it was written in big, blocky letters. As I scanned the list, I noticed that it was filled with the names of many boys, some of which I knew and some of which I didn’t. Next to each boy’s name was a timeline date (e.g. June 1994 - August 1994), a girl’s name, and then the occasional, sloppily drawn heart. After I had completely read through the list, I was confused as to why Perry and the other girl had made such a big deal about it. After all, it just seemed like a harmless list.
Perry began telling me that it was a list used by all the high school girls in the town to identify who had a crush on who, therefore identifying which high school boys were technically “off-limits.” The dates represented the time at which the crush had developed, and when a girl felt that she had gotten over a certain boy, she would add an end date. When not in use, the list was hidden between two specific books at the old town library. This didn’t seem terribly odd to me, given that this was an incredibly small town and barely anyone had a cell phone to keep track of these sorts of things, but Perry assured me that it had gotten out of hand. The keeping of the list had been going alright, and girls were respecting the written rules for the most part, but in the year previous, the list seemingly began to influence a series of tragic events.
Since the list’s creation, it had been stolen from the old town library on three separate occasions. Each time the list was stolen, it would be returned to its place within a week or so, but a boy’s name would be newly etched out or scribbled over. This alteration would be to a different boy’s name on each occasion, and Perry demonstrated this by gesturing to three spots on the list that had clearly been modified by patches and bleeds of black ink. As she pointed to each spot she would say a name, presumably that of the boy who had been “scribbled over.” At this point, I was beginning to get creeped out, but I still couldn’t find anything within her story that warranted her previous reaction. It seemed like everything she was telling me could just be a simple prank, or at the most, a game of harmless, high school jealousy. I told Perry this flat-out, and she got very angry with me. She told me that if I wasn’t going to take this seriously, I should just drop the whole thing. Looking back, I should have just dropped it, but I was too curious of a kid to pass up anything more she would have to say. After assuring her that I would take things seriously, Perry continued.
Perry told me that a few days after the list was stolen and returned for the first time, the boy whose name had been scribbled over was discovered dead in his bedroom. Injection marks were found lining his neck and arms, leading the police operation to immediately rule his death as an accidental drug overdose, despite not conducting any medical tests. This was just another example of the people in Loggers Creek not caring. The mentality within the federal department was basically: Why investigate any further when an easy solution was dropped into our laps? The boy was never given an autopsy, and the family willingly accepted their son’s “secret drug addiction” as his apparent demise. Four months later, the list was stolen and returned again, this time with a different boy’s name scribbled out. A week and a half later, he was discovered dead in his bedroom, just as the first boy had. Again, the police operation ruled his death as an accidental drug overdose without conducting any medical tests, identifying similar injection marks scattered across his upper body. Instead of possibly digging deeper into the two mysterious deaths that occurred within months of each other, the federal department opted to invest in a few more anti-drug posters for the town’s convenience store and lunch diner.
“They are still investigating the third one,” Perry said, pointing at the last scribbled out name on the list. “It is not like they are going to do anything about it, though.”
Perry then finished her story with a slight sigh, slowly bringing the list to her chest.
“We’ve been keeping it at each other’s houses now,” she whispered. “That way, we know it won’t get into the wrong hands.”
I was shocked. In those few moments that it took for those stories to sink in, I could feel my stomach knotting, and I almost immediately felt unsettled. Sure, this town had always creeped me out with it’s hinterland-esk, remote feel, but this added a whole new level of eeriness to Loggers Creek. Perry could obviously sense my unease, so she quickly crumpled the list into her hands. She told me that there wasn’t much more that she wanted to say about this whole situation, and maybe it was just some sick coincidence. I remember nodding my head, but still not saying anything. We sat in silence for a few minutes, occasionally glancing up at each other and then at the crumpled list that still remained in Perry’s hands. This cycle was broken, however, when Antessa and Grace joined us at the table.
Perry’s head immediately snapped up in response to their arrival, and I watched as her eyes widened. Perry then hastily crumpled the list up into an even smaller ball and shoved it into the depths of her backpack. The speed at which she did this was alarming, and Antessa and Grace seemed to notice. I don’t remember exactly what was said next, but Antessa was relentless in finding out what Perry was hiding. The confrontation ended with Antessa forcefully grabbing Perry’s backpack from her arms and rummaging around until she found what she was looking for. When that crumpled sheet of pink construction paper finally emerged from Perry’s backpack, both Antessa and Grace turned dangerously pale.
Antessa’s breath hitched, and she looked up at Perry in disbelief. She then let out a string of curses before slamming the backpack and the list down on the table and storming off. A few of the students in the cafeteria had noticed the commotion at this point, and they were shooting confused looks to their friends. I was definitely embarrassed to be at the center of this situation, but that feeling was quickly overridden by the concern I felt for Antessa. I even considered going after her, but with the way that my friends were reacting, I decided against it.
Grace was standing motionless at my side, gripping her lunch tray to the point of her knuckles turning white. Perry was motionless too, solemnly staring in the direction in which Antessa took off. When Grace finally glanced down towards me, her eyes were glassy and apologetic. She offered me a forced smile as she set her tray down, slowly lowering herself onto the seat next to me. Perry wouldn’t even look at her; her eyes were still trained on the cafeteria’s doorway. The remaining 20 minutes of our lunch period dragged on, filled with absent-minded small talk between Grace and I and total silence from Perry. And when the bell rang, Perry didn’t even acknowledge us; she just stood up, tray in hand, and stormed away.
I think the situation was made worse by the fact that I didn’t understand anything. I had no idea what was going on and not even the slightest hint as to why this tension was building among my friends. Because of this, I couldn’t do anything to help. For the rest of the day, I just sat in my classrooms, aimlessly staring out the windows and praying to God that I would still have a group of friends by the next day. This fear of being abandoned by my only friends in that town was terrifying, but there was nothing I could do except wait and hope that everything would cool down.
The next morning, I came to school just as anxious as I had been the day before. Thankfully, Grace was in her usual spot, quietly sitting beside my locker as she waited for me to arrive. I remember nudging her with my foot and watching as her eyes snapped up to mine, almost as if I had scared her half to death. She quickly picked herself up off the floor and tugged at my arm, pulling me out of the hallway traffic.
“I’m sorry about what happened yesterday,” she said. “I know you must be confused, and I am sorry that I didn’t say anything about it.”
I nodded my head but still held my breath, as I was only slightly less uncomfortable than I was the day before.
“Do you want to have a sleepover tonight?” Grace asked gingerly.
I stared at her for a moment, not knowing what to say. Of course, I wanted to go over to Grace’s house, but I couldn’t help but think that she was only inviting me over out of pity, or maybe the other girls would be over too, and Grace just wanted me to be a mediator between them. Before I could say anything, Grace sighed heavily and dropped her sight line to the floor.
“You don’t have to worry, it will be just you and me. And I just feel really bad about yesterday, so if you want to talk stuff over and…”
She trailed off and glanced back towards me, a pained expression on her face. I quickly nodded my head, trying to push my discomfort away.
“That would be great.”
I don’t remember exactly what Grace said next, but she seemed relieved that I had agreed to come over. Despite the situation, I was relieved too. Grace was becoming my best friend, and I couldn’t help but be excited to spend an evening with her. After ringing my mom on Grace’s Motorola StarTAC and confirming that I could stay the night, Grace and I went off to our first class.
The rest of the day went by slowly, just as the day before had. Our lunch period was more tense than usual, but Antessa had shown up and didn’t seem to be too distressed. Perry was almost her usual self too, occasionally cracking jokes and spitting out sarcastic comments. I did catch her glancing at Antessa every so often, however, and I couldn’t help but notice the apologetic look embedded within her eyes. Still, nothing was mentioned of the day before, and everything was strangely normal. Grace shot me a few apprehensive looks every now and then, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I brushed it off as a relatively resolved conflict, but deep down, I knew that wasn’t true.
After we finished our classes for the day, Grace and I met in front of my locker. I piled a few more books into my backpack, and then we began the 10-minute journey along Main Street to get to Grace’s house. Grace lived in one of the nicer houses in Loggers Creek: one of those large creek-front properties with a wrap-around veranda and a crisp paint job. It wasn’t fancy by any means (nothing in Loggers Creek was), but her family was relatively wealthy, and a house on the creek was the best you could get. I remember walking into Grace’s house and immediately being greeted by her mother. Mrs. Davis pulled me into a hug and asked if I was staying for dinner, in which Grace informed her that I would be staying the night as well. Although she initially scolded Grace for asking a friend to stay over on a school night, Mrs. Davis told me she was happy to have me, and that dinner would be ready in half an hour. I thanked her, and Grace dragged me up the staircase to her bedroom.
Once we got upstairs, I sat cross-legged on Grace’s bed and watched as she began to wipe her makeup off with a damp washcloth. Grace sat down next to me as she did so, shuddering slightly as she scrubbed roughly at her cheeks. After a few moments, she sighed, tossing the washcloth onto her bedside table.
“So,” she said, “where do you want to start?”
I shrugged my shoulders, not having the slightest idea of where to begin. And maybe it was just the nerves I was experiencing at that moment or the horrible anticipation of what Grace wanted to tell me, but I couldn’t stop myself from blurting:
“Look, I already know about the dead guys, if that is what you invited me over to talk about…”
Grace was silent, seemingly shocked by my crude comment. For a moment, I thought that she might not even know about what Perry had told me, but when Grace cleared her throat, I knew I was wrong.
“How much do you know?”
I stuttered slightly, clutching my hands together and trying to recall the conversation I had with Perry the day before.
“Well, Perry talked to me about it at lunch yesterday… Uh, because one of the girls had the ‘School Girl Crushes’ list-”
“What girl?” Grace interjected, leaning towards me with an urgency that I had never seen before from her.
“Uh, I don’t know,” I stammered uncomfortably. “Just one of the brunettes that plays volleyball. I don’t know her name.”
Grace let out a heavy breath, seemingly relieved at my description. She then leaned back on her headboard and crossed her legs just like mine. “Alright, continue.”
“Uh, Perry had that list, and she told me about how it had been stolen and that those three boys died-”
“It was two,” Grace said, pursing her lips. “Only two died.”
I stared at her for a moment. “I thought it was three who-”
“There have been three victims so far. Only two died.”
I nodded my head slowly, unsure if I should continue due to the rate at which Grace had been interrupting me.
“That’s all I’ve been told,” I finally mustered.
Grace huffed and blinked her eyes away from me, almost as if my lack of knowledge on the subject was her biggest burden. This was the first time that I had seen her wallflower persona begin to melt away, which scared me to no end. I remember thinking about how serious this situation must be if Grace was taking her soft-spoken mannerisms, the attributes that I considered to be the biggest parts of her identity, and casting them aside.
“That third boy…” Grace mumbled, fidgeting with her duvet spread. “His name is Dylan, and he’s been in a coma for a few months. Drug-related apparently, but I can’t believe that anyone is dumb enough to not piece it together with the other deaths.”
She continued to mess with her duvet spread, picking at the loose threads that lined its seam.
“He lives next door. And Antessa had this huge crush on him before he… you know. That’s the main reason why she reacted the way she did when she saw the list. She also had relationships with the other two before they passed, so now she feels like a danger to the world and that if she loves someone, they will just get hurt… ”
Grace’s bottom lip began to quiver, and I saw her bite the inside of her cheek in attempts to stay calm. This lasted for a few moments until she brought her misty eyes up to meet mine.
“Oh God, please don’t tell her I said that,” She sniffled, wiping her nose on her sleeve.
“I won’t,” I whispered, trying to cope with the horrified feeling that was now settling over me.
Grace was obviously embarrassed that she had let herself become so vulnerable in front of me, so she quickly reached for the tissue box on her bedside table to dry her eyes. After a few seconds of composing herself, Grace balled the tissues into her hands and continued.
“Um, but the worst part is, we have no idea who is doing this. And maybe we are just crazy to think that someone is sneaking around town and hurting people, but when two boys who have never done drugs die of overdoses… I don’t know, I just… That doesn’t sit right with me.”
She was seemingly working herself up again, and I watched as Grace squeezed her hands around her tissues to the point of her knuckles turning white, just as they had the day before when she was gripping her lunch tray.
“Yeah, I get it. That doesn’t make sense.”
“I just think it has to be some sicko, you know? And with the list disappearing and being returned like that… God, it must be one of the girls that I know! One of the girls that knows about the list, I guess. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that the list was stolen, vandalized, and returned at the same time as the deaths,” Grace scoffed bitterly, tossing the crumpled tissues onto her bedside table. “Perry and I have started calling the killer ‘Shadow Girl.’ We figured it has to be one of those freakish girls who deals drugs in the shadows of the courtyard, so it seemed fitting enough.”
Before Grace could say anything more, Mrs. Davis called to us that dinner was ready. I remember being seated between Grace and Melissa, Grace’s older sister. She looked almost exactly like Grace, except slightly more put together. This was my first time actually meeting her, as Melissa was already in college and living her “big city” dreams by the time I had moved to Loggers Creek. In fact, the whole conversation at dinner was regarding Melissa’s accomplishments and her fancy scholarship to an elite fashion institute in New York City. It was quite off-putting actually, as I had just spent the previous half-hour discussing murders within the town, and now everything was immediately all sugar and sweet tea.
Mr. Davis, who had just arrived home from his shift as a Loggers Creek police officer, was thrilled to discuss Melissa’s success with his wife, daughters, and the new girl in town, but Grace didn’t seem too impressed. I caught her rolling her eyes on multiple occasions, obviously feeling overshadowed and inferior in comparison to her sister. I offered her weak smiles every now and again, but Grace still seemed unsettled. As soon as our plates were cleared, Grace dragged me back upstairs at record speed.
Once we got back to her room, Grace muttered about how she couldn’t stand Melissa and about the many instances in which her mother had favored her sister. I was happy to listen, as I also felt overshadowed by my brother at times. It was odd though, as for the rest of the evening, Grace didn’t mention anything about the list, or “Shadow Girl,” or the boys. I mean, I wasn’t going to bring it up because I certainly didn’t want to have any more nightmares than I was already destined to have, but I guess I just expected the discussion to continue once we were alone again. But it didn’t, and the rest of the sleepover was relatively unmemorable; I assume we watched a few movies, ate snacks, and then went to bed at a decent hour. It was almost as if our previous conversation had never happened, the only indication of its existence being the crumpled tissues that Grace had yet to sweep from her bedside table into the bin. Regardless, I was satisfied. I thought that I now knew everything that there was to know on the topic. Of course, I was wrong, but I didn’t know that yet.
To be honest, nothing pertaining to the list, or “Shadow Girl,” or the boys really happened in the few weeks that followed our sleepover. There was the occasional comment from Grace every now and then, but it seemed as if the dust had settled, and everything was going back to the way it had been before. I hadn’t even seen the list since Perry showed it to me, so I just assumed that it too was tucked away, never to reemerge. Honestly, I almost forgot about it, as I had other “important” things to be caught up in, such as my essays and final exams.
Then school ended, and I went back to being bored out of my mind most days. I did, however, see the girls every once in a while, mainly when we would meet for a game of volleyball at the local courts or take Perry’s car out to a neighboring town with a drive-in theater. It wasn’t until mid-July, however, when the whole mess would be brought up again, and I would become dangerously involved.
As the reader, you must be incredibly skeptical and confused as to why I decided to make a post about this. I can just imagine that you’re thinking: So what? Two boys died in a small town before you lived there. You didn’t even know them! How could it have affected you that much? I wish I could say that you were right, and that I am just being dramatic and making something out of nothing. I promise you, though, that is not the case.
I realize that this post has gotten a little lengthy, and I apologize for that, but every time I finish typing a paragraph, a new memory surfaces in my mind. I also realize that this post is turning into a poorly organized memoir about my high school years, but I just can’t bring myself to edit anything out. It’s like when you are writing a passage in your diary. Even though you might be writing about a horrible, traumatic event, you can’t bear the idea of not getting every last detail of the story out onto paper. You need to get it out of your system, and you need to have it staring you straight in the face in order to truly analyze the subject matter. It might be hard to relive it, but you are just itching to tell someone, even if that someone is the flimsy journal that you have kept on your bedside table since grade school.
This seems like a good place to end this post, but I assure you, I’m not finished. I don’t know when I will post next, but hopefully, it will be soon. I just need to take some more time to translate my thoughts into words. Thank you.
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2019.06.27 14:20 BrighterFutures_SH In the history of Brighter Futures Suicide Hotline, there have three active police investigations. I suspect there is about to be a fourth.

