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The Barri Gotic - Barcelona Forever

2019.10.24 22:05 fred_plisson The Barri Gotic - Barcelona Forever

The Barri Gotic has, as one can guess by its name, a large number of medieval Gothic buildings. The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a unique historical site and offers visitors a magnificent combination of perfectly preserved medieval buildings and a lively commercial activity. A stone’s throw from La Rambla, this is the core of old Barcelona. It’s a maze of dark streets and squares with lots of cafes and bars, and the cheapest accommodations in the city. Most of the buildings date back to the 14th and 15th centuries, when Barcelona was at the peak of its commercial prosperity and before it became part of Castile. The district is turned towards Plaça de Sant Jaume, a large square where the market takes place and which sometimes serves as a place for the local traditional dance, the sardana.
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2017.07.20 16:57 throw22212542 Any interesting ideas for a date?

So... Yesterday I met with this girl through mutual friends, they arranged something like a blind date for us. I saw her for the first time and oooh booy she was so stunning I almost choked on my own tongue while greeting her.
Anyway, we had a good walk near Gotic and Born, I showed her my favourite bars there (Antic and Frederic Mares) and walked her home. Then left with a hug because I'm a big awkward piece of shit.
We'll try to meet again this weekend, but she leaves soon for a trip, so this date is key. I need to recruit my heavy artillery and attack on all fronts, kinda impress her. Can you recommend any interesting or unusual ideas? Maybe some fiesta local, open air cinema, bar with live music? Any idea would be great tbh, thanks!
P.s.: This is a throwaway because some people here know my real name haha
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