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niblike device

2019.10.13 01:07 stroke_bot niblike device

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2014.08.03 19:43 theposthumancrush Help with my poem translation?

So here's the deal: I wrote a poem for my girlfriend for her upcoming birthday and I need help cleaning up the Spanish translation. I'm going out of my way to write it in Spanish due to the fact that her Cuban ethnicity and culture plays a huge role in her life. As such, I've been teaching myself through Duolingo and other various resources how to speak the language. I'll post both the English and Spanish versions of the poem down below. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me out!
I dream that I lie somewhere between secrets and moonlight. I watch in awe as all the forms of nature do become you.
Soft bands of wind caress your hair and it is wet in a pool of melted sunflowers and blackberries flowing into the mouth of awakened Spring.
Hard shadows define your eyes; plaques of deep rustic metals. They guard your life's trove of songs and stories.
The scaled pink design that is your lips wears a crown of wines that tickles like lightning and tastes of thunder.
A walk along the kissed earth of beaches shows the coming hand of tides drawing the lines and curves of your name in sea foam and footprints.
Your body of lions enveloped in flames casts the spectrum of all your colorful passions giving light for me to love you in all realities and reveries.
Sueño que en algún lugar entre secretos y luz de la luna. Observo con asombro como todas las formas de la naturaleza se convierten en usted.
Bandas suaves de viento acariciar tu pelo y es mojada en una piscina de girasoles y moras fundidos que fluye hacia la boca de la primavera despierta.
Sombras duras definir tus ojos; placas de profundas metales rústicos. Guardan tesoro de su vida de canciones y cuentos.
El diseño rosado escala que es tus labios lleva una corona de vinos que le hace cosquillas como un rayo y los gustos de los truenos.
Un paseo por la tierra besada de playas muestra la llegada de mano de las mareas dibujar las líneas y curvas de su nombre en espuma de mar y huellas.
Su cuerpo de leones envuelto en llamas arroja el espectro de todas sus pasiones coloridos dando lightfor que te amo con toda realidades y fantasías.
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