The following was received by anonymous post. Herein is a post in the journal of Sergeant Marlin Malavioch.
The raindrops move up the windshield of our unmarked police car as we speed through Salem, Oregon.
It’s nearly summer, but a cold blast has brought rain and temperatures back into the 50s.
Grace is driving. I can see she has a question on her mind. I imagine it’s about my behavior, about our current arrangement.
“What was that?” she asks.
“In the store just now. You got a little angry; I thought you had that under control.”
“I was fine.”
“Fine?” she says, taking a little too much time off the road to look at me.
“Yea, fine. Look I yelled a bit, but I got the clerk’s help, didn’t I?”
Grace moves her focus back to driving, but she can’t drop the issue: “They still making you do the journaling, the writing thing?”
“Yea,” I say. “They’re still making me do it.”
“What’s the deal? When do you get to stop?”
“When Internal Affairs tells me I can stop. In the meantime every night I have to write down my whole day, everything that happened to the best of my memory, and just as how I experienced it.”
“Jeeze, I don’t know how you can keep that up.”
“Well it’s a lot of writing, but it’s better than wearing a body cam every day.”
“Yea, I suppose that wouldn’t be very dignified for a sergeant when no one else has to.”
“No. No, it wouldn’t.”
There’s silence as we drive to the old electronics store -- our next lead for tracking down an old piece of ‘80s tech -- a Star Storage Systems computer.
The rain is starting to clear up as Grace finds the right strip mall and pulls into a parking space.
I’m about to get out of the car when Grace puts her hand on top of mine.
“Wait,” she says. “We need to talk.”
“About what?”
“About this… this hunt for this fucking piece of hardware we’ve been on for a week. What the fuck are we doing?”
I sigh. “I told you. It’s about that…”
“I know, I know, Brighter Futures. I was there Marlin, remember? Some time ago when you interviewed Bernard Walker?”
“Right, so you know there’s something strange going on at Brighter Futures.”
“No, Marlin, I don’t know that. For a long time you didn’t mention Brighter Futures Suicide Hotline, and then five months ago you beat up some punk. Now Internal Affairs has you writing down everything we do together now, and then we’re hunting down some old computer hardware in the rain that I’ve never even heard of before. Do you see I’m a bit fucking confused about how we got here?”
I release my hand from the car door handle and relax my back into the seat.
“You’re right,” I say. “You have been helping me, doing this extra work and only going off my mentioning Brighter Futures Suicide Hotline to get you invested.”
“So are you going to tell me why a case that bothered me for such a long time only now has your attention, and why the hell we’re on the hunt for Star Storage Systems computer?”
I look at Grace, trying to find where to start. “The guy I beat up a few months ago -- the punk -- the reason I have to do the journaling for Internal Affairs – I never told you what happened, did I?”
“No, you never did.”
“I beat him up over a fake police report.”
“It was this guy, Jason. He’s in his mid-twenties, maybe. He called me five months ago about a missing person’s case, Daniel Albright.”
“I’m usually pretty good on the missing person’s list – that one that does not ring a bell.”
“That’s because he’s not a missing person. He died in 2009, at Brighter Futures Suicide Hotline right here in Salem.”
“So you beat this Jason guy up cause he was trying to report a missing person’s case for someone who’s actually dead?”
“No,” I say. “I beat him within an inch of his life because he said my daughter was going to die.”
“Oh, I…”
“He didn’t tell me why Sarah was going to die, didn’t tell me how he knew Sarah. He just said I should take away her phone or else her death was certain.”
“So I hit him, tried to get him to tell me how he knew Sarah, what he was getting at and if he was playing games. He wouldn’t talk about it, just kept going into detail of what would happen to Sarah, how she would fall from a building, land on a six-year-old boy and kill him too…”
“I’m sorry,” says Grace, an air taken out of her voice like she wished she never asked.
“You know that Sarah did die just a few weeks after that. Died in just the same way Jason had described, even killing that six-year-old kid on her way to the pavement. So, last week I went back to Jason, to find him, and to ask him how he knew what would happen to Sarah. He couldn’t tell me much, just said he was sorry that she died. Even after I beat him up, he said he was sorry. But then he went on, said there’s more to Brighter Futures than just Daniel Albright, than Sarah – said they might be up to much worse. But he gave me something too Grace, he gave me this.”
I pull out of my pocket the possession I’ve kept close to my heart for a week, a storage tape labeled “Star Storage Systems.”
“Jason told me he was a temp at Brighter Futures,” I continue, “but they moved him down to the archives. He says he got in touch with somebody who used to work there, a Morgan Lee. Jason says if we can find a machine to read this tape, then there’s missing person cases, missing children – all types of crime Brighter Futures is involved in, and can be proven.”
The whole tale sinks into Grace, but on one part she focuses: “Missing children?”
“Yes,” I respond. “Jason told me Brighter Futures has stolen a child, maybe more than one.”
“Murder, kidnappings, child abduction. How can we not have looked at Brighter Futures more thoroughly before?”
“We tried,” I respond, “but we’ve never had the right evidence. Grace, this tape might be it. That’s why we need to find a Star Storage Systems machine. That’s why we’ve been hunting in these old electronics stores. I can’t even find any evidence they exist, but Jason says if we can get our hands on a Star Storage Systems computer then we can blow this whole case open.”
Grace reaches for her door handle and I hear the car door pop.
“Where are you going?” I ask.
“It sounds like we need this fucking computer.”
The inside of the store is dark. Old machines and computers are stacked in rows with seemingly no organization to the piles.
The shafts of light that beam down from a few shoddy lights above are filled with the floating strings of dust from a store that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since before it first opened.
I walk to the counter, Grace closely following me, but there is no sales clerk, no one in the store at all.
I see a small bell on the counter and ring it. From a backroom I hear a muffled voice. A second later I see an old Asian man in glasses come around the counter.
“Sorry, I was fixing something back there,” the old man says. “What do you want?”
“I’m looking for an old machine -- a Star Storage Systems computer. Do you have one?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, last one just sold.”
“What!?” I snap. “Listen you better…”
Grace tugs as my jacket and I realize I’m making this store a repeat of the last.
I’m not as calm as I used to be when Sarah was still alive. I turn from the old man, knowing no good will come from me yelling at him for not having something in stock. I walk right past Grace and exit the store.
Outside, I’m standing alone, smoking a cigarette and trying to discern if this actually makes me feel more relaxed.
It’s only been a few minutes but Grace is still in the store. I think maybe she’s trying to smooth things over with the old man, but I figure I couldn’t have been too rude to him.
Lost in thought and pulling hard on the cigarette, the door to the electronics shop swings open and bangs against the heel of my left foot.
“OK,” says Grace, standing at the door.
“OK, what?” I ask.
“OK, we can use the machine.”
I walk back inside and to the counter where the old man has placed a Star Storage Systems computer and is currently looking for an outlet.
“I’ll be right back. I’ll go get a CRT so you can actually use this thing,” says the old man.
In silence, Grace has a smug look on her face.
“So, did you just ask him if you can use the machine?”
“Yup,” she responds. “See, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.”
I smirk and nod my head. “Duly noted.”
The old man returns with an old tube television and plops it on the counter. He finishes up the last of the wires and turns to Grace, “I’ll be in the back. Let me know if you need anything.”
He says another line in a language I can’t understand. Grace responds quickly in the same tongue and gives a smile before he walks into the back.
“Just asked, huh?” I say to Grace.
“I did just ask… I just asked in Korean, and told him it was for me.”
“Right,” I say, inserting the tape from Jason into the machine.
“Use the tools at your disposal,” says Grace. “So what’s on the tape?”
“I’m looking,” I say, scanning the file structure of this piece of antiquity. “It looks like there’s dates, several of them, and then they also structure some files by names.”
“Who do you see?”
“’A… Albright, Danny.’ All right, this is who Jason mentioned. He said another worker at Brighter Futures says Danny is still alive. Let’s see if they have any record of him…”
I hit return on the keyboard on Danny Albright’s name and list of files comes up, sorted by dates. I curse over to ‘06/06/06.’
“Jesus Christ,” I say. “Grace, how is this possible?”
Grace peers over my shoulder. “Is that… is that from our department?”
“Yes,” I respond. “It’s internal police reports – it’s everything.”
The report details that in 2006 Danny Albright was hospitalized after convulsing violently at work at Brighter Futures. The report makes note of several changes in Daniel Albright leading up the hospitalization as noted by coworkers at the time.
It says that After Daniel received a phone call at that desk that morning, that he started to get sick with chills and other flu like symptoms. It says that by the early afternoon Danny was unable to work at his desk, and that soon after he started having muscle spasms, which quickly turned into full on violent convulsing.
“What is that?” Grace asks.
I look at the line she’s pointing to. It says Daniel had to be removed from the office because his convulsions got so bad, and that it was determined EMS had to move him because it was unsafe for anyone else to do so. It also says other employees told medical personnel on the scene that Danny was speaking Latin as he was removed from the office. Lastly, it has a follow up of interviews at Brighter Futures. From employee accounts in the report, it seems Daniel Albright’s personality was never the same after 2006.
“There’s another record a little bit later,” says Grace. “What about that one?”
I curse over and hit return on ‘12/09/09’ under the Danny Albright archive.
Scanning the screen and looking at the report, I can see Danny Albright is no missing person, or if he’s been reported missing, it’s clearly a mistake.
The internal report reads that on December 9th, 2009, Danny Albright committed suicide at the Brighter Futures officers in Salem. It says that with there being a witness to nearly the whole event, no foul play was suspected. The report also makes direct reference to Daniel’s 2006 hospitalization, with medical personnel citing interviews with employees at Brighter Futures as that being the mark of his downward trajectory and state of mental health.
“Jesus,” Grace says again, scanning the screen further down than I am. “Look at how he died.”
The report includes an interview from the janitor at Brighter Futures, Lyle. Although Lyle gives a detailed account of what happened, the actions of Danny Albright just don’t make any sense.
Lyle claims that he found Daniel in the bathroom, just looking vacantly into the mirror, like he was looking for himself in the reflection. Lyle then describes the violent action Daniel would take, smashing the mirror with his fists, reaching for the largest and sharpest pieces of glass, and going to work on his body like hogs to a trough.
Lyle describes cut after cut, deep and fierce enough that cartilage and fat from Daniel’s arms poured onto the floor of the bathroom.
“Then he began to write out a message on the tile, slowly with his own blood,” reads Lyle’s statement from the report.
“You’re next,” the message apparently read before Daniel fell unconscious on the floor -- the report making note he died soon after.
Suicides are always violent. I often think about what it took for Sarah to make that jump that killed her. But this -- this is different. People don’t hurt themselves like this – this just isn’t a normal suicide. This is someone that desperately wanted to die in that instant, in that room.
“Fucking Christ,” I say, finishing the text on Daniel. “I don’t know how they got our files, but what the hell else is on here?”
“Is there anything on Sarah?” asks Grace.
I look through directory after directory, ignoring my search for other pressing matters of possibly missing children on the hope that I might learn a little more about mine.
“No,” I say, “nothing…”
Grace moves slightly closer to me, putting her hand on my back. “Come on. There’s one other thing that guy Jason wanted you to look at – the children.”
I move the cursor over with decidedly less fever to a directory labeled ‘adoptions’.
I’m thinking about Sarah, about what I could’ve possibly hoped to find on this stupid computer, but now something is staring me back. It’s not about my kid, but about someone else’s.
“Tell me Grace, how does a suicide hotline adopt a child?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think they can.”
“Yea, well tell that to Damien, born September 9th, 1999.”
“Is that file also from our department.”
“It is,” I say. “It’s the report for the kid filed in 1999. Something tells me that adoption was not completely above board.”
“I’ll fucking say…”
“Nothing about this is right, Grace. They shouldn’t have our internal police files. They shouldn’t have information like this. For fuck’s sake they shouldn’t be storing this type of info on computers 40 years old. This whole thing fucking stinks.”
“Come on,” Grace says, taking a photo of the CRT screen with her phone. “I took pictures of everything. Let’s get going.”
“You’re not concerned about the missing person, or hotline that apparently adopts children?”
“Well, I was, but that missing person is dead, and any child a suicide hotline adopted in 1999 certainly isn’t a child anymore. We’re not done, but I think this is a dead end here. Come on, I’ll go get the store owner and then I’ll meet you in front.”
Grace walks to the back of the store as I gather the Star Storage tape and walk towards the front.
Waiting for her outside, I pull out my phone and dial a number I never thought I’d call.
“We need to meet,” I say.
“Who’s that?” Grace asks, coming out of the store.
I receive my answer on the phone and quickly hang up.
“It’s no one. It’s a private thing,” I say.
“Alright, well let’s head back. You want to drive, drop me off?”
We walk back to the car. I get in the driver’s seat and drive Grace home, knowing I have one more stop before the day’s end.
I know I need to talk to him. I know I called him. But something about seeing Jason’s face again and knowing he knows what happened to Sarah, I just want to grab him and find out everything.
“Thanks for meeting me,” I say.
“You’re not going to beat me up this time, I hope,” responds Jason.
“That was months ago. Last week when we met I believe I was civil. I wanted to talk to you because I found a Star Storage computer, and read what’s on that tape.”
“And did you find him. Did you find out what happened to Danny Albright? What about the kid?”
“Danny Albright is dead. Died a while ago. That kid that you say Brighter Futures tried to adopt. Kid’s name is Damien, but Jason, that happened so long ago that he’s not a kid anymore. That kid was born in 1999.”
Jason has no response. He’s just looking at me, and to the ground.
“But you know why I came here Jason,” I continue. “I found out what’s on that drive. I looked at Daniel Albright, this adoption you spoke about. You know what I came for. I want you to tell me how you knew about Sarah.”
“I can’t,” Jason says. “I still work there. I mean I’m in achieves, but they can still get to me.”
I move closer to him, putting my hands on his shoulders.
“Jason,” I say. “I don’t think you understand. I don’t give a shit about Daniel Albright, about this missing kid Damien. I care about my daughter, and you’re going to tell me what happened to her.”
“Wait!” he yells, as I push my fingertips into his shoulder blades and lift him slightly off the ground.
“No waiting. What happened to her?”
“OK! OK! Just let me down!”
I release my hands and Jason falls to the ground.
“I heard her, OK.”
“Heard what? Heard who?”
“Heard your daughter, Sarah. I heard her have conversations with an employee at Brighter Futures. That’s how I knew she was going to die.”
“Are you trying to tell me that in addition to adopting kids and having suicidal employees, they convince people that call in to die?”
“Yes, yes, well, sort of. But the calls with your daughter – I just knew that was what was going to happen.”
“How?” I ask, angrily.
“Because I heard the ones that didn’t happen yet.”
I make sure I’m processing Jason’s words correctly, but I’m confused, and he can see it on my face.
“Your daughter. I heard the phone calls that would take place right before her death. I don’t know why I had access. They just played through the phone at my desk. I knew when I was listening to them that they hadn’t happened yet. And then five months back when I was calling the police about Daniel and the missing kid, and then I realized that she was the daughter of the sergeant I was talking to – I just had to tell you.”
“Impossible,” I say. “A phone call from the future – that doesn’t make any sense.”
“They have power, real power sergeant. They have power here in our world, but their true power I don’t think we can really understand. I heard the phone calls before happened. I swear I did.”
Jason’s response isn’t satisfactory. I don’t accept that Brighter Futures has access to phone logs before they happen.
“Are you walking away? Where are you going?” Jason asks.
“I’m leaving, Jason. Phone calls from the future don’t happen. I thought if I helped you with the Star Storage tape that maybe you could help me, but clearly that’s not the case. Now if you don’t mind, I have to go write down the day’s events because Internal Affairs is still up my ass for what I did to you a few months ago.”
“Write this down? You’re going to tell someone you’ve been talking to me, that I gave you the Star Storage tape?”
“Only people who read these reports are Internal Affairs. You’ll be fine.”
“No!” he screams, going after me and grabbing my wrist. “You can’t write this down – you can’t! They’ll relocate Damien. They’ll scrap the files in the basement. You can’t tell anyone what you’ve found.”
“Kid, believe me. I don’t know how Brighter Futures got access to internal police reports on missing persons and suicides – you got me there. But Internal Affairs is a different beast. You’re not going to be reading this anywhere. The only people who are, are Salem police officers.”
“Wait,” he says, pulling at my wrist once more. “If you’re going to write this down, just…”
“What!?” I ask, frustratedly.
“You said Damien was born on September 9th, 1999?”
“Yea, the kid Brighter Futures adopted probably – that’s the listed birthday.”
“I think that’s Ryan’s boyfriend.”
“What?” I say, confused. “Who the hell is Ryan?”
“Oh sergeant Marlin. If I’m right about where all this information ends up, that’s not at all for you to understand.”
“Forget it then,” I say. “I’m sure whoever at Internal Affairs are reading these journals will be very interested.”
“Sarcasm won’t keep your journals under lock and key, sergeant.”
“No, it won’t,” I say. “But it’s helpful for dismissing the idea my journals will end up outside the Salem police department.”
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2018.04.04 23:35 shawnee_ The LIST, programatically curated from the Interwebs just for you! Metro Happenings Thursday April 05 - Sunday April 08

Thursday, Apr 05

Friday, Apr 06

Saturday, Apr 07

Sunday, Apr 08

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2018.03.02 01:07 synapticrelease [Official] - Rule and FAQ Update!

