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[Race Thread] 2018 Tour of Britain - Stage 5 (2.HC)

2018.09.06 10:00 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2018 Tour of Britain - Stage 5 (2.HC)

Date Stage From > To Length Type Finish Arrival
September 6th 5 Cockermouth › Whinlatter Pass (TTT) 14km Hilly Uphill c.a ~ : BST (: UTC)
Information Official Site / Startlist / Roadbook
Live Trackers Official Twitter / Tour Tracker
Previews Cyclingnews / ProcyclingUK / Ciclismo Internacional
TV ITV4 (whole stage) / Eurosport (Last three hours) / Flobikes
Streams ProcyclingLive / Tiz / CyclingEntertainment / Race Coverage starts at 13:00 BST (12:00 UTC)
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2015.09.08 08:59 PelotonMod [Race Thread] 2015 Tour of Britain - Stage 3

Stage Three Race Information
Date: September 8th Location: Cockermouth to Kelso, UK
Coverage starts at: 13.00 BST/14.00 CEST Race Length: 216 km
Website Route Map Profile Last kms
Startlist Top riders to watch Cyclingnews preview Official Twitter
Online Streams: ITV/ProCyclingLive Steephill /Peloton IRC channel
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