New year new rules and FAQ section!
At least that was the plan! Finally, after much teasing, we are finally ready to roll out with a new and improved ruleset and FAQ guide. Actually, for the most part, the rules are mostly the same and the FAQ has been updated with additional updated information. This will be a thread where you can ask questions and suggest some feedback for us.
However, they are much more clarified and hopefully easier to understand. That was the main intention with this iteration of the new rule and FAQ set.
This was a group effort by everyone (including your feedback) and we hope that this will be the best iteration of the rules to date. There may be minor changes typos, grammar, formatting, and maybe some clarification if this thread points something out. The old rules are still in our rule section for now but it gives you something to compare to in this thread.
Though, we do expect a few tomatoes to be thrown our way
Official Portland Rules and FAQ

What are the rules for posting and commenting in /Portland?

0) The Golden Rule - All submissions should be relevant to Portland or the greater Portland area. Topics of interest about Oregon or national stories with a local connection may be allowed at moderator discretion. Off-topic submissions will be removed.
1) Trolling and Harassment - Be excellent to each other. Don't troll, threaten or otherwise be a nuisance. Endeavor to follow reddiquette in all things - make sure to read this and the Reddit content policy before posting anything.
1.1) Name-calling - Extreme or blatant use of racist, misogynist/misandrist, or homophobic language is strictly not allowed. Usage of slurs is also prohibited.
1.2) Doxing - Posting any personally identifying information about a Reddit user or resident of Portland for the purposes of shaming, witch hunting, or seeking legal action is strictly not allowed. This includes social media of all types (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). Information regarding notable figures such as politicians and celebrities will be judged for appropriateness on a case by case basis. For example, we would likely remove the personal address of a city commissioner but not a link to a verified Twitter profile.
1.3) Creepshots - Pictures or video of unsuspecting parties may be removed.
1.4) Harassment - Harassment or stalking an /Portland user is strictly not allowed. This can include following users onto subreddits other than /Portland and /AskPortland.
1.5) Violence - Do not post content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people; likewise, do not post content that glorifies or encourages the abuse of animals. Please refer to Reddit's site-wide policy on the topic. Joking or sarcastic comments about violence may be removed and treated as an actual call for violence.
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I'm visiting your city, what is there to do?

FIRST: read the Visitor's Guide at /AskPortland. It is updated frequently and discussion/questions are encouraged.
The greater Portland area has lots of things to see and do, from museums to a wonderful zoo to numerous parks, restaurants, coffeehouses and microbreweries. Here are a few of our local highlights:
  • The Oregon Zoo - Located in Washington Park just off Highway 26 west of downtown, the Oregon Zoo was founded in 1888, making it the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi. Home to 2,200 animals from more than 260 species, the zoo is probably most famous for its herd of five Asian elephants in their new Elephant Lands exhibit. Hours vary by season, usually around 9-10am until 4-6pm. Admission during peak season (Mar.-Sept.) is $14.95 adults / $9.95 kids (ages 3-11), during off-peak season (Oct.-Feb) is $9.95 adults / $4.95 kids, and toddlers are always free. It’s recommended that you take the MAX light rail Red Line or Blue Lines to get there, as you won't have to pay for parking (which can run up to $6), and you'll get $1.50 off your admission. The MAX stop for the Zoo is Washington Park Station -- at 260 feet below the surface it’s the deepest transit station in North America! Plan on your stay being more than just a quick jaunt, as the zoo is quite extensive. In addition to seeing the many animals, you can also ride the Washington Park and Zoo Railway, a ⅝ scale narrow-gauge railway with classic trains that roll around the zoo and out to the Rose Test Gardens. The cost to ride the train is $4.00. During the summer you can stake out a spot on the lawn for the [Oregon Zoo Summer Concert Series](www.zooconcerts.com), and more during the holiday season more than a million LEDs light up the zoo each holiday season for ZooLights. For more information go to www.oregonzoo.org
  • The International Rose Test Garden - Part of Washington Park, the International Rose Test Garden is a beautifully manicured set of gardens featuring over 7,000 individual rose specimens from over 550 different varieties. The roses bloom from April through October with the peak coming in June, depending on the weather. Founded in 1917, it is the oldest continuously operating rose test garden in the United States. An amphitheater often features classical music performances or speeches. Its 4.5 acres of terraced hillside offer stunning views of Mt. Hood and downtown Portland, and its quiet nature is excellent for picnics. For more information, go here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/findeindex.cfm?&action=ViewPark&propertyid=1113
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry - OMSI is a large museum similar to San Francisco's Exploratorium. Its exhibits cover everything from geology to physics to chemistry to biology to human anatomy. It often hosts touring exhibits -- past examples include Body Worlds, an exhibit of da Vinci's notebooks with examples of his inventions, Grossology, and a National Geographic photography exhibit. OMSI also boasts the USS Blueback, a decommissioned Barbel-class submarine that was used in the filming of The Hunt for Red October and an episode of TNT’s The Librarians. You can tour the submarine, learn about how it was made and what Barbel-class submarines were used for during the Cold War. OMSI also has a recently remodeled planetarium that offers night-sky presentations and laser light shows, and an IMAX theater (called OMNIMAX) which runs both current-release movies and educational programs on a 5-story-high screen using dual Christie 4K projectors and Dolby Atmos audio. Admission to the museum is $14.50 for adults, $9.75 for kids. The submarine tour, planetarium, and OMNIMAX cost extra, in the $6-8 range depending on the toushow. Hours are daily 9:30-7 during the summer and Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-5:30 during the winter. For more info, go to www.omsi.edu
  • Oregon Historical Society - The history of Portland and the Oregon Territory is fascinating in a lot of respects, and the OHS does its best to cover it all. From the original native inhabitants to the adventures of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Oregon Trail to the founding and development of Portland, OHS has numerous displays and artifacts, as well as a massive catalog of historical documents. If you wish to learn about the history of the area, there is no better resource. Admission to the museum is free for Multnomah County residents, otherwise it’s $11 for adults, $9 for students/seniors, and $5 for kids (6-18yrs). There is no charge for admission to the research library. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm and Sunday Noon-5pm. For more info, go to www.ohs.org
  • Portland Art Museum - Right across the street from the Oregon Historical Society, the Portland Art Museum hosts numerous rotating exhibits and touring exhibits of art from all genres. Its recent acquisition of the massive Masonic Temple next door means they now have extensive room in which to display art from all over the world, everything from classical Greek sculpture to modern impressionism to an exhibit on cars. Admission is $19.99 for adults, $16.99 for students/seniors, and children 17 and under are free. The Museum is closed on Monday, and open the rest of the week from 10am to either 5pm or 8pm depending on the day, so check the website before visiting: www.portlandartmuseum.org
  • The Old Portland Underground - Portland's history includes a shady portion of its past, and the Underground seeks to show that. Also known as The Shanghai Tunnels, the Underground is a series of interconnected basements, tunnels, and low passageways from early in Portland's life. Considered by many to be haunted, it's a must for those who like the dark, scary atmosphere of basements and crawl spaces. Tours are conducted on Friday and Saturday evenings, the first Thursday evening of the month, and possibly by request. Check out www.shanghaitunnels.info for tour scheduling and ticket prices.
  • Waterfront and Esplanade - As the Willamette River flows from south to north towards the Columbia River, it cuts the city in two, providing plenty of opportunity for parks by the water. In the 1970s, the west bank’s Harbor Drive was demolished (the first example of freeway removal in the US!) and replaced by Tom McCall Waterfront Park, made up of 36+ acres of cherry trees, grassy lawns, concrete walkways, sculptures, a public fountain, and numerous memorials. This park often hosts major events such as the Rose Festival rides and food court, the Waterfront Blues Festival, the Bite of Oregon, the Oregon Brewer's Festival, and moorage for the naval ships that come to Portland during the Rose Festival Fleet Week. Salmon Street Springs is a popular local hangout during the warmer months, and the multi-phase fountain is designed for children to play in. Across the river, a 1998 city parks project created the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, a 1.5 mile walking and bike path that mirrors Waterfront Park. Combining the two with sidewalks across the Hawthorne and Steel Bridges creates a wonderful walking/jogging/biking path that's slightly over 3 miles. Check out http://eventful.com/portland_ovenues/governor-tom-mccall-waterfront-park-/V0-001-000457577-8 to find out what events may be taking place there.
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square - Often referred to as "Portland's living room," the Square is a city block of brick work that hosts numerous city events, public speakers, our city Christmas Tree, and a place to stop and enjoy your lunch. Surrounded by shopping and large buildings, it's an open-air square with a continuous fountain and surrounded by large white columns. Our NBC affiliate has a satelite studio that looks onto the square, so you may see yourself on the news at some point. During July and August, every Friday night they show movies on a projection screen in an event known as Flicks on the Bricks. This coincides with a summer concert series called Noon Toons, which showcases local bands and is aired live by the NBC affiliate. www.thesquarepdx.org will have more info on events currently happening.
  • Blazers Basketball/Winterhawks Hockey/Timbers SocceThorns Soccer - Portland now boasts four professional sports teams: The Western Division NBA Trail Blazers, the Western Hockey League Winterhawks, Major League Soccer Timbers FC, winners of the 2015 MLS Cup, and the current National Women's Soccer League champion Thorns FC. The Trail Blazers and Winterhawks both play at the Rose Quarter, while the Timbers and Thorns play at Providence Park. Tickets for Blazers/Winterhawks events are available at www.rosequarter.com as well as a game schedule. We have a large soccer following in this city, and you can easily have a great time and make new friends at a Timbers game or watching it at one of our many sports bars (for example, 442, Thirsty Lion, and Marathon). You can find a list of Timbers Pub Partners here.
  • There are many more, www.travelportland.com/things-to-see-and-do will have many more ideas.
Other possible FAQ topics:

Where are the best views of the city?

Where can I go for a hike?

Where can I volunteer

Multnomah Falls/Gorge/Eagle Creek fire

I've got kids with me, what kind of child-oriented stuff is there?

  • Both the earlier mentioned Oregon Zoo and OMSI are both extremely kid friendly, and appropriate for just about any age. Toddlers may be a bit over-stimulated by OMSI, and the Zoo is quite large, so prepare accordingly. Our sports teams are also an option if your child is old enough to handle the noise levels.
  • Portland Children's Museum - An interactive educational museum and play center which shares a parking lot with the Oregon Zoo. Activities include a pretend veterinarian, a stage filled with props and costumes, places to draw and work clay, a rubber gravel pit for digging, a water area filled with pipes and water tables for splashing and making channels, and an enormous over-sized Lite-Brite wall. Admission is $9 per person. Hours can vary, see www.portlandcm.org for details.
  • Oaks Amusement Park - Step back into the heyday of roller rinks and small-town theme parks. Oaks Amusement Park has been a mainstay of Portland since 1905, opening with the Lewis and Clark Exposition. It features a roller coaster, go-karts, fairway rides, an arcade, outdoor picnic areas, and it's center attraction, an original 100 foot x 200 foot wooden roller skating rink. Outdoor activities are usually closed during the winter months, but skating is year round. Prices vary depending on what you wish to do with your day there, so look up www.oakspark.com for pricing, hours, and availability.

I'm moving to Portland, where should I live?

Portland, while not being very large geographically, is still pretty diverse in its cultures, tastes, and housing. Everything from major mansions to low-income housing is out there, and in a relatively small area. The best way to think about Portland is to realize it's made up of neighborhoods, most of which come from Portland's history and were originally their own small towns.
This is a good map of Portland's named neighborhoods.
The best idea is to find a location that is close to where you need to be on a regular basis (school, work, studio, family) but that also works well with your lifestyle. A good reference for deciding on what neighborhood will fit your lifestyle is The Portland Neighborhood Pages. Each of Portland's 95 neighborhoods is available with a general description, links to events/info of local import, and a google map of the area. Another more general resource is The Portland Neighborhood Guide, which is broader in it's focus and covers some of the cities and towns to the west.
As for looking for housing, www.padmapper.com is excellent for Portland, as is portland.craigslist.org and www.couchsurfing.org for more temporary accommodations. Keep in mind our rental market is extremely competitive. In 2013 our rental vacancy rate was only 3.1%, the second-lowest in the nation. You will want to budget for turning in a lot of applications, and may need to plan on attending open houses even for a small rental.
For people with children, schools are important, and another consideration when moving here. www.greatschools.org/oregon/portland rates all of the local schools on academics, test results, and community reviews.

I need some Internet service. What are my options?

Currently there are basically two main options for high speed internet in the city proper, Comcast and Centurylink. Some areas have Frontier FiOS available, primarily outside the city. Another option available is 4G wireless through Clear. If you're looking for other options or want to see personal recommendations, this search should bring up quite a few lively threads on the state of internet providers in the metro area. In the future there is the possibility of Google Fiber for the city, but the options remain limited for now.

I'm looking for somewhere to eat, what sounds good?

You're in luck. Portland has an extensive and diverse food culture, much of it based around our extensive collection of food carts. Currently 475 carts operate within the city limits, with more being added all the time. They can be as eclectic as they are varied, offering everything from standard lunch fair of burgers and hotdogs, to more unique food like Ethiopian cuisine, Korean BBQ, Viking Soul Food, and gourmet waffles. www.foodcartsportland.com has a full list of the Portland carts, as well as reviews on each one and a map of locations. Many of them are centered in what are known as "cart pods," which are sections of parking lots that have been converted into open-air food markets. For local redditor recommendations, read through this thread. You'll see some names pop up more than once, those would be the ones to try out first. A good way to find something near you is to use Cartattack, which gives you cart locations via GPS.
Beyond that, there are numerous eateries, restaurants, diners, and 24-hour places that serve Portlanders great food. http://www.urbanspoon.com/c/24/Portland-restaurants.html is probably your best resource for finding something more substantial in terms of sit-down eating.
Finally, there is one thing that Portland is well known for: Beer. Portland has numerous microbreweries and brewpubs, and consistently vies for the top spot in breweries per capita in the world. From IPAs to Stouts to Ambers and everything in between, Portland can and will offer you some of the best beer in the world. www.portlandbrewpubs.com has a full list of brewpubs, most of which offer tasting options or tours of the brewing facilities. Take a load off, kick back with a nice pint of something local, and enjoy the Portland experience!!

How do I get to Portland?

  • By car - If you are coming to Portland from outside the state, there are three major freeways that can get you here. From the south, I-5 will get you to Portland via Grants Pass, Medford, Eugene, and Salem from the California border in about 5-6 hours. It should be noted that during the winter months the areas around Grants Pass can have severe weather, and the pass may be closed or require traction devices. From the east, I-84 heads to Portland via Ontario, Pendleton, The Dalles, and Hood River. The drive from the Idaho border will take you around 7-8 hours. Again, weather can impact this drive, and closures/traction device requirements may occur. From the north, I-5 and I-205 cross the Columbia River from Washington, putting you directly into Portland. It takes about three hours to make the 175-mile drive from Seattle, but this time can be significantly impacted by traffic.
  • By car, the scenic way - Oregon is a naturally beautiful state, so if you have the time to take a longer drive, there are several recommendations. Highway 101 up the coast from California to Astoria and then Hwy 30 in to Portland is one such drive. It hits several small coastal communities along the way, with numerous points of interest. That drive will add 3-4 hours to your trip, but is worth the sights. Going through the east side and experiencing the high desert is another consideration. For this route take Hwy 97 from I-5 at Mt Shasta, and follow it up through Klamath Falls, then Bend, to the town of Madras. From there, take Hwy 26 and cross over Mt. Hood and into Portland. Both of these routes can be significantly impacted by weather, so look for closures or traction device requirements. This is especially true of Hwy 26 over Mt. Hood, as this reaches a peak height of over 4000 feet above sea level.
Add link to TripCheck.com
  • By bus - Two major bus services serve travelers in the Portland area. Greyhound has its bus terminal on the same property as Union station, and makes runs on the north/south route of I-5, east via I-84 and Hwy 26, and west via Hwy 26. Ticket prices and schedules are available on their website.
  • By rail - Amtrak serves Portland via the north/south routes through Union Station, which is located right in the heart of downtown Portland. Ticket prices and schedules will vary depending on your starting location, so go to www.amtrak.com to find out what is available and how much it will cost.
  • By plane - The major airport in Portland is called Portland International Airport, known as PDX (a term often used as a nickname for Portland in general), and offers most major airline services, as well as international flights. It is located in Northeast Portland, and is located between I-5 and I-205. Our light rail service has a line that terminates just next to baggage claim, and is a useful way to get to and from the airport without the hassle of parking a car. www.trimet.org can be used to plan your trip there.

How do I get around town?

  • By foot - Portland is a city of sidewalks, for the most part. Much of the downtown core and surrounding areas feature wide sidewalks with large cross-walks and timed lights. So if you are staying downtown, you don't need to get a bus or cab, walking is the easy way to go. It also allows you to sample the food carts, find the odd and interesting shops, and generally enjoy the greenery and friendly people. Keep in mind that downtown Portland has much smaller blocks than most cities, so a walk of several blocks isn’t necessarily that far.
  • By bike - Portland is currently considered to be one of the best bike cities in the US. 314 miles of bike lanes and a culture accepting of two-wheeled transport means that getting out for a ride is much easier here. Many of the smaller coffee shops and restaurants quite happily advertise bike parking, and the city is currently working on a 2-year backlog of installing public bike racks. Your best bet would be to go to www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/36638 and pick up a map or two of places you'd like to ride. Add Biketown info
  • By bus/light rail - TriMet is Portland's regional mass transit provider, and has bus, light rail, and streetcar service. www.trimet.org has a trip planner (just need to know your address and the address or name of the location you want to get to) which will tell you how long of a wait you may have, how far you may need to walk, or how many buses you may need to take.
  • By taxi - Numerous taxi services operate in Portland, however it's not like in the bigger cities where there are fleets of them floating around waiting to pick you up. Your best bet would be to call and order a car to pick you up. Recommendations are to go with the larger, well-known companies like Radio Cab or Broadway.
  • By rental car - The usual fare of major car rental companies are available in Portland. Enterprise, Hertz, National and Budget Car Rentals all have several locations in Portland. However, as with any company that owns a chain of stores, your experience may vary depending on the location you go to. It's recommended that you search reviews for each location before picking one. Another option is Car2Go, a company that offers car sharing services for those who need a car occasionally but don't use one often. They have both gas and electric versions of the Smartcar FourTwo, and have approximately 250 cars in Portland. Go to their website for details concerning pricing and agreements.
  • By personal car - Much of the downtown core and portions of the surrounding area are built on a one-way grid system. So it helps to have a GPS or at least a good map to get around. One thing to remember, is that streets that run parallel to the river are all numbered, and the numbers get bigger as you move away from the river. So if you get lost, just find a numbered street, and head downhill. Admittedly, Portland can have issues with traffic during rush hour, so it's advised to travel the back roads a bit and find ways to avoid the three Interstate freeways and major highways during the 6-9am and 4-6pm times. Add info about Burnside/Willamette dividing into NSEW quadrants?

What resources are available for bicyclists?

Two great web resources are /CyclePDX and Bike Portland.

I've got stuff that I need to get rid of, but it shouldn't go in the trash. What should I do?

There's help for that. Metro has a great website that offers insight on how to get rid of anything from packing peanuts to propane canisters to power tools, this site will give you the info to trash, turn in, reuse, or recycle those things that you just can't have floating around anymore.
If you want to get rid of computers that are still in decent repair, look into www.freegeek.org as they provide refurbished computers to schools and those in need. They are also set up as a way for people to learn about computers through free classes and volunteers who work on everything from cleaning dirty machines to building computers.
Another option is SCRAP PDX, which is a non-profit recycling center for office or classroom materials. Designed as a way to inspire creativity while reducing garbage and encouraging reuse and recycling, SCRAP PDX offers a way for people to drop off unwanted or unused arts and crafts, office, party, or school supplies, which are then resold to those who made need them for their own projects. Further details are at their website.

My pet is sick and needs a vet NOW. Where should I go?

Portland has several area vet hospitals, several of which are 24-hour intake facilities. Locations and providers can vary, so check to see which one is closest and best for your pet. Below is a list of the larger and reputable locations in Portland:

How does one cope with downtown living?

Written by shamann00dle
This is expounding on this thread. Living in downtown has it's own unique challenges and rewards. Here are some ways I dealt with things in my 8 years downtown.
Drunks & Crazies Keeping You Up
  • Expect it. That does not mean it is right, but the fact of the matter is downtown Portland at night is full of douche-y suburbanites that will do stuff downtown that they would call 911 on you for doing in their neighborhood, drug addicts/alcoholics and the mentally ill. Let their douchiness flow through you and out the other side lest you be swept into the maelstrom of asshattery.
  • Portland Police non-emergency number: 503-823-3333 - If someone is lingering and being loud, call.
  • For drunks that are passed out, etc. Call CHIERS - the local drunk tank - (503) 294-1681
  • If you are in their service area, call Clean and Safe at 503-224-7383. If you call police with a non-emergency that is probably a non-arrestable offense within that map between 9-5, they are simply going to ask Clean and Safe to handle it anyways. Don't expect C&S to do too much. They carry a gun and are retired cops, but have no authority to arrest. They are there to move people along, write reports and call the cops if it gets too bad.
  • If the person is in a park downtown, the Park Rangers now have jurisdiction unless it is a 911 emergency - 503-823-1637
  • If the drunk is hanging outside a particular bar, store, grocery store or restaurant and being loud - call that establishment and have their security go outside and shut them up. Many times this is actually what the police do when you call them for a disturbance.
  • Use a combination of the pink noise at http://simplynoise.com/ and a fan. I found that combination block out all but the most egregious drunktards.
Trouble On The Streets
  • I lived and worked downtown plus walked everywhere I went for the time I lived there. I only had one full-blown altercation in all that time and could have avoided that if I'd chosen too. Don't expect any trouble but be aware of your surroundings. You are more likely to encounter annoyances rather than an actual problem on the streets of downtown.
  • Also call clean and safe if there is a part of downtown that needs to be cleaned, various human excretions, dirty needles and the like.
  • IF you run into trouble downtown, it will most likely happen after 10 PM or so between SW Broadway and the river and SW Washington and the train station.
  • Use the numbers above for non-911 problems.
  • Panhandlers. There are days I would get hit up for change 20 times or more. If the person is aggressive, please call police. Ignoring them just means that many more people will have to deal with it. How you interact with panhandlers is up to you, your personality and tolerance level. When I moved here I gave out change, then I started saying "sorry" when they asked, then I put in earbuds and pretended not to hear them even if I had no music on, the I dropped the pretense and just ignored them unless they were offensive... I'm sure on bad days I told a couple to get fucked but there was really no need for that. PLEASE do NOT give panhandlers money. I'm could write a novel about this, homelessness in Portland, services and ways of really helping these people. The change is perpetuating all sorts of problems. I will address this in the comments if needed.
  • Chuggers AKA "Charity Muggers". These are the people that stand on the corner and ask you if you want to help the whales or orphaned children. I've dealt with them in the same way I've dealt with panhandlers. Once the rainy season ends, expect them to descend on every street corner downtown.
The Up-Side
  • Too much to list here really
  • You are living in a really fucking cool city
  • Just going for a short walk can be quite an experience. You never know what you will see
  • There is a lot to see and do on foot. Get out and enjoy the parks, museums, people watching, bars and more.
  • Remember all the great stuff and try to focus on that when some wino decides to pick a fight with a newspaper vending machine at 3 in the morning.

Why are there fighter jets flying over the city?

The Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter Wing (the “Redhawks”) operates F-15C/D Eagle fighter jets out of the Portland Air National Guard Base at Portland International Airport. They are on 24-hour alert as part of Air Combat Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and can frequently be seen in the skies throughout the region.
You can find more information in this detailed explanation at PortlandMofo: Military Jets Over Portland Today Explanation

What was that loud noise/bang/explosion?

No idea. I’m sure there will be any number of posts about it soon.

What are the flickering orange things sometimes seen floating in the sky?

Those are the star ships of the alien sex goddesses that live in a pleasure dome that orbits just outside the Kuiper Belt. Sometimes they descend to earth to collect a few worthy humans to bring back with them to shower with fruity champagne cocktails and watermelon balls.
But no, really those are just paper lanterns that are part of some festivals sometimes, or maybe goofs launch them to cause confusion and mayhem.
submitted by synapticrelease to Portland [link] [comments]

2018.02.10 14:35 shawnee_ The LIST: PDX Metro events and happenings February 10-13

Saturday February 10, 2018

Sunday, February 11 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tuesday, Feb 13

Wednesday, Feb 14

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2017.12.29 19:12 Ullyses_R_Martinez Hidden Gems II: Gem Towers

Help your fellows, post any gems not listed below!

Last year, during the summer and winter sale, I gathered the stray posts in the Hidden Gems thread, and set it into a two massive compendiums of game recommendations, for the users perusing pleasure. Condensed and Compiled to help parsing. While certainly not as big as the previous years, I hope you find more use from it.
Table of Contents:
  • Useful Links
  • Single Game Recommendations
  • Overwhelming Praise for a single title
  • Commented Collection
  • Uncommented Collection

Useful Links

Single Game Recommendations

When you just need someone to say a good word
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - 50% / $9.99 An amazing JRPG that will take a good while to complete with awesome music and builds a huge world that is explored in later games. There is a Second Chapter (SC) and the "Final" chapter is a spin-off with a different character that goes on to explore more. The Legend of Heroes is a bit of a /jrpg darling for good reason. If you're remotely interested in JRPGs, I implore you to give this game a shot. {Messem10}
The Room $1.69 Polished Victorian Era type puzzle game. Very good reviews. (It provides in game hints, you can use if you get stuck) {msgs}
American Truck Simulator is only $4.99! This is normally $20 and if it is anything like their Euro Truck Simulator series, it is a good one to put on a podcast/music/radio and drive around in. {messem10}
Dex is -85% / $2.99, 2D, side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG. {Daemonicus}
Stories Untold is -66% ($3.39). It's one of my favorite story-based experiences from this year. Four interconnected vignettes come together to form a pretty unique experience. If you have a few bucks left over and are looking for something different, give it a go. {The_Real_Gilgongo}
For anyone who hasn't played it, Sunless Sea is one of the more enthralling and bizarre games I've played in recent years. They also just had the sequel Sunless Skies (instead of a boat in the unterzee now you're in a train in space), and I've got it (backed it on kickstarter) but haven't gotten around to playing it yet. Highly HIGHLY recommend Sunless Sea, though. I tried playing it once and the massive amounts of unnecessary text bothered me a bit. The world itself seemed cool, but everywhere I looked it was throwing a couple paragraphs at me when I just wanted to play. {Cx316 & imunfair}
23% off West of Loathing - $8.46 A great new indie RPG from Asymmetric.. you may remember them from the browser-based game, Kingdom of Loathing. Very fun and funny point & click RPG. Stick figures set in a western-theme with traditional RPG classes such as "Cow Puncher" and "Snake Oiler". {joek440}
I haven't seen it be said anywhere else, so I think it might be worth mentioning: Danganronpa 1 and 2 are $12 each, and V3 is $45 (good deal, considering it just came out in September). This series is great for fans of anything similar to Ace Attorney, and I highly recommend checking it out. {Bloomilkdealer}
Hylic Very hidden, 96% positive reviews. Looks like if Captain Beefheart made an RPG. {wassaman}
Best of Klei bundle for <20 euro for broccoli_meister in Europe. Very good deal where you get all things Don't Starve, allegedly also 2 copies of Don't Starve Together (as is the case with base purchase), but I can't confirm. Been looking at this deal, hoping forever it will go even lower considering I have a huge backlog and have already saturated myself with DS aesthetics and music in Single Player. So you get that, plus some other overwhelmingly positive-very positive games by a great developer. I wanna say this deal is on par with Valve Bundle for newcomers on Steam - you get a modern gaming experience with creative gameplay components, and suitable for lower-end machines and laptops.
Tomb of the Tyrants, $2.39, matches historic low. It's a hybrid match 4+ meets 2D dungeon keeper game. You play match 4 on one side of the screen to gather resources to build and defend your growing dungeon on the other side. There's some Rogue Legacy style advancement, as technologies and a portion of your dungeon survive for your next playthrough. A single game probably runs 15 minutes or so, but it has a definite "one more game" lure like Rogue Legacy, and a 15 minute session can turn into an afternoon, at least for me. {ToriCanyons}
CrossCode is 15% off at $16.99 - not a huge discount for sure, but if I was to call anything a hidden gem it'd be this game. It's an incredible action RPG and I can't recommend it enough. {Omgamanatee}
Stalker bundle is $12. 70% off. Gives you 3 (Great) games for $38 off the normal price. And if you already have one, the games as a single purchase are 75% off. The bundle just saves you 50 cents. Similar deal with the Metro games. Bundle of two that's usually $40 is 81% off, for $7.50. as a single purchase they're both currently 70% off for $5, so you save about $2.50 with the bundle. {ghoohg}
May I recommend Rabi-Ribi. A metroidvania bullet hell style game with overwhelming cuteness. It's only 33% off at $12.05 USD but it will be well worth your money. {anymayallday}
The Caribbean Sail for $3.50 : Kinda like The Oregon Trail but with pirates. {Krylo22}
Stories Untold for $3.39 : An excellent story-driven adventure.{Krylo22}
This doesn't get mentioned but I have so many hours in Scribblenauts Unlimited. It goes for $5 every sale and maybe I just love these types of games, but don't overlook it! {SendMeYourSATScores}
Highly recommend arcade shooter Bot Vice for 50 cents. Yes you only can move left and right but there's a dodge roll and a sword swipe to knock out projectiles. The weapons are fun to use and the firefights get pretty hectic. Not sure how long it is. I've spent about 2 hours with it and I think I'm at the halfway point. But some of that is time I spent trying to get a better rank. {mongmongeee}
Ziggurat is 75% off ($3.74), and it's really good. Lots of fun, masses of replay value. It's a rogue-lite, a bit like Paranautical Activity if you remember it: permadeath fps in a randomised dungeon, with random starting weapon. Each room is a set battle, in that you can't leave it again until you've cleared it. Progression between games is handled just right, imo: though you start off with nothing each game, you unlock weapons and perks through play, which are then added to the (random) set you get to choose from each time you level up in game. There's also unlockable characters giving an interesting range of playstyles - just enough to keep it interesting. It's hard, it's fun, and while there's a fair amount of depth, each individual playthrough is a quick blasty shootemup you can play after a long day at work. Hugely recommended, and a steal at this price. {TheBananaKing}
Rakuen - might only be 35% off, but if you're looking for an emotional experience similar to To The Moon and don't care about it being made in RPG-Maker, then I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Especially because the soundtrack is fantastic. And it offers about 7 - 8 hours of gameplay. {TildenJack}
Rebel Galaxy is 80% off matching it's historic low of 3.99. Similar to the old Star Control games if anyone remembers those. A more modern equivalent might be FTL. {eyeGunk}
Just found out that Hidden & Dangerous 2 was added to the Steam store recently. Even though it's not on a major discount right now ($6.99, from a normal price of $9.99), you might want to look into it now or in the future if you enjoy tactical shooters at all. It reminds me of SOCOM on the PS2 with a lot of emphasis on sneaking and taking your time to get through the levels, except it's set in World War 2 instead of a modern setting, and you can control all members of your squad and customize their gear as much as you want. Unfortunately there's no widescreen support and the graphics are slightly dated, but it's still a fantastic game. {TheReturnOfJagger}
Child of Light is 70% - $4.49/€4,49 While it is not a historial low (by -5%), this game is absolutely gorgeous. If you have played Ori and the Blind Forest, this game will remind you of it. {itsmeyuii}
I highly recommend [Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise](http://store.steampowered.com/app/212030/Kung_Fu_Strike__The_Warriors_Rise/ ) 99¢ If you like games like One Finger Death Punch and the Devil May Cry games you may enjoy this. The game is fairly challenging and some of the stages will test your resolve. It's fun playing solo, but co-op (couch co-op only) is too much fun. There's one particular stage where it's you and your friend in a simple 2 v 2, but it's a tough boss fight that forces you and your friend to play your best. There's a demo if you want to give it a try. {KeyboardThingX}

Overwhelming Praise for a single title

For when a single paragraph isn't nearly enough.

Zacharuni gushes on The Black Watchmen for a bit.

This is a game entirely based on an insanely elaborate ARG. There is tons of lore, tons of puzzles and a really awesome community behind this "game". It dabbles heavily on occult and Illuminati themes and is just real enough to be genuinely creepy. A lot of the puzzles require some really extended thought or general computer skills (audio and image manipulation).
By far the best part is the live action sets they put on, however. You can set yourself at a certain clearance level in the game that will allow them to call you, send you mail, or even allow you to go to a remote location to work on stuff for the game. All of this is voluntary but it really adds to the feeling of surrealism of the game.
They just wrapped up their Christmas special which involved sending one of their players to a house in Salem with a burner phone and a pendant "for protection". They streamed the entire thing in the house filled to the brim with puzzles that the "agent" fed back to the Discord for us all to solve. This multi-day operation led to a major decision that left the community arguing for hours.
I can't say I've ever experienced anything like this game. I always kick myself for missing out on game experiences like these when I find them later in life, and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this live operation. I plan to play the game and all the DLC so I can catch up and be of more use for the next one.
The game is currently $1. At that price it's an absolute must try. If any of the above remotely interests you, I implore you to take a look. It's like nothing else.

Commented Compilations

When you want to see things of note

Freeky's hidden sci-fi games

Children of a Dead Earth (-50%, £9.74) ultra-realistic space combat, kind of a mix between KSP, Homeworld, and a PhD.
Rogue System (-65%, £8.04) early-in-development hardcore first-person space sim
Helium Rain (-30%, £7.69) Early Access space combat/trading game similar to the X series.
House of the Dying Sun (-55%, £6.74) pew pew pew die traitor scum. Wait, are... are we the baddies? ** Interplanetary** (-66%, £3.73) pew pew planets
Offworld Trading Company (-50%, £7.49) Mars trading RTS thing
The Solus Project (-50%, £7.49) puzzle/exploration/survival game
Tacoma (-50%, £7.49) walking floating simulato"narrative adventure" set on a space station
>observer_ (-33%, £15.40) ditto, but set in a cyberpunk dystopian tower block
**CAYNE** (free, deluxe content -70% £1.49) isometric point and click adventure. If you like this see also:
STASIS (-70%, £4.49) from the same people.
The Signal From Tölva (-50%, £7.49) pew pew robots, also a story to uncover. If you think you are a robot, seek help
Aven Colony (-40%, £14.99) build a base on an alien planet
Planetbase (-40%, £8.99) build a slightly smaller base on an alien planet
Oxygen Not Included (-40%, £11.39) build a life support system on an alien asteroid
Space Engineers (-60%, £7.59) build lots of things in space or on/in a planet or asteroid in a flexible if slightly wonky moddable sandbox
Empyrion: Galactic Survival (-50%, £7.49) build less, explore, shoot and eat more
Void Destroyer (-70%, £2.99) - space RTS/direct control hybrid thing. Also see the sequel, which is more of a sandbox.
Distant Worlds: Universe (-67%, £14.84) one of the best space 4X's around, if you can see past the clunky UI.
The Fall (-80%, £1.39) great little sci-fi side scrolling puzzle game
The Way (-75%, £2.74) slightly less great sci-fi side scrolling puzzle platformer, still worth the price of a coffee
Heat Signature (-20%, £8.79) top-down tactical spaceship infiltration

serek_pl obligatory list

Swapper Great puzzles, story and graphics. Polished indie title.
Transistor Game from Supergiant, not much to add.
Logic Puzzle Pack Set of amazing puzzle games, that will make other puzzle games look bad.
Inside Holy shit, someone get me a blanket and a cocoa. Outstanding graphics style, cool story and audio design. Must play.
SteamWorld Heist XCOM in space. With Hats.
ABZU Coral Reef Diving Simulator.
Life is Strange Adventures of Teenage Girl in small rural Town.
Oxenfree Oh boy, this game. it's the only game i have ever played 3 playthroughs in a row in the same week.
SOMA I don't really like horror games, but for that plot and crushing atmosphere of being in the depths of ocean. Sign me up !
Gemcraft : Chasing Shadows My favourite Tower defense game.
Defense Grid : The Awakening My second favourite defense game.
Gunpoint Conway is badass. He is basicly a Human Grass Hopper.
Infested Planet Interesting turn on Tower defense genre.
Invisible Inc. XCOM in 2D, from the creators of Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja.
The Room This along with The Room 2 are really unique puzzle games.
The Room 2 Check above.
Talos Principle Portal 2 with serious plot. And much much more.
Doom Shotgun never felt better.
Witcher 3 GOTY Because we all need a mental breakdown after finishing a game.
The Witness Well it turned out to be a really nice puzzle game, specially the post end-game challange, Give it a go.
Wolfenstein : The New Order I really craved for good FPS SP game. And this one delivers it.
Wolfenstein : Old Blood More goodness from Machine Games.
Remember Me One of the hidden AAA gems. Touching story, great visual design. Holds a spot in my heart.
Dishonored DE How to kill same guards in 10k ways simulator.
Metro Redux You should have this in your library by now.
XCOM 2 Well, it's an XCOM, but with 2 in it's name.
I know some of those deals are not immpresive, but it's a list of games you won't regret buying.
Papers, please is 50% OFF {nunigb}
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is 90% off, at 1€. {emil2796}

Personal Reccomendations from Ullyses_R_Martinez

Bleed - $.99 80% off A dance of death on the edge of life, it's among one of my favorite games.
[Wuppo** - $4.49 70% off](http://store.steampowered.com/app/400630/Wuppo/)** Among my favorites metroidvanias, it's absolutely adorable and yet incredibly fun.
Pyre - 9.99 50% off Combine basketball, a visual novel, and a chose your own adventure with an awesome array of music. Only game I ever preordered, and I still don't regret it.
Crypt of the NecroDancer $2.99 -80% A dance to ADVOID death. A rhythm roguelike, one of the most unique games I've ever played.
Antichamber $3.99 -80% In a world where nothing makes sense, follow the nice-looking signs to do a thing.

outlier_blue points to the Hexcells series

Are some great logic puzzle games. They're sort of a combination of minesweeper and sudoku. They're great games and I highly recommend them.
You can pick up all 3 in a bundle for $2.69
He's got another game called
It's the same basic idea but with squares instead of hexes. It's really good too.
Finally, he most recently released
which is a bit different from the others. It's based on some simple addition and multiplication. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the others.
You can buy all 5 games (73% / $4.51)

freeky states stuff he's loved.

Children of a Dead Earth (-50%, £9.74) realistic-to-a-fault space combat game. Kind of like KSP with lasers, coilguns, and nuclear weapons.
Starward Rogue (-75%, £2.24) bullet-hell from Arcen games, somewhat reminiscent of Binding of Issac, with a range of mechs that can significantly change how you play.
Knuckle Cracker (-50%, £1.99-5.69, -60% bundle) make some pretty great TD/strategy/puzzle games. I have over 100 hours across Particle Fleet and Creeper World 3 - solid campaigns and tonnes of user-made missions.
Neo Scavenger (-75%, £2.84) great little well-structured post-apocalyptic survival roguelike, with a story to follow if you need more than just surviving to get you by.
Sheltered (-75%, £2.49) what Fallout Shelter might have been if it wasn't a rubbish mobile-app Skinner box.
INFRA (-40%, £11.39) if you thought Half-Life 2 should have been more physics puzzles and exploration and less shooting people in the head, this has you covered. Has been a fair bit cheaper, but still worth a look if you missed it.
Big Pharma (-75%, £4.74) drug tycoon game with hints of Factorio.
Rogue System (-65%, £8.04). The beginnings of what's effectively Digital Combat Simulator: Archelion SV46 "Flying Fox" Space Utility Vehicle. A passion project by one guy who sadly can't work on it full-time, but he seems to be doing his best.

Captain Midnight Proposes some new games

Sleeping Dogs is $4.49. It's like The Godfather but set in Hong Kong, with an open world like GTA and a combat system like the Batman Arkham games.
Edit: I should note that it's even cheaper at the publisher's own store at $3. This purchase gets you a Steam key, though you only get Steam's refund policy if you buy directly from Steam itself.
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is $3.74. It's a linear shooter set in the Old West and rich with atmosphere. You get a bullet time shooting mechanic.
The Evil Within is $4.99. This is an atmospheric survival horror game and emphasizes avoidance over combat. There's some trial-and-error to get through certain sections, so YMMV. (Edit: You can download a free demo on the product page to help you decide. Here is the direct link to the download widget.)

dripkidd 's list of low-seen indie games.

I will list some low-exposure indie games that I've played this year.
kuso precision platformer with really great audio-visual design, encourages you to perfect levels, beginners can feel like speedrunners
Straima platformer with unique visual style. short one-screen levels with innovative ideas (and a very helpful dev who replied in like an hour when I got stuck on a level and made sure that I can pass)
TTV2 I'd recommend the other Walter Machado games too, but this is my favourite, all his games have a very simple idea with excellent execution and very good original music track
Towerclimb more challanging than Spelunky, no cute art, no charming design, only an unforgiving series of levels. The items are obscure, the proc-gen is frequently unfair, but there is a steady learning curve and progress just like in spelunky. The pixelated visuals hide a very unique atmosphere.
Explosionade Twin-stick platformer with gonzo graphics and solid mechanics, lots of gameplay tweaks (co-op, game-speed increase, etc)
NO THING infinite runner but turns instead of jumps. Vapourware visuals and moody cyberpunk atmosphere. Looks easy, it is not.
THOTH Twin-stick shooter with minimal graphics and dynamic dark ambient tracks. Some very interesting AI design for the enemies, not easy to kite, but every level has a clear strategic solution.

oneireus Comments on some damn fine gems

Startopia - 86% off - $0.97
I hate this game because it's literally one of the best experiences I've had in a game. You are building a space station with 3 or 4 levels. On the bottom is all your utilities and such. Terrorist will drop bombs and such down there. The second level is where your businesses are, and you can do some cool stuff like diners and entertainment stuff. The top floor is the teraforming level where you can do A LOT of control.
Between each space, you can open bulk heads and create a massive space station. You may run into enemies and such, and you do a ton of trading. There's LOTS of sci-fi references too.
It's just so depressing because the game is very short, and I think the sandbox was pretty lacking. The company never got the chance to do much with it.
For $0.97, buy it but realize you will never play anything else like it ever again.
Evil Genius - 75% off - $2.49
This game is REALLY neat and very similar to Dungeon Keeper. It's very simplistic, but it's a lot of fun building your evil lair. Evil Genius 2 is due out too!
Ghost Master - 85% off - $0.74
I bought this game on a whim, and it's an absolute blast. Like Startopia, it is a great homage to the its genre--horror--and you play as ghosts who have various limitations and you must meet goals and such before being caught and exorcised or something.

Uncommented Compilations:

For When you buy cheap.

mrzangief's Recommendations

Castlevania - Lords Of Shadow Ultimate Edtion 4,49 EUR
Beyond Good & Evil 1.49 EUR
Burnout Paradise - 2,49 EUR
Thief Gold (The Dark Project) and Thief II: The Metal Age are on sale for 97 cents each. These are the gold standard for stealth games. (Just steer clear of that 2014 game of the same name by Eidos) {Jahandar}
I like Cortex Command (-90%, 1.89€). {error-prone}

superaydean1's Compendium

In celebration of violence is 50% off at 4.39 CA, or something like 3 US
Streets of rogue is 8.49 CA, so probably 7-8 U.S
Cold Fear 75% off {Vlad_T}
PUZZLE GAME: Pitfall Planet -50% / CDN$5.49 It's kind of like captain toad treasure tracker and brothers a tale of two sons. It's got nice music and is a great couch co-op game. {Sweetninja} Infra. $14.99 USD Uses source engine. If you like mechanical and thinking puzzles, this is a good one. {tidalwade}
The original Puzzle Quest is 90% off. {suchdumb}

Here's what cedear thinks is good:

Valve Complete Pack $Varies
  • Many of the Valve games are $0.49 / 95% off in the pack.
Wolf Pack $2.49
  • Been wanting RTCW forever, super cheap pack.
LucasArts Adventure Pack $3.74
  • Less than $0.99/game.
Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 $1.24
  • Cheap classic.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Digital Deluxe Edition $6.79
  • Includes Sands of Time, so great deal if you want both. The listing for Deluxe edition can't be wishlisted probably because Ubisoft screwed up the app entry somehow, so I was going to forget eventually if I didn't buy it.

TheApexTheater Reposts from /Steam

There's a pretty good deal on the Classic Megaman games (all ten Megaman games for $17-18 if you get the bundle).
I also noticed a couple of decent deals for indie games form my wishlist: Papers Please (50% -> $5.00)
HIVESWAP (Act 1) (50% -> $5.00)
Chroma Squad (75% -> $3.75)
Environmental Station Alpha (%50 -> $4.00)
Va11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (%34 -> $10.00) -- Not as big of a sale for this one, but it's just a game I've found myself really enjoying. Really good if you enjoy nice, calm games, or VNs
Spark, The Electric Jester (%60 -> $6.00) -Great if you enjoyed Sonic Mania
Skullgirls (70% -> $3.00) -- Extremely fun fighting game. I say this as someone who's never played a fighting game, so take it with a grain of salt
Note: 2nd Encore Upgrade (All the DLC for the game) is 70% off at $4.50, bringing the total price of the game to about eight USD... Well worth it for the content you get imho. Besides, it probably helps somewhat to fund their next game.
Lethal League (70% off -> $4.20blaze it )
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (20% off-> $20) Extremely polished indie game. Well worth your money.
I tried to have a balance of indie games from all walks of genres, so please let me know of other indie games you'd like to see included here!

AndalusianGod Points to some fantasy

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines - 75% CDN$ 5.49
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - 75% CDN$ 2.49
Hearthlands - 30% CDN$ 15.39 (Discount isn't that high, but there's not that many games in this genre anymore. It's for fans of games like Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Master of Olympus - Zeus, and Pharaoh.)

Notables Games from FSMFan_2pt0


dank Despot

Tomb Raider 2013 85% off $2.99 Lego Lord of the Rings 80% off $3.99 Stories: Path of Destinies 90% off $1.49
Black Mesa -75% / 4.99$ -- New historical low! {Zypsilon}


FEZ is 90% off ($1.09 CDN) - thinky 2d puzzle platformer with interesting 3d gimmick
Spelunky is 90% off ($1.69 CDN) - well-regarded 2d platformer roguelike
SpaceChem is 75% off ($2.74 CDN) - engineering/production optimization puzzler

Simulations from battlegum


Posted about these on today's sale's main thread but here are few that I found:
Point and click

wpf45 Points to the Infinity Bundle

Planescape Torment EE -66% / 6,79 EUR
The Infinity Bundle is also on sale.
Finally, another thank you. I hope you guys found some use of this (Heavens knows I will), and I'm sorry that it's not overflowing. But I know that each of you will find something good in this thread.
submitted by Ullyses_R_Martinez to GameDealsMeta [link] [comments]

2017.09.15 11:44 shawnee_ Community events & happenings Friday Sept 15 - Sunday Sept 17

Event distances from downtown

Friday, Sep 15

Saturday, September 16

Sunday, September 17

submitted by shawnee_ to PortlandMetro [link] [comments]

2015.12.31 13:22 shadyshoelace 2016 Outback Bowl Preview

Outback Bowl The Outback Bowl
Northwestern #13 Northwestern vs. Tennessee #23 Tennessee
Bowl Information
Date: January 1st, 2016 Time: 12:00 PM EST Channel: ESPN2 Point Spread: Tennessee -8 O/U: 47.5
Bowl History
Year Founded: 1986
Location: Tampa, Florida
Stadium: Raymond James Stadium
Conference Tie-ins: Big Ten versus SEC
Trophy: 2015 Trophy
Payout: $3,500,000
All past game results
2014 Season Result: Wisconsin Wisconsin 34 - Auburn Auburn 31 (OT): Highlights The 2015 Outback Bowl featured the 17th ranked Wisconsin Badgers and the 19th ranked Auburn Tigers. The Tigers, led by 2nd season head coach Gus Malzahn, started the season 5-0 but dropped 4 of their last 7 games to finish with an 8-4 record. The Badgers under 2nd year head coach Gary Andersen won the Big Ten West with a 10-2 regular season record. They faced Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game, where they lost 0-59. Andersen left Wisconsin for Oregon State at the end of the regular season and Athletic Director Barry Alvarez coached the Badgers in the bowl game. Both teams relied heavily on their rushing offense with top 12 rushing offenses led by their respective conference's leading rushers. Auburn’s Cameron Artis-Payne came into the game with 1,608 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns, and Heisman runner-up Melvin Gordon boasted 2,336 rushing yards and 26 touchdowns for Wisconsin. The game was back and forth throughout with Auburn and Wisconsin trading touchdowns off of explosive runs from Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement and good quarterback play by Auburn’s Nick Marshall. 2 costly turnovers inside of the Tigers’ 35-yard line kept Wisconson down 14-7 going into halftime. Wisconsin quickly answered in the second half with Melvin Gordon running all over the field, ending the game with an Outback Bowl record of 251 yards and three touchdowns. Key turnovers for Auburn kept the game close, and Auburn led 31-28 with 2:55 on the clock, but the game was sent into overtime when Wisconsin’s Rafael Gaglianone hit a 29-yard field goal with 7 seconds remaining. Overtime was over quickly; Wisconsin was stopped by Auburn’s defense on the first possession and ended with a 25-yard field goal by Gaglianone. On Auburn’s ensuing possession Daniel Carlson missed his second kick of the game to give the Badgers the victory 34-31.
Brief Bowl History: The Outback Bowl, previously known as the Hall of Fame Bowl, was first played in Tampa Stadium on December 23, 1986 between Georgia and Boston College. In 1995, Outback Steakhouse became the game’s title sponsor. This name has persisted for twenty years, which is the longest title sponsorship of any current college bowl game. It has been part of the New Year’s Day bowl lineup for the past twenty-seven years, and currently takes place in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
Northwestern Ball Northwestern Wildcats
2015 Season Record: 10-2 (6-2 Big Ten)
Team Location Result
Stanford Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 16-6
Eastern Illinois Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 41-0
Duke Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC W 19-10
Ball State Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 24-19
Minnesota Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 27-0
Michigan Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI L 0-38
Iowa Ryan Field, Evanston, IL L 10-40
Nebraska Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NE W 30-28
Penn State Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 23-21
Purdue Ryan Field, Evanston, IL W 21-14
Wisconsin Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI W 13-7
Illinois Soldier Field, Chicago, IL W 24-14
Key Players this Season: Offense Clayton Thorson (QB, FR): 142/275 (51.6%), 1465 yards, 7 TD, 7 INT, 88 carries, 374 yards, 5 TD; All-B1G Freshman Team Thorson, a redshirt freshman, was the biggest question mark for the Wildcats before the season started. That continued throughout the season, as he displayed questionable decision-making and accuracy mixed with flashes of brilliance. He made an immediate impact by scoring Northwestern’s first TD of the season on a 42-yard scramble vs. Stanford and almost single-handedly willed NU to victory against Nebraska. His passing left a lot to be desired, however, as he threw for over 150 yards only three times and only topped 200 yards once. Northwestern doesn’t need him to be great to win as long as he takes care of the ball, but he has the talent to jumpstart the offense at any given time. Justin Jackson (RB, SO): 298 carries, 1344 yards, 4 TD, 19 receptions, 147 yards; All-B1G Second Team Justin “THEBALLCARRIER” Jackson is the engine that drives Northwestern’s offense, finishing third in the nation in carries (behind Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey) and rushing for over 100 yards in 8 games. He runs with incredible balance, vision, and agility despite less-than-elite speed and power. When he is bottled up, the offense completely stalls as seen in the games against Michigan and Iowa.
Defense Anthony Walker (MLB, SO): 113 tackles, 19.5 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 4 PBU, 1 FF, 3 FR, 1 TD; AP All-American Third Team, All-B1G First Team Walker emerged as a star in the middle of the defense in his sophomore season with his nose for the ball and sideline-to-sideline athletic ability. He had 40 more tackles than any other NU player and has a knack for blowing up RBs, WRs, and QBs alike. He’s talented enough to consider leaving school early after next season for the NFL, which tells you all you need to know about his importance to the ‘Cats. Dean Lowry (DE, SR): 46 tackles, 13.5 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 6 PBU, 1 FR; All-B1G Second Team Lowry, the elder statesman of the defense, doesn’t jump off the stat sheet. However, he did a little of everything for the Wildcats, generating pressure, stuffing the run, and even breaking up passes. He showcased his ability to be a force in the trenches against Nebraska, racking up 6 TFL and 2 sacks.
Special Teams Christian Salem (Holder, SR): It’s impossible to describe what the Holder of the Century means to the ‘Cats. In addition to making some pretty impressive holds, he also does this.
Biggest Plays this Season: Clayton Thorson’s 42-yard TD run vs. Stanford: The game against Stanford was one that few expected the Wildcats to be competitive in, much less win. Thorson was playing the first game of his career and some fans were questioning the decision to start him over more experienced QBs Zack Oliver and Matt Alviti. Thorson proved the doubters wrong with this big play that proved crucial in the victory that would set the tone for the season.
Nick VanHoose’s 72-yard pick-6 vs. Nebraska: Aside from a long Thorson run, NU’s offense was sputtering in the first half against Nebraska. With only a 7-5 lead and the Huskers nearing the red zone, senior CB Nick VanHoose made a stellar play on the ball to give his team some breathing room. The play would ultimately prove to be the difference in a two-point Wildcat victory.
Deonte Gibson’s game-saving sack vs. Wisconsin: After a stellar performance for the first 58 minutes of the game, the Northwestern defense found itself in a seemingly hopeless position as the Badgers had a 2nd and Goal at the 1 yard line with 30 seconds left in the game. Many fans were imploring the referees to just award Wisconsin a touchdown on the previous 1st down in order to conserve time for the Northwestern offense. However, that all changed when Gibson (9 sacks this season) brought Joel Stave down, forcing Wisconsin to burn a down on a spike and effectively ending the comeback attempt.
Solomon Vault’s 96-yard kickoff return TD vs. Penn State: After Thorson left the game with an injury, Northwestern’s prospects against Penn State looked bleak. After the Nittany Lions closed the gap to 13-7, Vault broke the game open with his second return TD of the year. Like in the game against Duke, Vault was a difference-maker in a close game that saw the offense struggle.
Season Summary: Northwestern had a few key questions leading into the season, but the foremost was who would be leading the Wildcats at quarterback. Redshirt freshman Clayton Thorson was announced as the starter 8 days before the season opener and was widely heralded as the quarterback of the future for Northwestern. The season began with a shocking 10 point victory over then #21 Stanford, a game no one expected to be competitive. Northwestern controlled the game in the trenches and pulled out a victory that elevated previously modest expectations for the season. Led by dominant defensive play carrying an often conservative and stagnant offense, the Wildcats rose to 5-0 including a 27-0 shutout of Minnesota to open Big Ten play. The tone of the season shifted dramatically in the following two games, where Northwestern fell to Michigan 38-0 and then to Iowa 40-10. These blowout losses exposed the weaknesses of the Northwestern team. The defense was good, but couldn’t win the game alone when the offense wasn’t able to make anything happen. Northwestern brought the season back into control at Nebraska, where Thorson showed off his mobility. A pick-6 and a crucial 2 point conversion stop led the ‘Cats to a 30-28 victory, which would foreshadow the close games in the final stretch of Big Ten play. Northwestern won against Penn State with a last second field goal, beat Purdue by a touchdown, and won at Wisconsin against a ranked squad in one of the craziest (and most controversial) final minutes to a game this year. It closed the season with a 10 point win over Illinois to claim the Land of Lincoln Trophy (HAT) and tie its best record with 10 wins. The ‘Cats ended the season boasting a 4th ranked overall defense (S&P+) backed up by an abysmal offense at 109th (S&P+). However, that offense has done just enough to win close games when it counted. The season so far has exceeded every fan’s expectations, and attitudes in Evanston are on the rise.
Why we are going to win: Unlike the last time NU was in the Outback Bowl, Northwestern relies on a heavy rushing attack and smothering defense to win close, low-scoring games. The Northwestern defense is built first and foremost to shut down the opponent’s running game; they held Christian McCaffrey to 66 yards and the forced Wisconsin to end the game with -26 total rushing yards. The Tennessee offense presents a uniquely balanced skillset, but will likely try to lean on the run game. If Northwestern is successful in limiting big plays on the ground and forcing Dobbs to push the ball downfield against the Wildcats’ formidable secondary, the Vols will be in trouble. Tennessee’s average rushing defense (49th in rush yards allowed per game, below Northwestern opponents Wisconsin, Nebraska, Stanford, and Penn State) should allow Thorson and Jackson to churn out consistent, if not explosive, yardage on the ground. Additionally, viewers can expect to see some interesting wrinkles thrown into the usually-conservative offensive playbook after the extra practice time. If the offense can perform at even an average level and control the pace of the game, the defense is more than equipped to limit the Volunteers’ opportunities to score. I expect a close, low-scoring game (somewhere in the neighborhood of ~10-20 points per team) and pulling out victories in those types of games has been the ‘Cats M.O. all season long.
Tennessee Ball Tennessee Volunteers
2015 Season Record: 8-4 (5-3 SEC)
Team Location Result
Bowling Green Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN W 59-30
Oklahoma Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN L 24-31 2OT
Western Carolina Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN W 55-10
Florida Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, FL L 27-28
Arkansas Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN L 20-24
Georgia Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN W 38-31
Alabama Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL L 14-19
Kentucky Commonwealth Stadium, Lexington, KY W 52-21
South Carolina Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN W 27-24
North Texas Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN W 24-0
Missouri Memorial Stadium, Columbia, MO W 19-8
Vanderbilt Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN W 53-28
Key Players this Season:
Josh Dobbs (QB, Jr.): Potentially a cyborg from the future, Dobbs has sacrificed his eyebrows and human appearance to become the piece that takes the Tennessee offense to the next level, both running the ball (134 carries, 623 yards, 9 TDs) and throwing it (59.9% completion, 2,125 yards, 15 TDs, 5 INTs, 6.7 yds./att.). When Dobbs is effective, if not necessarily dynamic, as a passer it opens things up for UT's run game
Jalen Hurd (RB, So.): Hurd is the workhorse and focal point of the offense, carrying the ball a whopping 253 times this year for 1,158 yards and 11 TDs. For a 240 lb. back he's fairly versatile, catching 21 passes for a total of 191 yards and 2 TDs.
Jalen Reeves-Maybin (LB, Jr.): JRM is the unquestioned leader of the defense, stepping into the role vacated by A.J. Johnson and Curt Maggitt. He's typically all over the field, with 99 tackles this year including 13 tackles for loss and 5 sacks.
Biggest Plays this Season:
#1: Josh Smith TD vs Georgia. With 1:13 on the clock from the UGA 39, Tennessee goes for it on 4th and 9 and converts in spectacular fashion to spur a comeback from 24-3 down and defeat our division rival. A close win here over a talented Georgia team was key to an 8-4 finish and solidifies Butch Jones' program as one that remains on an upward trajectory.
#2: Fourth quarter drive vs. Alabama. This is actually a few plays but I'm going to link to the video of the whole drive because it's demonstrative of just how potent this offense can be when Josh Dobbs is hitting his targets. Here we see accurate throws, receivers making plays, and Jalen Hurd finishing off a drive that gave the Vols the lead late in the game and had Saban's Evil Empire peeing in its pants a little.
#3: Evan Berry does crazy things. I couldn't get him into the featured players section so I figured I'd give our All-American kick returner some love here. This return against Western Carolina showcases the speed, strength, and elusiveness that would allow him to average 38.29 yards per kick return and score 3 TDs.
Season Summary:
Tennessee entered this season as probably one of the most resented teams here on /cfb, mainly as a result of rampant media hype and our giant, rabid, possibly inbred Twitter fanbase. Early in the season it appeared that naysayers were justified in their cries of "overrated" as the Vols dropped close losses to Oklahoma and Florida due to conservative 4th quarter tactics and a lack of depth. In a battle to see who could blow a lead worse, Arkansas escaped Neyland Stadium with a close win and Vol Nation was becoming restless with Butch Jones and offensive coordinator Mike DeBord. The aforementioned win over then #19 Georgia stymied that talk, and Tennessee finished its season strong with a closer-than-expected road loss to Alabama and five straight victories over the bulk of the admittedly weak SEC East. Most fans came into this year predicting 8, possibly 9 wins and are only mildly unsatisfied due to how close we came to surpassing those predictions. The team as it stands right now features a strong running attack (doubled the season averages of two solid run defenses in Missouri and Vanderbilt) across from the 25th ranked scoring defense in the nation. Three years of stellar recruiting are beginning to pay dividends and the Vols look more like their old selves again. Fans have every right to be optimistic headed into this bowl season and 2016.
Why we are going to win:
Northwestern presents a difficult challenge in that they're optimized to take away the emphasis of our offense, the running game. The Wildcats are coming in with the 13th-ranked run defense in the country and giving up only 118 yards per game. With that said, I'm confident in the Vols' ability to put together a balanced gameplan that opens up that run game, an ability demonstrated in last year's dominating performance against Iowa in the compellingly-named Taxslayer Bowl. If the weakness of Tennessee has been closing out games, the strength has been coming in with a plan that puts us in a strong position early on. If this pattern continues and the Volunteers are able to take their usual first half lead, I don't see the less-than-impressive Northwestern offense having enough juice to close the gap.
Why you should watch the game: I believe that this game is being underrated, due to either Tennessee’s record or Northwestern’s lack of brand recognition (or likely both). It probably won’t be a shootout, but fans of hard-nosed, trench-driven football will likely enjoy this game as both teams boast excellent rushing attacks and strong defenses. Tennessee will be looking to prove that the great games against Oklahoma, Florida, and Alabama were more than “moral victories” and set itself up for an SEC title run next season. Northwestern will be trying to win 11 games for the first time in program history, demonstrate that the win against Stanford was not a fluke, and show that it can hang with the “big boys” after the blowout losses to Michigan and Iowa.
Contributors Northwestern: shadyshoelace, ursudak
Tennessee: Il_Principo
For more info on the 2015 Bowl Preview Project, see the info thread. For all your information on this, and other, projects, go to /cfbprojects! Questions or comments? Message us here
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2013.10.27 22:40 tabledresser [Table] IAma 48 State Truck Driver. Ask me anything you like! Thanks.

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Date: 2013-10-27
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Questions Answers
What are some tips that I, as a car driver, can use to make the road safer for both of us, and your life easier? #1 to make both our lives easier, I would personally say if you see our blinker on let us maneuver how we need to and we will always get out of your way when were done. I promise.
What is the stretch of highway you most dread having to drive? #2 I guess I would say I-5 through California.
Which major city is the easiest to navigate for truckers? #3 Easiest state to Navigate is Salt Lake City,UT.
How do you stay in shape driving and living on the road? (if you do) #4 what I do to stay some what fit is park far away from what I'm wanting to make me walk far to and from my truck. I try to steer clear of fast food and not drink soda.
If you could force all other truck drivers to do one thing, what would it be? #5 if I could force all drivers on the road to one thing it would be to put your cell phone away. It's not so important to like Stacey's selfie bathroom shot in her cute new cheetah print shirt on Facebook, as it is to operate your vehicle.
2 I guess I would say I-5 through California. What's the reason? California by far has the worst roads in the U.S. Especially the I-5fwy. Not to mention everyone in California gives no fucks to be considerate or safe.
I drive down through there every year, and it's awful. A california trip always makes me miss my friendly oregon drivers. I'm saving to move to Oregon! The wife and I are planning on going to Salem. Do you have suggestions for a mountain community feel? Any low crime areas of such?
Fuck you and your generalizations. I always give respect to truck drivers because they could kill me. I live in Ca near six flags. So I have the right!! LoL.
How many prostitutes have you murdered? I want my lawyer.
What gets you pumped on the road? Huge caffeine binges? A good music playlist? Adderall? I listen to Heavy Metal while driving!! \,,/,
Slayer, Pantera, Devildriver, All that remains, etc.
Y'ever gotten into Mastodon? Some of those concept albums are best listened to in one go, which makes them good for trips. Crack the skye is my favorite album of theirs.
Upvote for Panteta! Up vote for up voting!!!
Dude, kickass! If you like them, try the band The Ocean. They have a similar sound, a little bit screamier, but it still really good stuff. I have the album Pelagial and I fucking love it. I recently started listening to The Ocean and I haven't looked back. They're amazingly bad ass. Would love to see them live. :D I'm seeing Lamb Of God on November 8th in Hollywood with my wife. I love her so much!
Badass! I got a job selling show tickets, one of the shows we're selling is Megadeth with Fear Factory and Nonpoint in a couple months. As a 21-year-old whose first concert was in July, I'm really trying to get the day off to go see that one. Dude I ducking love Fear Factory they were key to my amp up for my patrol's in Iraq.
Here's a question: have you ever taken a job because it "coincidentally" puts you in the same city as a show/event that you really wanted to see? Perks of travel and all that? I've never been blue to catch show by chance but I still look everyday thanks to the app "bandsintown"
Try parkway drive. I listen to them all the time. :D.
I listen to them all the time. :D.
You should try "A Perfect Murder" specifically their album "War Of Aggression"
Awesome! Keep doing what you do man, this AMA is a lot of fun! :D. I'm glad you like it. :D I'm having fun too. And keeping up with every question I might add. Haven't missed one yet! /Roar.
What is your funniest story? One time I saw a guy getting road head. (We can see everything inside your vehicle) I blew my air horn, she jumped and stopped blowing him and hid her face and he flipped me off and drove away.
I watched a super fat trucker slip and fall on ice once and he couldn't get up. So me and like 4 other drivers tried to help and we kept falling too. We finally got him up after a few other drivers came and helped. I don't know how he lives that fat...
I pretend to give head to my bf while we are on road trips just to see the reactions of the people we pass lol. You should actually do it. Would probably get your feet rubbed that night. And you like your feet rubbed don't you?!
Do most truckers use nicknames on walkie talkie? We call them "Handles" and mine is "Roadogg" it's what my mom used to call me on Road trips that we used to go on before she passed away. =( RIP Momma!
Oh you didn't know? I didnt know what? O.o.
Your ass better calling somebody. D-Generation X baby!! LoL.
You are awesome. You have the best personality out of any redditor I've ever seen. Seriously, you're fucking awesome. Hey thanks man, that means a lot. I try to stay positive and happy. Life is to short to be pissy all the time. You know?
You made my night man. Thank you. :D.
Most expensive cargo you have moved? Most Expensive was probably my $500,000 load of Victoria Secret underwear. Giggity!
Least favorite thing to move (fragile, BS customer rules, volatile cargo) Least favorite is definitely glass... Fuck glass.
Ever have any run ins with a lot lizzard? Lot Lizzards are everywhere I go at night sometimes even in the day.
Do you have a home life? Or are you on the road too much? I have a wife and 3 year old child who I get to see for like 4 days per month. I'm definitely on the road to much but this job pays really well to leave it.
Is your truck done up like a mobile man cave? Do you get to pick your routes? Do you meet up with the same truckers to hang out? Or is it too difficult? No far to difficult we only meet up by chance.
Why do you like toll roads? Smoother ride and higher mph limit.
What's the craziest thing you have seen? Don't spare any details. I saw a a 4Runner Toyota roll once. Everyone inside came out in chunks and most from being blended up by the road. I had chunks of people all over the front of my truck had to wait for the Coroner to show up to take them off. Inside of the vehicle was completely soaked in Blood and fat.
Damn, that is intense... What caused the wreck? Lost a tire. Just came off the truck all together truck dipped and started rolling. It happened so fast... No seat belts were worn and it was at least 4 people in that vehicle. Here one second gone the next.
I can't tell if this is serious or not. I doubt you would be permitted to get close to the vehicle unless you did so before police arrived. Considering I was first on scene while waiting for cops to arrive that I personally called, I'll take that as someone who didn't realize how important my possibility was in the situation.
Were you affected mentally by it in anyway? Was in Marine Corps for 5 years. No blood and gore fucks with my head anymore.
Do you still find value in having a CB radio, or is it of little use with smartphones, mobile internet access, GPS, etc.? Having a CB is awesome for Traffic conditions and if you feel like listening to other drivers talk about going on strike and shit like that.
I keep mine turned off until there is traffic or I'm running a convoy with a friend in another truck.
This is a great AMA, you seem like a fun guy. On a totally different note, have you run into any of the truck stop prostitution that's gotten a lot of attention recently? Hey Thanks I consider myself a fun guy. :P.
There are Lot Lizzards at every Truck Stop. It's a escalating career choice. Desperate times call for desperate measures. : /
Do you ever run into the same truck driver twice while on the job? Yeah! I run into friends all the time. And other random drivers I met somewhere before. It's all chance.
Haha.. damn. So it's because I was 21 and looked 17? I don't think they care maybe you hide really well. Haha.
Goddamn it. There were many times I could have used a comfort girl. Are there any decent ones or are they all harlots? Depends on how much money you have I'm sure.
What's your favorite item to snack on while driving? Also, what's the longest you've ever driven without stopping? Thanks for the AMA, you're a funny guy! Favorite snack: Sour cream and cheddar Ruffles!! Can't stop my favorite post smoke munchie!!
I've driven for 10hrs and 58 minutes before. DID NOT STOP!!! Cranked in 725 miles! I wanted to know how much I could do without stopping. :P.
Wow! And I complain about my 2 hour work commute...I have nothing on you. Thanks! I laughed at my friend Billy one time. We talk to each other on Voxer all day. He told me once "Dude I've put 500 miles on my truck this week. I drive to much."
I lol'd and said "You wanna know how much mileage I've put on my truck TODAY? 700!!!
I average 3,000 miles a week.
Not trying to sound like a dick here, but isn't it illegal to drive over 10 hours in a day without like eight hours or so of rest? I'm genuinely curious what the regulations are. Yes. I love sleep I don't fuck around with it.
We're aloud a 70 hour work week 14 work day 11 drive shifts.
So I have 70 hours each week of working a maximum of 14 hours everyday of doing anything work related of which I can only drive a maximum of 11 hours a day in. I think I said that right.
After your shift is up you have to have a 10 rest period in order to get fresh hours back.
Have you ever been to the I-80 Truck Stop? And is it really the world's largest truck stop? I live in Iowa and it's practically a state landmark. Yes I have it's an awesome truck stop. One of the faves.
Last time I went to Iowa I went through Muscatine to the Heines factory. Those guys are assholes there!! LoL.
Yesss! I'm glad to hear that actual truckers like the I-80 truck stop (I know it's my favorite, aha). Hey you win some you lose some. I keep a smile on no matter what. I always tell myself "Smile it's not that big of a deal"
Sucks about Muscatine, though! Super lame. Next time I role through town I'll give you a holler! Hehe.
How much does the drive to Hawaii suck? Water damage is a s.o.b!
What is your opinion on european trucks? I wouldn't know anything about euro trucks honestly. I wouldn't know anything about euro trucks honestly.
How many horse are you running with? And I think mine is somewhere around 400 horse power.
Do you guys have driving hours? Yes we have 70 hour clock, 14 hour on duty clock per day, 11 drive clock within that 14 clock. Yes we have 70 hour clock, 14 hour on duty clock per day, 11 drive clock within that 14 clock.
What do you do for the other 3 hours your not driving? Masterbate!
I'm prepared for the "donation." Pretty sure I'd pass it. Also also, how many different Rigs have you driven and which was your favorite & why? I'm driving a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia right now.
I've also driven a 2011 Peterbilt 387 with a 13 speed manual Trans with a Cummins ISX. Which was my favorite truck by far.
I'm getting a brand spankin new 2014 Kenworth T-660 with a 10 speed manual in a couple weeks. And I'm sooo excited to get it.
Mm hm. Mm hm. I know some of these words. Google magic.
I read another AMA about truck driving and he mentioned getting a government background check that, if you cleared, you could haul government sensitive material and go from $0.28/.31 a mile to almost $5.00 a mile. Know anything about that? Also, what's a good school for truck driving? Yes that's called being "Bonded" and it costs $1,000 up front and you could possibly get denied with no refund.
Yes that's called being "Bonded" and it costs $1,000 up front and you could possibly get denied with no refund.
The driving school depends on where you live.
How many hours a day are you allowed to drive? How is that checked? 14 hour on duty day 11 drive time for each day out of your 14 unless your 70 gets lower than that. A scale house has you drive through a lane with a big scale weighing each axle. If you're not over weight then you can drive away. If they see something wrong they pull you into the inspection bay. In the inspection bay they look at EVERYTHING to see if you're not DOT illegal. they also check your log book to make sure you have no Hours of Service violations. If you do then it's huge fines all around for each thing wrong.
Horde or Alliance? How do you even have time to play?! For the Horde!!
And Laptop after driving and before bed. Yay WiFi!!!
For the horde indeed! You're my favorite trucker ever, although there wasn't too much competition to begin with. Armory me. "Asylumjerk" prepare to not be impressed. Hahah.
Favorite Expansion is WOTLK totally.
for grammarz. I like ICC the best. I thought it was really well done. Ducking Valkories...
My football coach from high school used to be a truck driver in the midwest, he said has hit almost every animal you could think of. Is this true for many truck drivers? I've hit countless Coyotes, Deer, a Bear, squirrels, Racoons, Armadillo's, snakes, cats, possems, and one dog. =( We don't mean to we just can't do anything about but try and slow down enough. If we swerve we can roll the truck at that speed.
Am I the only one asking why a bear was in the middle of the road? You don't think Bears cross hwy's in search for food? A lot of places I go are through mountains towns and such.
How much damage does that do to a big rig? I was once on a motor coach that hit a deer and it took out a fairly large chunk of bus. It breaks shit when we hit big animals but not as bad as you think. That's why a lot of drivers have moose guards.
Black bear or brown bear? Black.
I did not think of that. I'm from the rural Midwest. I can see deer, coyotes, raccoons in the road, but I've never seen a bear. It's rare to see a bear on the hwy. And they leave one hell of a dent.
The image in my head was a moose wearing shades and a black t-shirt that says "SECURITY." Nailed it!!
What sort of stuff do you haul? I noticed you have a flatbed. If it fits I haul it. Right now I have Roofing Material. We haul Lumber, Golf Carts, vehicle parts, piping, Machinery, you name it. If it doesn't need to be temperate controlled I can haul it.
Do you only haul a flat bed? With this company yes. And I love it.
Also gives a place for the mother-in-law to sleep. That bitch can die in a fire! But not around my truck or with my wife and kid around! D:<
Do you blast your horn for people who do that little signal in cars next to you? ive always wanted to try it haha. I love Honking for the hand signal. Especially for kids. Makes my day! :D.
How much does it suck to back your truck in? How do you feel about Oklahoma? I'm really good at backing so it doesn't suck at all. Oklahoma isn't bad I've never had a problem in that state. Plus our main Terminal is in Tulsa,OK. :D.
That is where I'm living temporarily. Lol. Nice. Let's get lunch some time! My treat. Love meeting new friends!
Let me know when you're in. We can split it. Most def!
I also drive 48 states. can't believe you said I-5 is what you dread the most. NYC. Howdy Driver!! I don't dread any road. I just hate the I-5 and NJ. NYC I haven't been to yet thank god so I can't speculate. Haha Favorite towns? Uuuh Charolette,NC, Salem, OR, Frazier Park, CA, Weed,CA, and anywhere upstate NY. My back kills all the time brotha. I stretch in and out of bed. And excedrine is like candy to me...
What are your fav towns? top 5.
How do you deal with back problems? i struggle with them like crazy.
What do you like about Charlotte? I'm from there and I can't say I'm its biggest fan. I don't know... Charlotte and it's surrounding areas are nice to drive through. Can't explain it.
Hey Salem, OR and Weed, CA both are close to me! What makes you choose those two! It's beautiful. Simply put.
WooHoo!! I love the Charlotte area, and just NC in general. I always feel as though NC can be boring to drive through though. Depends on where you are but yeah definitely.
If you had to choose which state you would finally retire to and live out the rest of your life, where would it be? Upstate NY most def.
Why? It's beautiful. I also love PA, and VA, they make me happy.
Hell yeah! All four seasons and plenty to do year-round. I would love to live there but my wife doesn't want to be to far from her parents in CA. I'm sad because of it. =(
Next time you're down in the Merrimack/Haverhill area just shoot me a message. I'll try and swing by with some soda and chips or something! I can't get drunk on soda and chips!!
How does it feel to sit on your ass all day and hold down a gas pedal? Pros/Cons? :) Well it's not bad when you make $1,200 a week doing it. :P.
Pros: good money, free travel, meet interesting people, eat good local food.
Cons: Home time is only 4 days a month, missing out on most holidays, can't commit to parties and get togethers, my gaming has completely stopped basically. Loneliness and being home sick and missing out on new things my Daughter is learning everyday.
Worst state to drive in? I've always heard Ohio is bad (road conditions, cops). I drive in every state in the USA. I also go to Canada.
Ohio which I just left is boring to drive through. But cops are not a problem.
I drive in every state in the USA. I also go to Canada.
Ohio which I just left is boring to drive through. But cops are not a problem.
Worst state to drive in IMO of course is New Jersey... Fuck driving in NJ!!! D:<
Do you have to drive the route you are given? Or can you veer off of it and see all of the "Worlds Largest" whatever. And have you seen those things? I can go whatever route I want as long as it's less mileage then the route they suggest or close to it.
I try to see cool things every once and a while but I usually keep moving. Time is money!
Are you hazmat certified? How much more per mile can hazmat truckers make than ones who arent? You make more money by being Hazmat endorsed. My company pays 8 cents per mile more for that Endorsement. I don't have it yet but I'm studying for it.
So you only drive in 48 states? Are new York and new jersey really that bad? 48 state means I don't go to Hawaii and shit that's not connected. I go to NY and NJ all the time. I love upstate NY it's one of my favorites. NJ I fucking despise with every chunky inch of my body.
I'm sorry for the bad joke. I hear upstate new York is beautiful, but I've never heard anything good about new jersey. Haha You! The thing about NJ in a truck is DONT LEAVE THE HWY UNLESS YOU'RE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!!
Do you still buy 'adult' magazines. Or has the smart phone replaced their use? Never saw why Magazine porn was a thing. Internet is always better. Don't even buy the dvd's anymore. Streaming all the way.
What about MI? I live in MI and the roads when I get to Ohio are a night and day difference. I'm in MI right now! Come pick me up let's get drunk!!
Also they seem about the same in my truck honestly.
I'm in Ann Arbor. If you're in the area let's grab a beer! Dude I'm 26 miles from there. Let's do this. Not kidding!! I've been craving Sam Adams Octoberfest!! Pm me if you're serious about this. I'm so down. And plz don't kill me.
One of the many reasons I'm jealous of you truckers: air ride cabs. (or thereabouts) If I didn't have college, I'd gladly join ya! One day I'll have to try and find time to sit and chat with ya. Then I can say I've met a random redditor!! You can hit me up anytime bud. I'd even on my cell# cause I love meeting new people. I'm a social guy and like having friends everywhere. :P I've met a few Redditors here and there. I smoked a joint with one about two weeks ago. Haha.
I really am enjoying this ama. Where in Michigan are you at brother? Thanks me too! Right now I'm in Monroe,MI. Are you close by?
What is one thing you have in your cab that you just wouldnt be able to live without on the road? Internet? Beer fridge? Tv? Do you ever come to Ontario? Internet. I'm on Reddit more than anything else but I do read a lot as well. I just finished the "Hunger Games" series.
What did you think of the hunger games? Favorite Book? I loved the series. The second book of the 3 book series was my favorite.
I agree. The third one was just... disappointing. No doubt. Anti-climatic.
Are all truck drivers as nice as you? and also how does it feel to drive a big rig? I know the bigger the truck I drive the harder it is to stay on the road. Awe :D.
Sadly no...
Are all Devil's as kissable as you?
I am very kissable. Another quick question. Have you ever been to Zions Crossroads in Virginia? I live like 10 mins from there and there is always truckers going in and out. (Sadly I haven't any lot lizards though) Yeah I've been through there that's right off the I-64 just west of Richmond. I love Virginia it's so beautiful through there!
I'm imagining someone very kissable right now and I hope you're not a man : / hahaha.
I'll keep it a secret. Call me! LoL.
Link to m.youtube.com
Are you a Teamster? Do you throw out piss bottles? I love the first thing and hate the second. I am not a Teamster sadly enough. I do pee in water bottles but I dispose of them as properly as possible. Don't judge me monkey.
Teamsters give you time to pee. It's not your fault and I don't judge you. I wish you could be a Teamster. Me too. Now I'm sad I'm not a Teamster! Thanks a lot!
I am from Alaska. Last bastion of the Teamster driver. I was married to a happy Teamster. Even the Union is getting fucked over though. I'm still married to a Teamster, but he has died. I'm sorry to hear that =(
I'm sorry. I seem to go there a lot. Still love truck drivers. And him. Keep your head up and persevere. /hug.
What is the worst road to drive on in Canada? Anywhere in Edmonton.
Why Edmonton? I'm from New Brunswick, and have only been as far west as Ontario. It's just dangerous. Simply put. Lol.
While driving in Vancouver, I held the policy of praying to whomever you so believe in, because you might be meeting them for dinner. I rely on skill, perception, and knowledge of what I'm capable of than faith. To each their own.
Shits going to happen no matter what. And it's your know how and ability to react appropriately that gets you through situations.
Interesting comment though. Hammer Down Driver!!
Fascinating AMA! There are woman drivers and MOST are good drivers.
Can you tell us about the training? Costs, etc? My truck driving school cost $3k It lasted 17 days of legal book learning bullshit followed by outside practice courses for backing up and going around things.
What about chick drivers? Tough gig? Then we'd hit the road with a trainer for however long your first company thinks you should be watched before they give you a truck. So you live on the road for like a month with someone else before you go on your own.
How far will you drive an average day? What's the average length of your day? I drive around 700 miles in an 10-11 hour day. I drive around 700 miles in an 10-11 hour day.
What's the best/worst part of your job? Best part of my job is seeing the country on the companies dollar. Worst part is missing out on my family time.
Living in Vermont, I can always notice a difference in traffic patterns and less tension in my body when I get closer to the relatively light traffic in Vermont after traveling out of state. Well yea the less people = less tension.
As a professional driver, do you have a similar experience when you get into less populated areas? Do you find it boring or a relaxing respite from heavier traffic areas? Well yea the less people = less tension.
You said you like upstate New York, but have you spent much time in areas of New England? How do you feel it compares to upstate New York? I haven't been through NE.
Thanks so much! But honestly about the falling asleep, does it ever happen? I'm drowsy during my daily commute, how do you deal with it? I sleep enough every night and know my limits. Also I can take naps whenever I need to since I gotta bed 3 feet behind me :P.
Favorite trucker: Lincoln Hawk or Bull Hurley? Lincoln Hawk all the way baby! Over the top was an awesome movie!
You are correct! Also, what % of truckers believe in jackalopes? They're not real?... =(
A lot of friends of mine are in the trucking industry. Two question (well three) Do you also hate DOT? Do you feel it necessary to play Phantom 309 every time your in a bar on the jukebox. If you had the option to cut you wages by 25% and be local, would you? If I was still able to provide for my daughter and wife comfortably, yes.
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2012.12.20 06:02 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm Britt Daniel, Texan, and member of the bands Divine Fits and Spoon. AMA

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Date: 2012-12-19
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You mentioned in an interview that the "lack of ego" in Divine Fits really helped to foster a positive collaborative spirit... but you allude to the killjoy of being in a band where people get their feelings hurt because their choices or suggestions didn't make the final cut...One can only assume that the Spoon (bruised ego) dynamic you were referring to is certainly complex. How do you and Jim meet halfway in the studio when he is obviously brilliant with editing and producing- yet at the end of the day, the song you spent three months writing is, well, your song? Spoon has always had this "page from Britt's diary" vibe and it seems like trying to collaborate too much would take away from that...How do you view this? Is this the pressure that is Spoon for you? Can you guys hug it out and go to Hot Topic together? I think people who don't know each other getting together to work on music are bound to bring less ego and more politeness than a group of people who've been working together for years will. Both scenarios bring their advantages and dangers, you know? But honetsly Jim and I really rarely argue in the studio. We argue outside about who left the gate open and where we're going to go for lunch. Traditionally there've been more disagreements where it's me and him vs mike the co-producer. And if we figure out a way that pleases all of us, then that's usually a very good direction. collaboration is a good thing if you are smart about it. It has the potential to bring out the best in everyone.
Hey, cool, you’re doing this. Just want to quickly say that you’ve only been getting better as time goes on. Transference became this classic album for me, but it also felt like a good time for the band to take a break. Luckily I got to see you and Deerhunter on the same bill by chance in Salt Lake (where I happened to be visiting) before you did that, which was fucking awesome. And you joining forces with Dan was pretty unbelievably cool. What was that red and white box you always had on top of your guitar amp for the past few years? I read/heard you talk about how Transference was built off of demos you recorded at home, which was surprising, because they seemed pretty well-recorded if that’s the case. What kind of setup are you working with when you’re at home? An amp built by Matt Gilchrist or Portland Oregon. When we would do fly-in shows the vox ac30s we rented almost always sounded terrible so he made one that i could fly with and just plug into the speakers of an AC30. it's perfect and it looks amazing and provokes a lot of questions. She was my girlfriend for five years before she started the Fiery Furnaces. I love Bill Calahan. Spoon covered "Held" for a while a few years back. We ought to bring that back. I'm not sure. We used to cover "It's Gonna Take An Airplane" though, and even had Dan come sing it with us once in Houston.
Hey Britt! Huge fan of both Spoon and Divine Fits, but I came to ask you about the other title in your AMA: Texan. It was my understanding that you left our fair fair town (Austin). Is this true? If so, why? And how bad is the desire to return (because no one stays away from Austin forever)? I am in Austin right this moment. 72 degrees.
Distinctively not Trail of Lights weather. All you need for a good trail of lights excursion is darkness and someone to hold your hand.
How do you come up with all your great quirky lyrics? And when should we expect the next Spoon album? I write down ideas as they come to me and come back to them later. That's always been easier than sitting there staring at paper trying to think of what to say. Moods hit you and then they're gone. Next spoon album, i'm not sure but I've been trying to figure out with Jim when we can get together -- i think it may be february.
Dan Boeckner, Alex Fischel, Sam Brown. To whom would you do each, and why? (Also, I saw the Fits at Schubas in Chicago in the second row and it was the highlight of my summer. Keep on being awesome.) Fuck Alex, fuck Dan, and marry Sam Brown.
Hi Britt, saw Spoon in 2010 and Divine Fits in September (both shows in Toronto). What's next? A new Spoon record? More Divine Fits? Something new? Love your stuff. Keep it up. Next -- DF shows, writing, maybe a DF single, and working on new songs with Spoon.
Who (or what) is Sister Jack? Link to www.matadorrecords.com
Hey man. Can you tell us what your experience with Conor Oberst on 'Home' was like? I remember the two of us going to walmart to buy pantyhose to make a homemade microphone pop screen. Wish I had a picture of that.
Favorite texas food joint? In austin -- Salt Lick, Rubys, Fonda San Miguel, Maria's Taco XXXpress, Matt's El Rancho, Madam Mam's. in dallas -- Rafas, Mias, the Egyptian Room, Chips. in houston -- Ninfas on navigation, Armando's. In San ANtonio - Paloma Blanca, Rosarios, Mi Tierra. In Temple -- Whataburger.
You've played to both large and small venues. Which do you prefer? Small for the sound and the feeling. large for the check.
Do you still hate Axl Rose? He's a prick.
Which Spoon album was the most fun to record? And which are you happiest with overall? Telephono was the most fun of all of them to record. and it's my least favorite. what does that tell me?
Most of all what I enjoy about your records is the production work that you and Jim Eno do. Which records would you say influence you the most not necessarily from a songwriting perspective, but from a production aesthetic? Prince "Dirty Mind," John Lennon "Plastic Ono Band," David Bowie "Low," Beatles "Revolver," Gang of Four "Entertainment!," Flaming Lips "Embryonic," Kraftwork "Radio-Activity," Simon + Garfunkle "Bridge Over Troubled Water," The Cure "Seventeen Seconds"
Hey man, I just want to say that Spoon's performance on SNL in like, August of 08 literally got me into music. Which sounds corny but it is completely true. Anyway, I was just wondering a few things. People often describe Spoon albums as "growers" do you agree with that or even care? You guys produced Transference yourself, any plans on continuing that or not for the next album? Also, I have a theory that "Me And The Bean" was inspired by the Ender's Shadow books, would you even know what that is? Thanks man, keep rocking. 1 - it must be true because i always hear that 2 - we've always at least co-produced our own records (minus transference which was just self-produced.) my guess is we'll bring someone in for the next one to co-produce with us again. 3 No. but my friend John Clayton wrote that one.
Do you remember Leigh Floyd from back in the day? Hey Leigh! We haven't spoken in , what, 15 years? How are you?
Thanks for doing this--absolutely love all of your work (one of my favorite reasons to live in Austin is for all of the shows y'all do here). Anyhow, I'm working on getting my boyfriend into Spoon/Divine Fits. Where would you recommend that I start? Not with Telephono.
When the time comes to go to record again for Divine Fits, will you be recording any of the covers you played on tour? Please record all of them. <3. I could see recording any of them yeah. We've picked songs that are fun to play. Even if not for an album they'd be good b-sides. My favorite one to play is Sway by the Rolling Stones. I like singing those words.
What should I do to make it in the music world? And Britt would you listen to one of my bands songs? Thanks you are great! Link to youtu.be. Be yourself and don't push yourself on other people. Be unique and let people gravitate to that. And yes, any time.
What's the best advice you can give to new songwriters? If you're a new songwriter, keep in mind the odds are you aren't very good yet. it took me a long time to start writing good songs and i still spend a lot of time on ones that end up not being good. i would just say to work hard and keep doing it and get off the internet and try not to focus on trivia.
I love that particular sound, prevalent in your work, of what sounds like a gated synth? Or maybe I'm wrong? I'm talking in particular of the sound in "Salton Sea" and "Ghost of You Lingers": I believe it's a staccato gated keyboard. What kind of keyboard is this? Or effect? It's terrific. On Salton Sea it was an oberheim matrix 6 through a tiny vox pathfinder amp and tremolo. For ghost of you lingers we multitracked lots of pianos and recorded them slowed down to half speed.
Hey Britt, I know you did a cover of Wolf Parade's "Modern World". Did you and Dan Boeckner always plan to work with one another? We didn't discuss it but I had it in the back of my mind for a looong time. And having him play with spoon in new york in 2010 kinda sealed the deal for me. he is a fun guy to be on stage with.
Are we going to hear a new album from Spoon anytime soon? It will happen but I don't know when yet. I wish it didn't take so long to write songs or i'd just put a couple albums out a year.
You worked on sound and music in video games for a while, right? What kind of work did that involve? Did you actually write songs for any games? Thanks! I wasn't writing music, only making sound effects. What a job that was.
Who are some of your vocal heros? What about Dan? Dan really is one! I love his voice. Also -- John Fogerty, John Lennon, Eddiec Cochran, David Bowie, Prince, Sam Cooke, Bon Scott, Chan Marshall, Chrissie Hynde.
When did it first hit you that you had made it big? November 2002. it felt like things were working for once, and that felt amazing.
How much to you and Mac McCaughan (from Superchunk, Merge) interact? Have you guys ever had the chance to play together? When spoon opened for superchunk in 2001 they would always invite us up with them for the last song. and once we covered a wire song together -- him singing with spoon. we talk or email pretty often.
Hey Britt, you want to be on a fun talk radio show on KOOP Austin this Saturday? Saturday I'm going to Dallas for family time but I would love to be on the show some time. Maybe after the holiday? can you please email [email protected].
I remember hearing a rumor that "Gimmie Fiction" was actually "supposed" to be played backwards. Any truth to that, or is that just nonsense? I can't remember how that rumor started but I loved it. I need to try it sometime.
Hello sir! If you could take only 5 albums, besides your own, to a deserted island, what would they be? Movies? Thank you! Love your music! LPs: Beggars Banquet Ethiopiques Vol 4 Wreck A Pum Pum Powerage Back To Black
What was the first record that you owned? "Songs of Safety / Manners Can Be Fun"
Link to 4.bp.blogspot.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Link to tinyurl.com
Caught your show in Seattle, you guys are great. Will Divine Fits ever play a show in Vancouver? One way or another we will absolutely be in Vancouver in 2013.
Are you planning on going on any concerts in U.S preferably TN.. lol;). Or maybe releasing a new album? -From Courtney:) We had a show set up in nashville last fall that got canceled. A festival show with my morning jacket. we were really bummed about that. i think a Tennessee show could happen this coming summer but it may not be very intimate.
I went to both New York DF shows and lingered around after the fried chicken was passed out at Webster Hall to snag the set list. Thanks to the help of one very hard-working, long-haired roadie, I got it. After I walked away, a blonde girl ran up to me, grabbed my arm and informed me that this old lady really wanted the list. "Uhhh... what?" She told me she was an aunt of "one of the guys" and that she'd been waiting for it. After hesitating a moment I told her I just couldn't, that I am too big of a fan (seen Spoon nearly 15 times) and to just grab one of the other ones. She stared blankly for a minute and then in a tone of utter disgust said, "So you're not going to give it to her?" "...No. Sorry." Then she stormed off. And I went home with my newest prized possession. SO, my question is WAS this girl lying to me or was one of your aunts at the show? And if so, just how much did I ruin her night? Hmmm, none of my aunts were at that show. i don't think anyone else's were. and would one of our aunts care? and couldn't they just ask us themsevles? i don't think i buy it. good on you.
Now that you've worked with half of the brains behind Wolf Parade, any interest in collaborating with the other half? I'd love to hear what you and Spencer could come up with! I've never met spencer but i'm a big admirer.
Thank you for making some of the most unique and entrancing music I've ever heard. I (like many of us) are eager to hear more! Who does your hair? When I lived in Portland it was Jodi Cue and I miss her. She's from Salem, loves Korean pop music, and is never hard to talk to.
What band would you tour with if you could chose? The Rolling Stones.
Do you like vinyl records/use a record player at home? Yes.
Hi Britt! Huge fan of Spoon and your work as a producer. What's the #1 thing you learned from Jim as a producer that you applied to working with other bands? Be nice.
Los Angeles vs. Portland vs. Austin? Austin in winter, Portland in summer.
What is your biggest literary influence? Maybe Salinger.
How did you get on board The Muppets and are you working on any new soundtracks in the movie world? Love your style in the show by the way. Wait, when do i get to work with the muppets?
Hi Britt, thank you for doing this. Since I live in Germany I'm wondering if Divine Fits will tour Europe in the near future? I'd love to see you guys live. We were planning on it but in the end couldn't go without losing heaps of money. if you know any festival promoters, tell them to invite us.
What's your favorite guitar effect pedal? What's your least favorite? I love the boss ce-1 Link to tinyurl.com
Hi Britt! I saw you at the Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake this past summer! Your show was fantastic. My question for you is: how do you balance the songwriting between group members, now that you're not the primary creative force in the band (like you were in Spoon)?. One of the great things about divine fits for me is that i get to watch one of my favorite performers and singers, dan boeckner, from ON STAGE. and i get to sit back and play an instrument and really focus on it every now and then.
Probably hard to remember the least memorable show. Worst show last year -- the "fader fort" at cmj. still not sure how we got suckered into that. we were told it was gonna be like a radio session.
Yes. I want the Frank Ocean cover. Will pay $10 for the cover itself. Send to Ben Dickey c/o Constant Artists 3780 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90010.
No questions, just want to tell you before everything here gets buried that I'm forever thankful for Everything Hits at Once for opening my ears to something so sparse and beautiful. And also, my high school art teacher for playing a cd mix of songs and spots from KOOP Austin almost ten years ago. Thank you axolotlolol, I like that one too. I wrote that in Austin at a low point. at the corner of 45th and ave a in the apartments with the blue awnings.
I ran into you at a bar on my 21st birthday. Thanks for graciously taking a picture with a really drunk girl. Link to imgur.com. Link to imgur.com. :) Will do, thank you advancecassette9
Saw you play at Treasure Island this year. Right during the sunset w/ the backdrop of San Francisco behind the stage. Quite possibly one of my favorite concert moments. Keep up the excellent work and I can't wait for a new Spoon album! Link to citysound.bohemian.com
Pm me album be cool man. Dude be cool
Britt, i love your white guitar cables. where do you get these. i want some. Link to www.thedivinenoise.com and i just spoke to gil a couple weeks ago about he's got a new batch of white cables.
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